Nationals’ Second Base Search: Kang Jung-Ho

With Asdrubal Cabrera headed towards giveaway agency, a Nationals will roughly positively make anticipating a second baseman for 2015 their tip offseason priority.  In a past, GM Mike Rizzo has shown a eagerness to use a accumulation of methods to urge his roster.  He’s been utterly successful on a trade market, appropriation Gio Gonzalez, Denard Span, Doug Fister, and Jerry Blevins over a past 3 offseasons.  He’s had some success signing domestic giveaway agents such as Adam LaRoche and Jayson Werth.  He’s taken usually one shot during signing a vital general giveaway agent.  It didn’t work out really well.

Patrick wrote a story a other day in that he highlighted some of a options that a Nats could cruise trade for.  I’m going to cover a giveaway agents, though I’m going to hoop this in dual installments.  Since we know a lot some-more about a domestic giveaway agents that a Nats might target, let’s concentration some-more on a different actor first.  Kang Jung-Ho is a 27-year-old shortstop who played for a Nexen Heroes in a KBO (Korean Baseball Organization).  He put adult video diversion numbers in 2014, batting .354/.459/.733 with 39 HR in 415 AB.  Should a Nats cruise posterior him?

Before we get into how many we should trust these numbers, let’s start with his career statistics….

And a prominence video (the one that seems to be going around a internet doesn’t accurately fit a purify denunciation standards during FBB, so if a few abuse difference by Eminem towards a finish of a video worry you, I’ll advise muting)…

Scouting Report/Highlight Video

International scouting reports can be kind of tricky.  There simply aren’t as many first-hand scouting reports for general players accessible as there are for domestic players.  Let’s prove we towards Global Sporting Integration for a small detail.  I’ll shimmer over some of a highlights….

One of Kang’s biggest collection is his tender power. Although a shortstop position puts complicated importance on defense, Kang has been one of a best sluggers in KBO for years, attack during slightest 20 HR in 3 true seasons (the usually shortstop in a KBO to do so). He also creates good strike and can get on base.

Based on a prominence reel, that tender energy is intensely impressive.  There’s usually one home run in that video that would be personal as “Just Enough.”  While a video doesn’t uncover any conflicting margin homers, he does cavalcade one off a bottom of a wall in right core field.  It also shows a integrate of beast blasts to straightaway core margin and one that he crushes to left center.  Most of a home runs are pulled, and a integrate of them indeed leave a whole park rather than usually clearing a fence.

My biggest regard would be a farfetched leg flog as he loads his swing.  He loads early, as we’ll see several times during a video that his front leg is in a atmosphere roughly immediately as a pitcher starts his windup.  Watch him during 2:05 of a video as he kicks brazen (extending his feet roughly over home plate) instead of adult and afterwards carries his walk behind towards his physique instead of striding by a ball.  There’s a lot of sound in his swing.

Defensively, Kang is famous for his clever arm. Although he is not really flexible in a field, his clever arm creates adult for it in his ability to play a shortstop position. However, he has committed errors in slight plays during times, that has led some experts to doubt possibly he can be an bland shortstop in MLB.

Quoting an MLB scout: “I consider Kang has a organic arm during SS, though he might be improved matched during 3B or RF. He doesn’t have a operation to play SS and we don’t consider he has a glove to play 3B. He might be means to play RF though that position will need improved descent production. He positively has a arm to play RF.”

Kang has won 3 KBO Gold Gloves personification SS, though a prevalent idea is that he doesn’t have a operation to play SS in North America.  This sold news from an MLB director suggests that he might finish adult during 3b or RF.  Other reports prove he could finish adult during 2b, that would be where a Nats would be seeking him to play in 2015.

How good is a KBO?

Now let’s demeanour during a finish list of South Korean position players who have played in KBO and played in a vital leagues in North America:


The usually player that has come over to North America around a KBO and had any success is Dodgers starting pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu.  The pitcher widely suspicion to be a second best starting pitcher in a KBO while Ryu was still in Korea (Suk-Min Yoon) did sign in North America final season.  He had a 5.74 ERA (4.97 FIP) for a Norfolk Tides in AAA.

There have been some other players from South Korea who have had success.  There are usually dual position players in this group.

  • You’re all informed with a Rangers‘ Shin Soo Choo… He sealed as an pledge giveaway representative with a Mariners as an 18-year-old.
  • Some of we substantially remember Hee-Seop Choi, who was once a tip energy awaiting for a Cubs…. He sealed as a 20-year-old pledge giveaway agent.
  • Chan Ho Park sealed as an pledge giveaway representative with a Dodgers when he was 20.
  • Byung-Hyun Kim sealed as an pledge giveaway representative with a Diamondbacks when he was 20.
  • The players with a subsequent longest MLB tenures (Jae Weong Seo and former Expo Sun-Woo Kim) were also pledge giveaway agents.

The problem here is that we have roughly no context per Kang’s numbers.  We haven’t seen any position players successfully transition from Korea to North America who didn’t rise in a teenager leagues with a North American organization.  We’ve usually seen one pitcher from KBO successfully interpret their diversion to North America, as against to a 28 Japanese pitchers who have reached a majors given 2000.  There’s no genuine lane record to work with.

Researching around a net to try and find how a KBO compares to NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), we couldn’t find anything that put KBO during or above a turn of NPB.  In fact, while we don’t wish to call KBO a tributary league, many of a improved players from a KBO finish adult signing with Japanese teams.  I hear all a time that a turn of play in NPB  is somewhere between AAA and MLB.  The prevalent idea that we could find on a net per KBO is that it translates somewhere between High A and AA round in North America.  This creates Kang’s numbers feel a bit reduction impressive.

But wait… There’s more…..

Forget doubt KBO overall… How about a 2014 spike?

The large burst in Kang’s descent numbers in 2014 also comes with a caveat.  KBO started regulating new baseballs in 2014, that seemed to do some crazy things with a run environment.  The essay that we related to above with Kang’s scouting news points we to another essay (it’s indeed a word document) created by former San Francisco Giants‘ pitcher Ryan Sadowski, who pitched his final 3 seasons in a KBO.  Here’s a discerning thoroughfare from that article….

The 2014 deteriorate has been zero brief of fantastic offensively.  As of Sep 10th, we have seen 5762 runs scored over a march of 505 games.  There have been about 11.4 runs scored per diversion or 5.7 runs scored per team.  We have witnessed about a 40% boost in runs scored from a 2012 season.  We have also seen 1047 homeruns during a 505 games that have been played.  In 2014, we have seen an 80% boost in homeruns constructed in comparison to a 2012 season.

Just dual years earlier, KBO teams averaged 4.1 runs per game.  They strike a sum of 615 home runs in 532 games.  Those total jumped to 5.7 runs per diversion and 1,047 home runs in 505 games this past season.  That’s insane!

