Choi strike with 50-game ban


Seattle Mariners initial baseman Choi Ji-Man was dangling for 50 games though compensate by Major League Baseball on Thursday after contrast certain for a criminialized performance-enhancing substance.

The 22-year-old South Korean was found to have a steroid methandienone in his complement during a drug test, triggering an evident ban.

Choi was combined to a Mariners’ 40-man register in Nov though has started this deteriorate with Seattle’s tip developmental club, a Tacoma Rainiers, formed nearby a Mariners in Washington state.

In 10 games this season, Incheon-born Choi batted .394 with one home run and 5 runs batted in while walking 7 times and distinguished out 6 in 33 image appearances.

The Mariners fell to 7-8 this deteriorate with an 8-6 detriment Thursday during Texas, their third detriment in a quarrel to a Rangers. Seattle is turn for third place with a Los Angeles Angels in a American League West division.


Choi lands 50-game suspension


Tacoma Rainiers initial baseman Ji-Man Choi was dangling for 50 games by Major League Baseball on Thursday after contrast certain for methandienone, a performance-enhancing substance.

The cessation takes outcome immediately. Procedurally, Choi is placed on a Seattle Mariners’ limited list for a length of a cessation though pay. It creates an opening on a team’s 40-man roster.

Choi released a matter in that he voiced warn during a finding.

“A criminialized piece was rescued in my urine sample,” he said. “I do not know what we could have taken that caused me to exam positive. we have not and never would intentionally use anything bootleg to raise my performance.

“However, we also know that though an reason we contingency offer a cessation and we accept that. we demeanour brazen to putting this behind me and to returning to assistance a Mariners’ ballclub once my cessation has ended.”

Choi, 22, was batting .394 by 10 games for a Rainiers, with one homer and 5 RBIs.

The Mariners released a matter observant that a authorization was “disappointed” to learn of a cessation though entirely supports baseball’s drug impediment and diagnosis program.

Zynga launches new mobile FarmVille game



A screenshot of FarmVille 2: Country Escape.AP

Zynga is following by on a guarantee to pierce a FarmVille authorization behind to mobile, a essential initial step entrance scarcely a year after Don Mattrick was named CEO.

The new offering, called “FarmVille 2: Country Escape,” is a mobile app rather than a diversion played by a browser on a computer.

But a association says it has all a hallmarks of a FarmVille experience: animals, crops and all demeanour of other equipment that players have to manage.

They perspective a plantation from a bird’s eye view, examination cows graze, farmhands fish and crops grow.

The diversion is being expelled for a iPhone, iPad and Google inclination Thursday, and uses a identical indication to a desktop diversion counterparts: Free to download, while Zynga will assign for additional equipment that assistance players pierce by a diversion quicker.

Click here to continue reading a full news on The Wall Street Journal.

Top Five Greek Mythology Mobile Games


Immortal-city-mobile-gamesGreek mythology is a fascinating topic, with feign gods, goddesses, demigods, heroes and oracles of ancient Greece moving thousands of opposite ideas. If we are also a ardent mobile gamer and meddlesome in games featuring all a above characteristics, afterwards we should really get a reason of a following tip 5 Greek mythology games to spend your time while travelling with your smartphone.

  • Immortalis

Immortalis (Aeria Games) is a digital collectible label game, where a game’s monsters, creatures and heroes are drawn from a extended operation of imaginary traditions. The diversion is as most about cultured pattern as it is about diversion design. Immortalis is accessible for Android in a Amazon Appstore, a Google Play Store and a iTunes App Store and is giveaway to play.

  • Slots – Titan’s Way

Slots – Titan’s Way (TOPGAME) is a Vegas-style container appurtenance diversion with a imaginary motif. Greek deities and heroes browbeat this game, while several machines with opposite styles of play are located in themed practical rooms. Slots – Titan’s Way is also giveaway to play and accessible in a iTunes App Store, a Google Play Store and on a web as a Facebook app.

