Pocket Gems teams with NFL, McDonald’s for NFL Runner mobile game

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Mobile-game developer Pocket Gems is bringing NFL movement to mobile inclination with a assistance of McDonald’s.

Today, a studio is divulgence NFL Runner: Football Dash for iOS and Android devices. It’s an endless-running pretension like Temple Run from developer MunkyFun, though it facilities genuine NFL teams. Players contingency beam their footballer down a margin while avoiding linebackers and collecting power-ups and other items.

Starting Sept. 23, McDonald’s will start including special power-up codes for NFL Runner with certain menu items. This will display a diversion to a millions of people who eat during a fast-food chain.

“It’s superb to work with a NFL during a start of a football deteriorate to launch NFL Runner, that combines a fun of a unconstrained curtain genre with sports,” Pocket Gems arch executive Ben Liu pronounced in a statement. “It has also been illusory to work with McDonald’s to emanate a promotional indication that provides players with codes found on millions of earthy products to clear giveaway power-ups in a game.”

The NFL now usually has an disdainful understanding with Electronic Arts for strictly protected football games on console, though it is giveaway to make deals like this for mobile and amicable games.

“Pocket Gems has a clever lane record as a successful developer and publisher of enchanting mobile games, and we’re vehement to work with them for NFL Runner,” NFL executive of media plan David Healy said. “We’re also anxious to be operative with McDonald’s to move millions of fans singular power-ups within a game.  The partnership between a NFL, Pocket Gems, and McDonald’s will make NFL Runner an innovative and fun new approach for a fans to bond with their favorite team.”

McDonald’s will embody a codes on some of a splash cups and a boxes for a restaurant’s new duck Mighty Wings.

“McDonald’s business and NFL fans share a passion for fun, sparkling practice and this diversion brings a business one step closer to NFL action,” pronounced Barbara Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing, McDonald’s USA. “We’re anxious to offer these singular energy adult opportunities on wrapping for a new Mighty Wings, bringing a movement and fad of gameday to each day.”

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