For reference, there were 19,761 runs scored in MLB this past season.  There were 2,430 games with dual teams any (4,860).  That leaves us with 4.06 runs per diversion per group opposite all of MLB.  In a 81 games during Coors Field, a Rockies and their opponents total to measure 944 runs.  That’s 5.82 runs per diversion for any group in Coors Field.  From 2012 to 2014, a runs scored per diversion in a KBO arrogant from a 2014 MLB normal to usually underneath a 2014 Coors Field average. Of march players like Kang (and everybody else) saw a spike in their production.

Sadowski also opines that MLB teams looking to pointer Kang should be discreet with his 2014 numbers…

Kang Jung-Ho has been a speak of Korea recently.  His beast numbers demeanour like something that would be found in a diversion of Magu-Magu.  With talks of seeking a vital joining contract, it is critical that vital joining teams take a closer demeanour during Kang before investing in him prolonged term.  During a 2012 season, Kang smacked 25 homers, 32 doubles and ripped off 21 bags in a deteriorate that compulsory MVP consideration.  With an OPS of .973, Kang’s opening alike to 20% of a normal descent outlay for an whole group during a 2012 season.  In 2014, Kang already has 38 homers and 33 doubles and an OPS of a conspicuous 1.219!  If Kang would have put adult these numbers in 2012, his descent impact would have been 31% of a team’s whole offense, though in 2014 that series is 22%. While these numbers are spectacular, Kang’s descent impact in a 2012 deteriorate to a 2014 deteriorate has increasing 2% not a 11% that is a common perception.

Sadowski certain creates it sounds like this descent spike didn’t occur since a light unexpected clicked on.  It sounds some-more like Kang saw a standard teenager spike (2%) as he reached what was substantially his descent rise (age 27 season) as a run sourroundings increasing dramatically.  His numbers were ridiculous, though a run sourroundings in KBO was 40% aloft than it was usually dual years ago and home runs were adult 80%.

Take a success of general giveaway agents with a pellet of salt

We’ve seen some of a best players from Japan and Cuba come to North America and attain though spending many (in some cases, any) time in a teenager leagues.  Here’s a refresher of some of a tip general giveaway representative signings of a past integrate of decades…

We’ve seen some other players possibly accommodate with assuage success or have some evident success and fire out quickly….

And then, we have utterly a few guys who were busts…….

The domestic giveaway representative category for center infielders isn’t quite strong.  It seems like Kang would offer some-more upside than players like Asdrubal Cabrera, Stephen Drew, or Jed Lowrie.  He also offers distant reduction stability.  We’ve seen that Cabrera, Drew, and Lowrie can strike during a large joining level.  We haven’t seen if Kang can.

I know a logic behind removing hyped adult about signing an general giveaway representative who could step in and furnish right away.  We’ve seen a success stories a past few years with players like Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes.  The problem is that for each Jose Abreu, there’s an Alex Guerrero*.  For each Hideki Matsui, there’s a Tsuyoshi Nishioka.  For each Yu Darvish, there’s a Kei Igawa.  For each Aroldis Chapman, there’s a Yunesky Maya.  The list goes on……

*It’s substantially a bit astray to tag Guerrero a bust, though a Dodgers sealed a 27-year-old to a 4 year, $28 million understanding final winter to turn their shortstop and pierce Hanley Ramirez to third base.  They changed him to second bottom in AAA, though still don’t seem to trust his invulnerability there, many reduction during SS.  Either way, they paid a man in a primary of his career $7 million in 2014 to give them 13 large joining image appearances and play 3 games in left field.

Over a years, Rizzo’s scouting credentials has proven to be useful in anticipating value out of players that other organizations have given adult on.  Tanner Roark was a delegate square in a Cristian Guzman deal.  He acquired a 27-year-old teenager joining SS/3b who had depressed out of preference with a Mariners for Ryan Langerhans in 2009.  Mike Morse finished adult giving a Nats 3 good seasons before Rizzo traded him back to Seattle to reacquire a tip awaiting in A.J. Cole and supplement Blake Treinen in a 3 group trade.

Rizzo is an intensely good talent evaluator who has shown in a past that he trusts his ability to weigh a player’s ability instead of focusing only on past production.  Kang positively isn’t a actor like those listed above that an classification is giving adult on, though we trust that Rizzo is going to tumble behind on that scouting credentials to make a preference on possibly or not to pursue him.  While intensely impressive, a 2014 numbers usually don’t supplement up.  He was a 27-year-old personification in an arrogant run sourroundings during a joining that’s a homogeneous of A+/AA round in North America.

Several teams with low pockets (most particularly a Yankees, Phillies, and Mets) figure to be heavily concerned when Kang is posted.  He’ll be posted underneath a old bidding manners (blind bidding, leader gets disdainful negotiating rights).  The new NPB posting complement of a $20 million limit posting price in that all teams that are peaceful to compensate a posting price can negotiate with a actor doesn’t request to a KBO.

There’s risk in signing any actor to a giveaway representative deal, though with a high intensity pricetag, a miss of a lane record for KBO players in North America, and a luck that his numbers were arrogant this past deteriorate due to a run sourroundings going crazy in Korea, there’s usually too many risk here.  There will come a time when we consider that a Nats will be peaceful to spend large on an general giveaway agent.  I don’t consider it’s going to be Kang Jung-Ho that they’ll spend large on.

Tuesday’s boys’ soccer roundup: Yarmouth pulls divided from Gray-NG

GRAY — Yarmouth scored 7 unanswered goals in a second half Tuesday night, pulling divided to an 8-1 feat opposite Gray-New Gloucester in a Western Maine Conference schoolboy soccer game.

Chris Pidden scored a usually idea of a initial half for Yarmouth (8-2-2). Tyler St. Pierre answered 19 seconds into a second half for Gray-New Gloucester (5-4-2).

Pidden scored his second of a game, and Adam LaBrie, Noah Pellerin and Nick Cameron total goals for Yarmouth.

John-Henry Villanueva and Brady Darnell of a Patriots total for 9 saves. Alex Lyon stopped 3 of a 4 shots he faced for Yarmouth.

BONNY EAGLE 5, MASSABESIC 1: Nick Bean scored a go-ahead idea as Bonny Eagle (4-5-3) rallied from a 1-0 halftime necessity with 5 unanswered goals opposite a Mustangs (0-12) during Waterboro.

Chan Choi, Ryan Moody, Maccoy Freeman and Michele Rovaris also scored for a Scots. Dawson Renaud converted a Collin Morris support for a 1-0 Massabesic lead 3 mins into a game.

FALMOUTH 4, FREEPORT 0: Receiving goals from 4 players, a Yachtsmen (9-0-2) close out a Falcons (3-8-1) during Falmouth.