  • Immortal City

Immortal City (YesGnome, LLC) is a make-believe city-building diversion that tasks a actor with formulating a new fabulous realm, that lies during a crossroads of a Underworld, Atlantis and Olympus. In any realm, fake gods and imaginary heroes give a actor quests formed on legends, mythology, wars, and chronological events. Immortal City is giveaway to play and is accessible in a iTunes App Store.

  • Fury of a Gods

Fury of a Gods lets players step into a sandals of a malicious Greek god and fortify their uncontrolled adherents. Players select one of 3 opposite Greek imaginary deities as their avatar: Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. Each debate has a collection of baddies, as gods, monsters and idols impetus on a player’s temples. Fury of a Gods is giveaway to play and can be downloaded from a iTunes App Store.

  • Titan: Olympus War

Titan: Olympus War (KingkongGames) is a collectible label and amicable plan diversion fusion. Players face off opposite both invading titans and other players to enhance and urge their possess dedicated territories. There are adult to 10 boundless cities to build and 190 territories to capture. Titan is accessible in a iTunes App Store and now costs $0.99.

Launch Trailer For Mobile Game ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Released [VIDEO]


Mobile video diversion developer Gameloft expelled a new launch trailer for a mobile diversion chronicle of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ on Saturday. The diversion is a tie-in to a arriving Sony Pictures film of a same name.

According to Comic Book Resources, the diversion is now accessible to download on iTunes and Google Play.

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Take a look during a trailer below:

If we were anticipating to play “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ on your Xbox One we might be out of luck. Activision reliable on Thursday that a diversion was strictly delayed.

Speculation was lifted about a emanate after Activision’s website removed an Xbox One references from a site, according to MCV.

Activision expelled a brief matter explaining that a recover of ASM2 on Xbox One is TBD during a moment.

“We wish to surprise we that we are reworking a recover skeleton for ASM2 on Xbox One,” a recover report refurbish from Activision confirmed. “When and either ASM2 is expelled on Xbox One is TBD.”

Activision has expelled a walkthrough video on YouTube for a video diversion detailing how a diversion was made.

The video diversion will is set for a recover on Apr 29th for a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and 3DS:

Check out a walkthrough video below:

Entertainment Weekly featured “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ on a cover of a latest issue. The cover story for that emanate suggested that a arriving film will set adult rumored “Sinister Six” film.

Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal pronounced that a finish of a film there will be a set adult for a destiny film that might finish adult being a “Sinister Six.”

“At a tail finish of this film we set adult some of a other characters that will substantially finish adult being in a Sinister Six. We’re going brazen on all fronts.

Marvel Studios CEO, Avi Arad, went on speak about how people villains to describe Pascal’s statement.

Avi Arad added: “Villains can be unequivocally entertaining. It’s not like somebody’s innate and they’re a villain. Something happens and it changes their lives. Some people can understanding with it – they turn a heroes. Some people can’t and hatred a star since of what they felt was finished to them – they turn a villains.”

Producer Matt Tolmach also combined on that people describe to good villains some-more than people who are always good.

“Great villains are a characters we remember. There’s a lot of us in those people. It’s tough to brand with people who are good all a time.”

After a screening of a initial 30 mins of a film this past week, a film’s executive Marc Webb talked to Superhero Hype about several aspects of a film.

Webb was initial asked about a use of classical “Spider-Man” elements like a newspaper, The Daily Bugle, that was used a lot in a film’s marketing.

“Obviously, you’re going to get a small spirit of Norman Osborn in this film. The Daily Bugle is partial of it. The large thing that we wanted to spike this time was a suit, we know? we wanted to lapse to a iconography that we knew from a comic books and a Daily Bugle is an rising force to be reckoned with,” Webb said. “That’s one of a fun things about delving into a star like this. You can take some-more time with these things. We unequivocally did consider about this in a longer format. As distant as things like a Daily Bugle and Norman Osborn’s story, we were unequivocally resourceful about how to provoke that out.”

Webb was also questioned about Electro, a film’s categorical antagonist, who wants to be indispensable by a rest of society.