Matt Polewaczyk had a idea and an assist, and Luke Velas contributed a span of assists. Ben Lydick, Ben Wuesthoff and Nigel Dunn also scored.

Jesse Melchiskey and Jack Scribner total for 4 saves for Falmouth. Brendan Qualls had 12 for Freeport.

GREELY 10, LAKE REGION 0: Jacob Nason twice converted passes from Mitchell Day in a initial 6 mins and a Rangers (8-2-2) went on to down Lake Region (1-11) during Cumberland.

Paul Bischoff also scored twice.

John Wright and Owen Potenziano total for 5 saves for Greely. Michael Rust and Matt Stenger total for 12 for a Lakers.

CAPE ELIZABETH 3, FRYEBURG ACADEMY 1: Noah Haversat, R.J. Sarka and Wes Parker scored as a Capers (7-2-2) kick Fryeburg Academy (4-5-3) during Cape Elizabeth.

Jordan Kruguer answered for a Raiders.

Calvin Barber stopped dual shots for Cape and Will Zeliff had 15 saves for Fryeburg.

CHEVERUS 7, NOBLE 2: Brady Levesque scored 3 goals as a Stags (6-3-3) rubbed a Knights (2-10) during Portland.

Mackenzie Hoglund had dual goals and an assist, and Ben Peterson and Gerry Wagner also scored for Cheverus.

Nathan DeWolf and Josh Emard answered for Noble.

Jake Tomkinson done 5 saves for a Stags.

MARSHWOOD 4, BIDDEFORD 0: Cole McIntire had a idea and dual assists as Marshwood (6-5-1) kick a Tigers (2-10) during Biddeford.

Gus Leisentritt, Ryan Fife and Zach Wilson also scored.

WAYNFLETE 4, SACOPEE VALLEY 1: Harry Baker-Connick scored twice for a Flyers (8-1-2), who took a 3-0 halftime lead opposite Sacopee Valley (2-6-3) during Portland.

Ahmed Mohamed and Christian Kabongo also scored for Waynflete. Dom Locke had a Hawks’ goal.

WELLS 4, TRAIP ACADEMY 0: Liam Bell had a idea and an support as a Warriors (4-6-2) kick Traip Academy (1-9-2) during Wells.

Alec Pinette, Hatim Sharaf and Hunter McDonnell also scored.

PORTLAND 2, WESTBROOK 1: Alex Frank scored dual mins into a second overtime as a Bulldogs (5-5-2) kick a Blue Blazes (6-5-2) during Portland.

Varney Kai scored late in a initial half for Westbrook. Brady Cyr countered for Portland 12 mins into a second from Erick Molina.

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accuracy form.

Send questions/comments to a editors.

Ernie Els Eyes Miguel Jiménez’s Hong Kong Open Crown

Ernie Els of South Africa speaks to a press forward of a 2014 Hong Kong Open during The Hong Kong Golf Club on Wednesday.
Getty Images

When a Hong Kong Open happens,

Ernie Els

is routinely behind in South Africa spending time with his family and friends on a beach. But he does watch a contest on television, and final year he saw

Miguel Jiménez

win it for a record fourth time.

This year a $1.3 million contest is a month or so earlier, and a four-time vital leader has managed to fit it into his schedule. He is assured forward of a event, that starts Thursday.

“I’m indeed sensitively confident about my diversion and utterly vehement about my game,” Els pronounced Wednesday during a Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling, nearby a limit with a Chinese mainland. “I’d adore to get it going this week and to see what Miguel and a rest of a organisation does out there.”

After one of a many successful careers in universe golf, a golfer nicknamed a Big Easy is now ranked 51st in a world. He is a marquee name in this Hong Kong Open, whose past winners embody universe no. 1

Rory McIlroy,

Ian Poulter,

Colin Montgomerie


José María Olazábal.

Casting behind into final century, a winners’ register includes

Tom Watson,

Bernhard Langer,

Ian Woosnam


Greg Norman.

Nobody in a 55-year story of a eventuality has dominated a Hong Kong Open utterly like Jiménez, leader in 2004, 2007, 2012 and 2013.

“Last year’s finish was really sparkling with Miguel (Jiménez) winning,” Els said. “He apparently loves a blueprint and knows a greens. I’d adore to play with him over a weekend. we know he’s going to be adult there.”

Els combined that a European Tour’s preference to co-sanction events with a Asian Tour has been certain for golf in this region, assisting players such as

Y.E. Yang

grasp success. The South Korean golfer became a initial Asian male to win a vital during a 2009 PGA Championship, overtaking

Tiger Woods

in a final round.

“There are so many Asian players doing great.

K.J. Choi

is substantially tip of a list too, and many, many others,” pronounced Els, who turns 45 on Friday.

India’s tip golfer,

Anirban Lahiri,

is second on a Asian Tour’s 2014 sequence of merit, behind American

David Lipsky.

Both golfers are personification in a Hong Kong Open.

“I’m personification good and we need to keep personification well, generally in a large events,” Lahiri pronounced Wednesday. “I’m personification good adequate to win…If we can be in row come Sunday afternoon, I’ll take that spot.”

River Hill boys soccer ties Mt. Hebron to bind Howard County title

Just call River Hill comparison Chris Lee “captain clutch.” The nickname being thrown around in a stands in a latter stages of a second half of Tuesday’s boys soccer diversion opposite Mt. Hebron seemed fitting, as Lee had only delivered a game-tying idea in a shutting mins of law for a second time in reduction than a week.

The latest hitch of heroics — an opportunistic idea with 4:37 display on a time — finished a quip from down dual goals in a second half and helped River Hill acquire a 2-2 tie that clinches a Hawks solitary possession of this year’s Howard County championship.

“I adore a large moments. we adore a power … that’s what we live for,” pronounced Lee, who finished with both of River Hill’s goals. “My teammates support me via a diversion and it only happens to be that I’ve been means to be there for them late in a diversion these final integrate times.”

The altogether feel on a margin following a diversion was rather gloomy for both teams, deliberation a unprepared inlet of a game. But for River Hill (9-0-1, 12-0-1), that has only one unchanging deteriorate diversion left, a outcome was all a group indispensable to wrap-up a program’s second uninterrupted county championship.

“The boys indeed looked flattering unhappy for a result, yet that’s a good Mt. Hebron group and we only did something that’s not easy to do: win dual (county championships) in a row,” River Hill manager Matt Shagogue said. “I consider kids remove steer of a large design sometimes, that is not always a bad thing since it keeps them hungry. But we also wish they see a stress of it and can suffer it a small bit before we spin a concentration to a bigger goals.”

Mt. Hebron (7-1-2, 10-1-2) came into a day wanting a win to stay alive in a county championship competition and looked each bit like a group personification a must-win diversion during a initial half.

The Vikings were determining possession and pressuring into a descent third from a get go. That vigour eventually paid off in a 25th minute, as a dilemma flog by Johnny Linsenmeyer from a left dilemma found a conduct of Vaughn, who proceeded to route a round off a right post and into a net.

“We were all dismissed up, unequivocally a chip on a shoulders after playoffs final year where we mislaid to them,” Vaughn said. “We satisfied how large of a understanding this was and that kind of correlated with how heated we played in that initial half.”

Sports Breakdown: How to play goalie [Video]

Sports Breakdown: How to play goalie [Video] River Hill soccer goalie Tomas Potts teaches how to urge a idea opposite breakaways, and afterwards plays a diversion with sports editor Brent Kennedy to see who can urge it best. (Jon Sham/Baltimore Sun video) River Hill soccer goalie Tomas Potts teaches how to urge a idea opposite breakaways, and afterwards plays a diversion with sports editor Brent Kennedy to see who can urge it best. (Jon Sham/Baltimore Sun video)See some-more videos –>

The measure remained in preference of Mt. Hebron streamer into a break, yet immediately out of halftime a diversion upsurge began to flip in preference of a Hawks.

River Hill got dual good chances in a initial 4 mins out of break when a span of by balls found Mike Heitzmann in stride. However, Mt. Hebron goalie Matt Murphy (8 saves) was adult to a task, branch divided both shots taken from only inside a box.

“Matt played overwhelming tonight, he unequivocally did. He dealt with some tough crosses and Heitzmann had a integrate good shots that he only gobbled up,” Mt. Hebron manager Mike Linsenmeyer said. “I was unequivocally unapproachable of his effort.”

Having withstood that initial push, Mt. Hebron seized a event to put River Hill in a largest hole of a season. This time it was Linsenmeyer that finished a bouncing round in a box for a 2-0 pillow with 22:34 remaining in regulation.

River Hill wasn’t about to go quietly, though. Just over 6 mins after Linsenmeyer’s score, a Hawks finally found a scoreboard and embellished their necessity to one when Lee dismissed home a ideal cranky from Luke Turney.

Then later, with time circuitous down, Lee struck again. This time a tough shot by Turney from only outward a box glanced off Hebron’s Murphy and trickled along a idea line, where Lee swooped in and finished with only over 4 mins left.

“Matt is a good goalie, I’ve famous him for a prolonged time, yet it was so sleazy out here that we knew if it was a tough and low shot, a round competence skip and come out,” Lee said. “That time, when it came out, we was prepared for it.”

Linsenmeyer gave credit to River Hill for battling back.

“We might have let down a small bit, yet we consider some-more than that it was them operative hard,” he said. “They merit a lot of credit for removing themselves behind into it after being down like that.”

Both teams had chances during a overtime durations yet no one managed to convert, withdrawal a dual teams forced to settle for a tie.

For Mt. Hebron, there were churned feelings. The pull finished any hopes of grabbing a square of this year’s county championship, yet a Vikings also are a initial group to not remove opposite River Hill this fall.

“It’s bittersweet since we know we had them in a initial half and afterwards had a two-goal lead there before they came behind with glow and tied it up,” Vaughn said. “Overall, though, we know what we are able of now opposite a good group and that gives us confidence.”

River Hill 2, Mt. Hebron 2 2OT

Goals: RH – Lee 2; MH – Vaughn, Linsenmeyer.

Assists: RH – Turney 2; MH – Linsenmeyer, Cooke.

Saves: RH – Potts 3; MH – Murphy 8.

Half: 1-0 MH; End of regulation: 2-2.

Other scores:

Atholton 7, Long Reach 1

Goals: A – Johnson 2, Royalty, Munther, Frascarella, Fouts, Choi; LR – N/A.

Assists: A – Royalty 2, Johnson 2, Kim.

Saves: A – Bathras 4; LR – N/A.

Reservoir 4, Centennial 1

Goals: Re – Harris 2, Gueye 2; C – N/A.

Assists: Re – Salmans, Harris, Saunderson.

Saves: Re – Dachao 2; C – N/A.

Wilde Lake 1, Glenelg 0 2 OT

Goal: WL – Bonsu.

Assist: WL – Perez.

Howard 1, Marriotts Ridge 1 2OT

Goals: Ho – Bruner; MR – N/A.

Saves: Ho – Bowen 2; MR – N/A.

Oakland Mills 3, Hammond 0

Centennial 2, Marriotts Ridge 1 (Friday)

Goals: C – Merkey, Johnson; MR – Deitemyer.

Assists: C – Konkalmatt 2.

Long Reach 1, Reservoir 0 (Friday)

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LPGA KEB HanaBank Championship Preview & TV Schedule

China’s Shanshan Feng is roving high on her feat during a Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia final week as a Tour heads for South Korea and a 13th book of the LPGA KEB HanaBank Championship, though Feng will face a clever and fervent margin of players prepared to plea any try she might make to supplement a second feat to her resume in as many weeks.  Defending champion Amy Yang would like to make it two-in-a quarrel during the Sky 72 Golf Club Ocean Course.  Inbee Park, a new bride, and Lydia Ko, both have their eye on a tip of a universe rankings.  Michelle Wie, Mo Martin and Cristie Kerr are all entrance behind from injuries and looking to put their games to a ultimate test.

The South Koreans are eager golf fans and there is no necessity of South Korean players, in further to Yang and Park, who will tee it adult on Thursday with potentially winning games in their bags.  In further to two-time HanaBank Championship leader Na Yeon Choi (2009 2010), Evian Championship leader Hyo Joo Kim will be in a field, as will 7th ranked Canadian Pacific Women’s Open leader So Yeon Ryu and Chella Choi, who keeps removing closer to claiming her initial pro victory.  I have no doubt that each one of them will be personification for a tip of a house during an eventuality that’s been won by an Asian-born actor for 11 of a 13 playings.

The Rolex Rankings Numbers Game

Inbee Park.

With universe ranked series 1 Stacy Lewis holding a week off, a trail to a tip of a Rolex Rankings is transparent for Lewis’s challengers, 2nd ranked Inbee Park and 3rd ranked Lydia Ko.

Inbee Park can re-take a tip of a universe rankings if: (1) she wins a HanaBank, or (2) she comes in runner-up, so prolonged as Ko doesn’t win, or (3) she finishes in a 3-way tie for third, so prolonged as Ko doesn’t win.

Park’s a glorious aspirant and will be personification on home belligerent before eager South Korean fans.  She’s bringing 14 top-10 finishes to a HanaBank that embody victories during a Manulife Financial LPGA Classic and a Wegman’s LPGA Championship.  Although she took a week off for her wedding, Park’s been personification clever given her LPGA Championship win.  I’m looking for her to be a really clever contender this week.