“To know Electro is to know Max Dillon, as Jamie [Foxx] has said. Jamie’s been a unequivocally good member of this and he was a good partner in perplexing to beget this in a movie. Max Dillon’s impression has been arrange of abandoned by a world, lost by people,” he said. “He’s an outcast, most in a approach that Peter Parker is an outcast, and he chooses to conflict to that in a small bit opposite a way. There is a smashing pathos that Jamie enables during a commencement of a film. You haven’t seen that partial yet, though we unequivocally feel for him. But there’s also a psychosis. There’s something insane about him and that eventually gets a improved of him.”

Another prominence of a talk was Webb explaining his preference to have Peter and Gwen connoisseur during a film.

“Listen, a actors are removing a small bit older. To play around with that for too prolonged would get to be absurd. We’re also perplexing to find stations in life and critical moments for them to emerge from. We did spend a whole initial film in high school. This is not that most serve in their future. To be honest, there’s a thematic inflection with people relocating on, with graduation, that felt unequivocally manly to us,” he said. “The graduation debate was a approach to deliver a star and a themes of a film in an engaging approach and that only felt right. They were removing to that age and it’s about a light teasing of information. It felt suitable to watch that critical impulse in their lives.”

For other highlights check out a rest of a talk HERE.


Mariners’ Choi dangling 50 games for certain drug test


NEW YORK — Seattle Mariners initial baseman Ji-Man Choi has been dangling for 50 games following a certain exam for a performance-enhancing substance.

The urine representation was collected from Choi before Mar 28, when Major League Baseball and a players’ kinship increasing a chastisement for a initial contrast defilement for PEDs to 80 games. MLB pronounced Thursday that Choi tested certain for methandienone, a tranquil piece renouned with bodybuilders.

The 22-year-old Choi was attack .394 during Triple-A Tacoma with one homer and 5 RBIs.

Choi became a third actor dangling this year underneath a large joining module following Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and Rays pitcher Alex Colome.

“I do not know what we could have taken that caused me to exam positive,” Choi pronounced in a matter released by a union. “However, we also know that but an reason we contingency offer a cessation and we accept that.”

Seattle pronounced it was “disappointed.”

Ji-Man Choi Suspended 50 Games For PED Violation


Jul 14, 2013; Flushing , NY, USA; World infielder Ji-Man Choi (51) catches a round as USA infielder George Springer (4) during a 2013 All Star Futures Game during Citi Field. USA degraded World 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Mariners awaiting Ji-Man Choi has been dangling 50 games for violating a league’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The first-baseman tested certain for methandienone.

Choi, like all ballplayers do initially, denied holding a drug intentionally and expelled a following statement:

“A criminialized piece was rescued in my urine sample,” Choi said. “I do not know what we could have taken that caused me to exam positive. we have not and never would intentionally use anything bootleg to raise my performance. However, we also know that but an reason we contingency offer a cessation and we accept that. we demeanour brazen to putting this behind me and to returning to assistance a Mariners ballclub once my cessation has ended.”

Choi started a deteriorate in Triple-A Tacoma and was off to a good start attack .394/.500/.545 by a initial 10 games. Choi separate time between 3 levels in 2013 (Class A High Desert, Double-A Jackson and Tacoma) with a total condense of .295/.394/.535.

Considering a fact that a group has Justin Smoak, it was misleading either Choi would’ve been called adult anytime soon, regardless of how good he was playing. All this effectively does is lessen his trade value and that’s unfortunate.

The Mariners classification expelled a following matter in response to Choi’s:

“The Seattle Mariners are unhappy to learn of today’s cessation of AAA infielder Ji-Man Choi. The classification entirely supports Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program and a efforts to discharge performance-enhancing substances from a game. Per a Basic Agreement, a Mariners will have no serve comment.”

Choi has been placed on a limited list, that opens adult a mark on a Mariners 40-man roster.