Lydia Ko

Alternatively, Ko can take over a tip of a universe rankings this week if she wins a HanaBank and Park finishes in a three-way tie for 2nd place, or worse.  With 11 top-10 finishes this deteriorate that embody wins during a Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic and a Marathon Classic, Ko’s had a consistently clever diversion in her bag all season.  In her final 4 events she’s finished inside a top-10 3 times.  A third feat this deteriorate is good within a area of a probable for this gifted teenage rookie, though we don’t consider she can conflict Inbee Park on Park’s home ground.

Coming Back From Injuries

RICOH Women’s British Open leader Mo Martin hasn’t played competitively given a Wegman’s LPGA Championship in August.  Martin’s been battling cartilage repairs to her ride and will be personification with a ride splint.

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie has been nursing a palm injury.  Wie withdrew from a Evian Championship in Sep when she re-injured her hand.  She’ll put her rehab efforts, that authorised her to also give some courtesy to a dawdle knee problem, to a exam during a HanaBank Championship.

Cristie Kerr took a approach strike on her wrist from an erring tee shot during her Birdies for Breast Cancer gift eventuality that left her with a bad bone hash and took her out of foe for both a Reignwood LPGA Classic in China and a Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia final week.

If Wie’s healthy, I’m looking for her to plea Inbee Park for a tip of a board, though she might be entrance behind to foe too soon.

New Faces on a Tour

Minjee Lee

In further to Lydia Ko, 3 other immature stars will be in a HanaBank Championship field:  Hyo Joo Kim, whose win during a Evian has cumulative her place during a season-ending CME Group Tour Championship; Ha-Na Jang, who has 4 KLPGA wins this season, leads a income list, and skeleton on attending final theatre of Q School in Dec with hopes to play on a LPGA subsequent season; and Minjee Lee, who’s played in 6 Tour events this year, done her pro entrance during a Evian, and will also be attending a final theatre of Q School in December.

Any one of these immature stars could conflict a field.  I’m gripping them all on my watch list for a HanaBank, and I’m going to underscore Minjee Lee’s name.

Media Coverage

Golf Channel will yield live coverage of all 4 rounds of a LPGA KEB HanaBank Championship.  Keeping in mind that South Korea is 12 hours forward of a US, initial turn live coverage will start Wednesday, Oct 15, 11pm-3am.  Second, third, and fourth turn coverage, Thursday, Oct 16 – Saturday, Oct 18, will start during 11:30pm-3am.  For US fans, check your internal listings for Golf Channel mid-day replays.

My colleagues and we during ProGolfNow will also yield ongoing explanation and updates on a HanaBank Championship and other news in women’s pro golf.  Follow me on Twitter @bethbethel and I’ll forewarn we when we post news and commentary.


Golfweek PostGame: Bae claims

Editor’s note: Each week, we’ll tip a weekend that was on a PGA Tour with a new Golfweek PostGame, violation down a water-cooler information you’ll wish to be versed with to stir your golfing buddies off and on a course. Here’s a demeanour during a week in Wine Country to start a 2014-15 season:

• • •

TUNED IN FOR BAE WATCH: When Sang-Moon Bae ran off 5 uninterrupted birdies early in his turn on Saturday and capped it with a birdie-par-eagle-birdie finish during a Open, building a four-shot lead by 54 holes during a PGA Tour’s sesaon opener, he pronounced a diversion was flattering easy. One day after during Silverado Resort and Spa’s North course, it was anything though that.

After creation customarily 3 bogeys in his initial 61 holes, a 28-year-old South Korean stumbled into 4 bogeys in a seven-hole widen on Sunday, perplexing to strengthen a lead that had widened to 6 shots early in his behind nine.

The lesson: Winning isn’t easy. Bae knows. Though he’s now won 13 times internationally, this was his second feat on a PGA Tour. He warranted $1,260,000 when he won a 2013 HP Byron Nelson Classic, afterwards went his subsequent 36 starts though notching a tip 10. His best finish in that camber was a tie for 12th, and his gain were $839,956 ($23,332 per start). Then came Sunday in Napa. Three putts from a border for standard during a 18th hole and a shutting 73 was adequate to surpass Aussie Steven Bowditch, a 2013 Texas Open champion, by dual shots. Bae finished during 15-under 273. Bowditch, who sealed with 5-under 67, had to hang around, and even returned to a use tee to strike balls in credentials for a probable playoff. It never happened.

“I consider we was a small nervous,” pronounced Bae, who joins K.J. Choi and Y.E. Yang as customarily a third South Korean actor to win mixed PGA Tour titles. “I don’t know how many times we three-putted today. The march wasn’t easy, honestly. we know how good we did. I’m very, unequivocally happy.”

Five players tied for third during 12-under 276: Hideki Matsuyama, Hunter Mahan, Martin Laird, Retief Goosen and Bryce Molder.

• • •


By Associated Press

Jimmy Walker’s highway to a U.S. Ryder Cup group started with a win during a 2013 Open.

FAST STARTERS: OK, so it’s customarily Week 1 of a long, wrap-around, two-calendar season. But can a quick start during a Open be a predecessor to FedEx Cup success? It positively was a year ago. Three players who finished T-3 or improved in a 2013-14 deteriorate opener (Jimmy Walker, Hideki Matsuyama, Kevin Na) finished adult personification in a Tour Championship. Said NBC’s Johnny Miller, “I consider with what Jimmy Walker did final year, players have bought into, ‘Hey, maybe we need to play a small in a fall.’”

• • •

OH, BROTHER: The Frys noted a second time that brothers Michael and Andrew Putnam teed it adult in a same PGA Tour tournament, though a knowledge didn’t final long. Michael shot 70-74, while Andrew, in his entrance as a card-carrying debate member, went 77-74. Both missed a cut.

• • •

NEW SEASON, OLD STORIES: The deteriorate was new, though a severe times continued for Lucas Glover and Harris English. Glover shot 71-73 and his widen of missed cuts, dating behind to final season, is during six. He’s missed a cut in 9 of his final 10 starts and 18 of his final 22. English missed a cut in any of his final 4 full-field events in 2013-14 and rounds of 72-72 meant he had an early exit during a, too.

• • •

TAKE ROUTE 66, AND HEAD SOUTH: Shooting 66 is customarily a good thing. But it hasn’t worked out in a certain demeanour for Andres Gonzales. He had a share of a lead after opening with a 66 during a, though went 74-70-72 to tie for 26th. In a customarily other time he hold a PGA Tour lead, a 2011 Mayakoba Classic, Gonzales followed an opening 66 with 72-67-78 to finish T-58.

• • •


By Getty Images

Jarrod Lyle finished in a tie for 31st in his lapse to a PGA Tour.

INSPIRATION: Jarrod Lyle, who has staged not one, though dual battles with leukemia, capped a noted week during a, his initial PGA Tour start given Feb of 2012, by restraining for 31st place. Lyle, 33, was a Monday qualifier during Frys, and will play this week’s Shriners Hospital for Children Open on a unite exemption.

(Read some-more about Lyle’s implausible tour here)

Plus, find disdainful photos of Lyle with his family during home in Orlando here.

• • •

FOR YOU, DEAR: Zac Blair, 24, whose customarily other PGA Tour start was during this year’s U.S. Open during Pinehurst (T-40), got off and using in his rookie season. He struggled a bit Sunday, sharpened 74, though his gain competence assistance him with a down remuneration on a house. Next month he’ll marry Alicia Watkins, who caddied for him in final year’s U.S. Open sectional qualifier in Oregon. The dual were scheduled to be marry Oct. 22, though when Blair warranted his PGA Tour card, a marriage was moved.

• • •

TRIVIA QUESTION: Billy Hurley III (15th hole) and Mark Hubbard (seventh hole) had a initial dual aces of a 2014-15 season, any notching one in a second turn during Silverado. There was though one ace during a four-tournament FedEx Cup playoffs – who had it? (Hint: He was a customarily actor on Tour final deteriorate with some-more than one ace.)

• • •

NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS: Robert Allenby (70-277) tied for eighth, posting his initial top-10 finish given a 2013 FedEx St. Jude Championship. … Four players who competed during a Ryder Cup were in a margin (Hunter Mahan, Matt Kuchar, Jimmy Walker, Lee Westwood), and all 4 finished a cut. Mahan (276) was low of a four, with Westwood dual behind him.

• • •


By Associated Press

Matt Kuchar says that there unequivocally isn’t a mangle in between seasons, and that it is something that needs to be looked at.

THE FORECADDIE: Count your courageous Forecaddie, Golfweek’s industrious Man Out Front, as one who thinks a PGA Tour’s offseason is, well, shorter than Ian Woosnam, and could use a small lengthening. we mean, TMOF hardly had adequate time to get his washing finished from a time we left a Tour Championship to starting anew in Napa, and those competing in a Ryder Cup had even reduction time than that. (You positively would design a good booze to breathe for some-more than 24 days, would we not?)

Anyhoo, The Forecaddie kind of favourite Matt Kuchar’s take on a matter.

“A one-week mangle is not a break,” reasons Kuchar. “I still am pulling to put these 3 events – Frys, Vegas, McGladrey – after a Wyndham Championship, before a (FedEx Cup) Playoffs, have these partial of a genuine season, (and) have an Asia restart.

“I know there’s an emanate with they wish a FedEx Cup to not contest with football. But it competes with Week 3 or 4 of football; since not contest with Week 7 of football? we see Week 7 as being reduction courteous for football watchers than Week 1, 2 and 3.”

Kuchar is a member of a PGA Tour’s Player Advisory Council, that advises a PGA Tour absolute Board of Directors. Has his defence to reshuffle a tumble been listened and entertained? Um, no, not really.

“But I’ll keep suggesting,” says a Kooch with a smile.

• • •

THE LIST: So, we consider a PGA Tour is going to stop during Napa, Calif., and we’re not going to concentration on wine? No chance. Ernie Els once asked a integrate of Golfweek writers if we’d attempted his booze during a pitch by South Africa. “No,” we told him, “it was out of a cost range.” Answered The Big Easy with a grin, “Ah, yes, theory we compensate for a name.” Touche.

So, flow your potion of chardonnay, or maybe your choice is a excellent merlot, and season a list of a best winemakers from a golf division:

  • 1. Ernie Els – yes, it’s indeed as good as a name
  • 2. Greg Norman, privately his Cabernet/Shiraz blend
  • 3. The Commissioner’s Reserve (as in Tim Finchem) – for $130 a bottle, no less
  • 4. Arnold Palmer
  • 5. Luke Donald

(Note: We asked for assistance from a PGA Tour maestro and booze expert who told us, “Norman knows a many of all a guys who are many involved. Els’ is a many expensive, (David) Frost’s a many inexpensive.”)

(Another note: What is a best end on a PGA Tour’s Fall Series? Take a check here)

• • •


By Associated Press

Webb Simpson won a Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in 2013.

ON THE TEE: That 24-day “offseason” is clearly over, since a boys will make a brief outing from Napa, Calif., to Glitter Gulch. The Shriners Hospitals for Children Open during TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas is this week’s stop. FedEx Cup champion Billy Horschel, a highest-ranked actor in a margin (13th) will see if he can lift over that impassioned movement from Sep (a T2-1-1 finish). Defending champ Webb Simpson, Brandt Snedeker, Jimmy Walker, Kevin Na and Ryan Moore are among a other tip 50 players entered.

Clearly, a PGA Tour is where they wish to be, since Japanese stars Ryo Ishikawa and Hideki Matsuyama will play in Vegas and not in a Japan Open. Their deficiency will leave a incomparable square of a Japan Open spotlight to universe No. 2 Adam Scott.

Elsewhere, Ernie Els will join fortifying champ Miguel Angel Jimenez in a Hong Kong Open.

• • •

TRIVIA ANSWER: Scott Brown, who aced a eighth hole during TPC Boston (Deutsche Bank Championship), had a customarily hole-in-one during a new FedEx Cup playoffs. Brown also notched an ace during Colonial during a Crowne Plaza Invitational.

• • •

QUOTABLE: “Most athletes do have to investigate during Stanford. we don’t know if we can contend a same about many schools.” – Patrick Rodgers, PGA Tour rookie and former Stanford student-athlete

‘LEAGUE OF LEGENDS’ FINALS: Meet The Kids Facing Off In The Biggest …

league of legends“League of Legends”

“League of Legends” is one of a many renouned e-sports games in a universe right now, braggadocio a staggering 67 million active monthly players, according to a new essay in The New York Times. 

The many critical impulse of a year for “LoL” fans is function on Saturday: the finals of a “League of Legends” World Championships. It will be hold in a track in Seoul that was built for a 2002 soccer World Cup.

The tip esteem is $1 million, a roughly 70-pound esteem called a Summoner’s Cup, and, of course, bragging rights.

Gameplay is intense. You can consider of it as a really difficult video diversion chronicle of constraint a flag: dual teams of 5 players conflict to constraint any other’s “Nexus.” But that’s usually a beginning. Players from any group select a Champion, any of that has opposite strengths, powers, anda backstory to go with it. There are 120 Champions to select from as of this writing. 

Champions are followed into conflict by Minions, that are generated automatically and assistance a Champions fight.