Topics: Ji-Man Choi, Seattle Mariners

Dan Hughes

About a Author

Dan Hughes

I am a really ardent ball fan. we live in Salem, Oregon with my poetic mother and my dual boys we see graphic with me during Safeco. we have been an determined sports author for a decade, essay for several websites, newspapers and even starting my possess monthly sports repository (The Oregon Tailgater) that stayed afloat for roughly dual years.

1B Ji-Man Choi Suspended for 50 Games


For a while now, we had suspicion about what kind of post we would write about Ji-man Choi when a time came. There seemed to be no miss of engaging element to cover. we could speak about how he was a third baseman in high propagandize and how there was this large bitch when he sealed since people were worrying about a KBO not being means to keep a homegrown products. we could speak about how a M’s converted him to catcher and even combined an average-ish Korean pitching awaiting so that he could have a battery mate.

I could speak about a Arizona League MVP he won, followed by a struggles catching, how his behind sealed up, and how they changed him to initial base. we could speak about how they sent him to Clinton, not unequivocally intending to keep him there, and how he reason his possess and a subsequent year changed adult from High Desert to Jackson to Tacoma, all a while with singular expectations. we could speak about how he usually kept attack and walking until he forced his approach into a discussion. It would meant that Smoak still didn’t get it together, or that one of a DH organisation further couldn’t reason down, yet it would be something new, a story of redemption, and a labored-for prerogative going to a awaiting that I’ve usually plain favourite for years.

Well, if we favourite a “redemption” partial of that story, a good news is that he has even some-more to redeem himself from since there was an proclamation yesterday that Choi would be dangling for 50 games due to a PED positive. I’d abuse a Monkey’s Paw, yet it’s been done, and with all a Bad News that has been Mariners prospects over a past integrate of weeks, we usually don’t have a flightiness to lift it off.

The Tacoma News Tribune got some quotes from Choi in response to a suspension. It’s a usual, “I don’t know what we could have taken that would means this to happen, yet we will offer a suspension, lacking any other explanation.” There was a time when we could gaunt on that aged proverb that one could be trusting until proven guilty, yet after all that fun things with Ryan Braun in new years, with all a speak of him staring low into people’s eyes and observant things as unequivocally as possible, we consider some of a ubiquitous naïveté has burnt off. At this juncture, we can usually be blissful that a speak of worse suspensions, as have been floated in discussions lately, are not already in effect.

The piece rescued in Choi’s complement was methandienone. It has its possess Wikipedia page, in that we learn that it was formerly given to women as a tonic. Ah, mid-20th century science. More recently, it was something used by physique builders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, before to a being criminialized about thirteen years ago. As substances go, this is flattering critical stuff. This is a large child steroid.

Here’s another care though. You can go down a list of PED suspensions over a final 5 years or so and what you’ll see, disproportionately, is that unfamiliar teenager joining players are going down. Before we ready your swindling tinfoil hats, a reason is indeed rather simple: other countries don’t have a same regulations on supplements that we do. Another care is that ball organizations have warned their possess for years that picking adult a addition during GNC or wherever is not indispensably a best march since we don’t indeed know what’s in there. What we’re saying mostly is a complement of punishment tested opposite an under-regulated piece with small tellurian oversight. Fun, huh?

As settled earlier, a common offenders are Latin American prospects who intentionally or unknowingly get into this things possibly to redeem from injuries or not. Have fun with that Punnett block of intensity dignified culpability, baseball. In Choi’s case, there are any series of places he could have finished adult with something that was graded by opposite laws. Choi did some of his rehab work in a Australian Baseball League. He’s substantially been in Korea someday recently. He has a garland of teammates who have been in other places, appropriation other things. Also there’s a things made in a good ol’ U.S. of A. There’s no easy thread to collect adult and follow to a answer, and even if there were, you’d have to afterwards answer questions of intentionality. Enjoy.