The New York Times posted a cool-looking video of 100,000 players in 10,000 games during a same time. You can see all a players forward on a paths of varying problem and mandate — Top Lane, Mid Lane, and Bottom Lane – with many of a battles function in a middle:


Riot Games says it’s easy to learn though unfit to master — though there are a integrate teams during a tip of a container right now who have mastered a diversion adequate to make it to a finals.

Meet Team Samsung White

Professional “LoL” teams have managers, salaried players, and even sponsors. Such is a box with Korean group Samsung White, that used to be famous as MVP White until Samsung took over sponsorship in 2013.

League of Legends group Samsung WhiteeSportsPediaTeam Samsung White (from left): imp, DanDy, Mata, PawN, Looper.

There’s Hyeong-seok Looper” Jang, whose a team’s Top Laner. He subbed for another actor during a 2013 Championships and shortly valid his value as a really learned member of a team.  

In-kyu DanDy” Choi is a team’s Jungler. The Jungle is any partial of a diversion that’s not partial of a categorical Lanes, and a good Jungler helps a group benefit knowledge points and gold. DanDy is deliberate one of a tip Junglers in a world. 

Won-seok “PawN” Heo is a team’s Middle Laner. He’s famous for his good solo kill skills and is usually 17 years old. 

Seung-bin “imp” Gu is a team’s AD (Attack Damage) Carry, that means he’s in assign of assisting a group win in late stages of a game. As distant as AD Carrys go, he’s one of a best in a business. 

And finally Se-hyoung “Mata” Cho is a Support and personality of a group and has been compared to another tip player, named Hong “MadLife” Min-gi. In fact he’s so good, that people says, “If MadLife is God afterwards Mata is Buddha.” The Support actor is in assign of recovering his teammates and creates opportunities for his teammates to obstacle a win. 

Meet Team Star Horn Royal Club

Going adult opposite Samsung White is Star Horn Royal Club, a Chinese group that was founded in 2012. And Royal Club has something to prove: It came in second in final year’s World Championship, holding home a $250,000 prize. 

Star Horn Royal ClubeSportsPediaTeam Star Horn Royal Club (from left): corn, Zero, Cola, Uzi, LaoPi, inSec.

The group was rebranded in May and this year became a initial pro group ever to make it to a finals dual years in a row. 

Jian “Uzi” Zihao is a team’s AD Carry and a usually member who was on final year’s team. He’s an assertive actor and is scandalous for carrying a burning temper. 

Yun “Zero” Kyung-sub, who hails from Korea, used to play midst lane, though has given changed to his stream mark as a team’s Support. 

The team’s Jungler is Choi “InSec” In-seok and is famous for being an assertive and sparkling actor to watch. He’s also from Korea.

Playing as a Mid Laner is Lei “corn” Wen, a gifted actor with tip skills. 

And a Top Laner is Jiang “Cola” Nan, who has finished a decent pursuit so distant and substantially still has a few moves dark divided to whip out during an opportunistic time.

The Road To The Finals

The trail to Saturday’s categorical eventuality is not for a faint-hearted. There are 3 phases: Regionals, Groups, and Knockout Stage.

There are six informal tournaments, and a furious label round. Each of a regions — North America, Europe, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia and Taiwan — has a possess approach of advancing. 

The subsequent proviso is called Groups. Here, tip teams contest in a “Round Robin” character tournament, with 4 groups stoical of 4 teams each. Eight teams allege after a Group phase, that is played like in a standard bracket. 

League of Legends 2013 FinalsYouTubeThe desired Summoner’s Cup.

And now here we are during a Knockout Stage, that itself is divided into 3 parts: Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and a Finals. Teams play a best of 5 games, not distinct a World Series or any other sports championships.  

And now here we are during a Finals, with group Samsung White and Star Horn Royal Club any anticipating to take home a esteem this weekend. 

Based on a stats, Samsung White seems to be a favorite to win. It privileged a whole Group but losing a singular compare and has a 12-1 record. 

But, even with a 11-5 record, Star Horn Royal Club won’t go down easy. 

Why ‘League of Legends’ is bringing in $1 billion

IDreamSky Wins Share In China’s Mobile Game Market

For general diversion developers, China offers a outrageous market
for showcasing and monetizing diversion titles, generally on mobile

About 65% of China’s mobile Internet race play mobile
games, according to attention researchers. That adds adult to roughly
300 million users and counting.

But introducing foreign-made games such as “Fruit Ninja” and
“Temple Run” to China’s mobile assembly can be a challenge, in
partial given there are denunciation hurdles and also mobile
infrastructure differences.

That’s whereiDreamSky Technology (

) comes in. It localizes publishers’ calm for Chinese gaming
enthusiasts, adapts games to Chinese mobile inclination and places
those games with hundreds of placement channels in China. It
also updates games.

Partnership Strategy Pays

IDreamSky is deliberate a largest eccentric mobile game
publisher in China, yet radically nothing of a calm is its
own. It boasts scarcely 20 developer partners from 4 continents,
for a sum of roughly 40 mobile games underneath a belt.

“We reinvented a edition indication in China,” iDreamSky Chief
Financial Officer Jun Zou pronounced in a phone interview. “We work on
other people’s successful games so we don’t have to take the
risks of building anything in-house. Game expansion is strike or


initial open offering

in a U.S. in Aug was positively a hit. It labelled during 15, above
a approaching 12 to 14 range, and lifted $116 million.

The batch soared to as high as 25.95 on Sept. 8, though has
pulled behind given afterwards and now trades nearby 16.

The company’s record for strike games has been smoother.

Most notably, iDreamSky has helped Australia-based Halfbrick
Studios get “Fruit Ninja” in front of China gaming users. It did
a same for U.S.-based Imangi Studios with a “Temple Run”
series. It also brought “Subway Surfers” to China on interest of
Danish diversion developer Kiloo.

The 3 games were among a tip 10 infrequent mobile games in
China this year, analysts’ tallies show.

IDreamSky, founded usually 5 years ago, is now helpingWalt
Disney Co. (

) deliver a Marvel diversion to China’s mobile users after this
year. That will be a initial of during slightest 3 games it has
concluded to tell for Disney, Zou says. Next up: “Star Wars,”
from Disney’s Lucasfilm studios.

Two pivotal Chinese placement partners are Internet giant
Tencent and Internet confidence companyCheetah Mobile (

), that had a U.S. IPO in May. Both are vital investors in

“They have traffic. We have content,” Zou said.

An combined advantage of partnering with Tencent is a opportunity
to tell mobile games on Tencent’s renouned Weixin amicable media
mobile platform, famous as WeChat internationally, researcher George
Askew of Stifel Nicolaus remarkable in a new report.

IDreamSky redesigned a new chronicle of “Fruit Ninja” for
Weixin, that rolled out Sept. 10.

Partnering with Tencent, a heading Web and mobile game
association in China, will also extent a “competitive threat”
Tencent competence have differently posed, Askew said.

Zou says Tencent wanted to deposit in and partner with
iDreamSky given “we do things they can't do. They cannot
focus games as quickly. Hopefully, we can be

Growing Around The Globe

Tencent will also assistance iDreamSky tell “Fruit Ninja” in Hong
Kong and Macau, Zou says.

Another distributor and investor, Japanese present messaging
association Line Corp., wants to assistance iDreamSky tell games in
Asian markets outward China, Zou says.

“Going tellurian is one partial of a strategy,” he said.

IDreamSky has adequate business in China to keep it bustling for
now. According to information from Analysys International, a Chinese
mobile diversion marketplace will triple between 2013 and 2016, from $2.25
billion to $6.9 billion.

IDreamSky’s monthly active users reached an all-time high of
98.3 million in a initial quarter, adult from 56.7 million in the
same duration a year earlier. The series fell somewhat to 95.5
million in a second quarter, though it was still adult from 70.3
million a year earlier.

Management remarkable in a handbill filed in Aug that users
typically spend reduction time personification games in a second and fourth
entertain given there are fewer open holidays and propagandize breaks
than in a initial and third quarters.

Volume expansion is generally critical given iDreamSky makes
income from usually a roughly 5% of users who compensate for premium
services, such as collection that assistance them contest better. The rest
play for free.

“Basically 5% of users beget all a money,” pronounced one
analyst. “It’s like going to a giveaway unison and profitable for an $8
prohibited dog.”

IDreamSky took in $30.2 million in income in a second
quarter, adult 7.5% from a initial quarter. That was a most slower
consecutive expansion rate than a 54% boost in a first

But revenue, sum distinction and practiced net income in the
second entertain “grew substantially” from a same entertain a year
earlier, a association stated. Second-quarter formula won’t be
entirely expelled until a organisation reports third-quarter formula in
mid- to late November, a orator said.

In a Aug filing, a association pronounced it showed a net detriment of
$18.8 million during a second entertain due to share-based
remuneration losses and income taxes. Adjusted net income for
a entertain was $5.2 million.

In a new report, researcher Gene Munster of Piper Jaffrey
estimated that Q2 gain were 11 cents a share, adult from the
homogeneous of 1 cent a year earlier.

Market expansion will be driven by several factors, Munster
noted, including a flourishing accessibility of smartphones running
on 3G-plus peculiarity networks.

Munster also cited diversion users’ continued change to mobile
inclination and improving diversion peculiarity and engagement. He expects
iDreamSky to suffer “high double-digit to low triple-digit growth
rates” over a subsequent few years.

IDreamSky is one of a smaller names in IBD’s Computer
Software-Gaming attention group, that ranks No. 49 of 197 groups
tracked. The largest in it by marketplace top areActivision Blizzard (

) andNintendo (


Sang-Moon Bae Wins 2014 Open by Two Strokes

NAPA, Calif. – While his accession strike a bit of a obstacle down a stretch, a finish outcome is still a same: Sang-Moon Bae is a leader again on a PGA Tour.

Beginning a day with a four-shot lead, Bae hold on to win a Open by dual shots over Steven Bowditch.

After going 36 starts though so many as a top-10 finish given his lass victory, a South Korean pennyless out of his unemployment in a large approach during Silverado Resort Spa, aggregation a six-shot advantage during one indicate during a final spin before unresolved on to explain a prize on a stormy day in booze country.

“The march wasn’t easy. The greens were so fast,” Bae said. “I know how good we did this week. we strike a spin unequivocally plain and (I’m) overhanging unequivocally good, so I’m unequivocally happy and still excited.”

Halfway by a final round, a 28-year-old seemed to be on journey control. After a birdie on a par-5 ninth hole, he done a spin in 1 under, stretching his lead from 4 shots to five. That advantage grew to 6 after 12 holes before Bae began to trickle a small oil – a outcome that he attributed to checking a standings.

“I didn’t wish to demeanour during a scoreboard, though we did. we looked a lot,” he said. “That’s given we done a lot of bogeys on a behind nine.”

Those bogeys began with a brief skip on a par-3 11th, afterwards Bae strike erring drives on Nos. 13 and 14 that led to dual some-more bogeys. What had seemed to be an easy wander to a winner’s turn incited into anything but, as his lead fast shrank to dual shots streamer into a final 4 holes during Silverado.

“I consider we was a small nervous, (lost) a small focus, too,” he said. “I don’t know why.” Open: Articles, videos and photos

After a standard on No. 15, a branch indicate of Bae’s spin came during No. 16 for a second true day. As he did in a third round, Bae got adult and down to save par, that confirmed his two-shot advantage and authorised him to secure a win with dual shutting pars.

“I consider it was a hardest chip shot today,” Bae pronounced of a shot from behind a immature that he played to 3 feet. “If we done spook (on) that hole, we consider we remove concentration (on the) subsequent hole.”

The win moves Bae into name association with K.J. Choi and Y.E. Yang as a usually Korean-born players to win mixed times on a PGA Tour. It’s a fast turnaround for a actor who dual months ago indispensable a T-14 finish during a Wyndham Championship to hide into a FedEx Cup playoffs.

Bae didn’t consider a win was on a setting when he set feet onto a march this week, carrying missed a cut in his many new rival start during The Barclays scarcely dual months ago.

“My idea was tip 10,” he said.

Bae led a margin this week in strokes gained tee to green, and he finished fourth among a margin in vicinity to a hole. Despite a bobble down a stretch, Bae’s altogether opening during Silverado done him a deserved winner, and it was one that Retief Goosen saw entrance after personification with Bae for a initial dual rounds.

“He strike a spin unequivocally well, and his dabble was red hot,” pronounced Goosen, who tied for third. “I knew he was going to be tough to locate this weekend a approach he was distinguished it. He’s not unequivocally going to make many mistakes.”

Bae’s win also puts him into a early brew for a mark on a International patrol during a Presidents Cup, as a eventuality heads to South Korea for a initial time in Oct 2015.

“I consider it’s critical to me given it’s in Korea subsequent year. It unequivocally means a lot,” pronounced Bae, who combined that a mark in a 2016 Olympics stays another goal. “There’s a lot of good golfers in Korea, though I’m unequivocally operative hard. we unequivocally wish to play Presidents Cup subsequent year.”

While his lass win during a 2013 HP Byron Nelson Championship unsuccessful to offer as a rising pad to bigger and improved things, Bae believes that his diversion was still plain final deteriorate – a formula were simply lacking.

With that diversion once again carrying him to a winner’s circle, he insists this feat will offer as a building retard that many approaching after his win during TPC Four Seasons – even if he had to work a small harder than expected.

“The initial one was hard, though a second one was some-more difficult,” he said. “But now that I’ve got a second one, we consider third and fourth will come easy given we have a confidence.”