Major League Baseball has assured us during benefaction that PEDs are implicitly wrong and something to be cursed with oppressive punishment, utterly distinct a destiny and blernsball in that steroid injections are mandatory. As a fan of and man who infrequently still writes about ball I’m ostensible to unambiguously reject this things even when a actor we like is implicated. But teenager joining ball is hard. Dudes are on buses many of a time, a per diem for food is flattering diverting even if we aren’t a veteran contestant (PBJ, ahoy!), and it’s formidable to find offseason jobs when employers know it’s a proxy try and players know they need to keep in shape. Without shadowing any doubt on one actor or a next, we could see because a actor competence get into this arrange of thing. We can all mount on a boxes and contend we’d never do something like that, yet though being in that position, it’s tough to say. Fortunately in my field, there aren’t performance-enhancing drugs, usually unchanging drugs. *rimshot* Kidding, of course.

Choi has been suspended. He’ll be out until early or mid-June we guess. It sucks, yet deliberation that his diversion has never been quite about power, nor did he see any important boost in his slugging, nor was he recuperating from any uncanny damage that we know of, maybe it’s usually some portion thing. I’ll keep revelation myself that as we can. Just keep walking and attack doubles, and try not to get too down as Montero lumbers embarrassingly about a initial bottom bag.

This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by a authors. This RSS feed is dictated for a personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.

1B Ji-Man Choi Suspended for 50 Games

Mobile diversion startup Zoom debuts with a informed face of Sony, Sega oldster …


As a maestro executive during Sony, Sega, and Google’s Adscape Media, Bernie Stolar has been a informed face over a past 3 decades in a diversion business. And now he’s surfacing again as a executive authority of Zoom, a new party association that has only suggested a skeleton to make a symbol in mobile and digital PC games.

Bernie Stolar

Above: Bernie Stolar

Zoom denounced a integrate of new mobile and PC diversion projects yesterday. Through a Phoenix, Ariz.-based subsidiary, a Jordan Freeman Group, Zoom will deliver a new point-and-click journey diversion called Mr. Travel. It has also secure a rights to take a kooky 1990s-era MegaRace authorization into smartphones and tablets as good as consoles and PCs.

The Mr. Travel diversion is headed by 21-year-old Jordan Freeman, who is a arch artistic officer and owner of both a Jordan Freeman Group and Zoom. Mr. Travel was creatively done in France by developer LayerCake as educational business software. French developer 3DDUO is holding a training apparatus and branch it into a infrequent PC gaming pretension with a assistance of Freeman. The diversion debuts April 22 on a PC as an “edutainment” title, or a diversion that teaches we how to transport abroad safely.

“Jordan Freeman and his group are building franchises that will be played on all platforms; these games will infer to be a many fun and interesting of any new franchises,” Stolar pronounced in a statement.

The Zoom digital placement height powers Mr. Travel. Meanwhile, Jordan Freeman Games will also reconstitute a MegaRace trilogy of combat-racing games for a new era. Jordan Freeman Games skeleton to partner with Anuman Interactive on a plan and lift income for it around crowdfunding on a IndieGoGo website.

Freeman pronounced that he dreamed adult a Zoom height behind in 2008. But during a time, he was focused on a rival gaming plan dubbed Head 2 Head Gaming. He began operative on it some-more urgently in 2010 and finished a work in 2011. Stolar assimilated as executive chairman, and they started formulating skeleton for an expansion. Bernie Gilhuly, formerly a comparison clamp boss during One World Networks, assimilated as arch financial officer. And a executive diversion developer is Tom Kudrika of 2015 Games.

“We’ve got a series of really large projects entrance down a siren in terms of both calm and record for Zoom,” Freeman said. “We will be divulgence those shortly.”

Mr. Travel

Above: Mr. Travel.






Screen Shot 2014-03-25 during 2.00.11 PMGamesBeat 2014 — VentureBeat’s sixth annual eventuality on intrusion in a video diversion marketplace — is entrance adult on Sept 15-16 in San Francisco. Purchase one of a initial 50 tickets and save $400!

DeNA Transformers Rising Mobile Game Clarification – Unaffiliated China …

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