Similar Pressure on South Korea, United States in International Crown

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – The Americans are in a resurgent march, holding behind strongholds lost.

The South Koreans are in a demure retreat, looking to reassert their standing as a widespread force in women’s golf.

Welcome to a International Crown, where it’s all about honor, republic and posting low scores.

The initial biennial organisation eventuality starts Thursday earnest to play on nationalistic pride, and no countries have some-more of that roving on this week’s outcome than a United States and a Republic of Korea. That’s given they’re such complicated favorites here during Caves Valley Golf Club. They’re a tip dual seeds with 7 of a 9 highest-ranked players in a margin entrance from their rosters. If anyone else wins this week, it’s a hulk upset.

With a United States holding a No. 1 seed from South Korea on a final day of organisation subordinate for a International Crown, there’s a flourishing turmoil among South Korean fans used to saying their women excel.

Get ready: LPGA International Crown primer

“American players are personification unequivocally good this year, and it apparently hasn’t been like a final integrate years,” pronounced Inbee Park, a highest-ranked South Korean during No. 3 in a Rolex universe rankings. “We unequivocally feel a pressure, and we unequivocally feel like we have to step it up.”

The South Koreans have won some-more LPGA titles (49) given 2008 than any other republic in a world. They’ve won some-more majors (16) than any other republic given 2001.

The tide, however, is changing in a women’s game. The Americans are on a rise, already carrying won some-more LPGA titles this year (11) than they have in any year given a spin of a century. Meanwhile, a South Koreans have roughly been close out, with Park claiming their sole LPGA title.

The Americans also have claimed a initial 3 majors of a 2014, imprinting a initial time they’ve finished that given 1999.

And commanding it off, American Stacy Lewis seized a No. 1 ranking from Park final month.

“I consider we do have some-more vigour than other countries, given a lot of Korean people caring so most about a results,” Na Yeon Choi said. “We got a 4 players together here, and we talked about how we have to be together this whole week, to uncover them behind home that we are one, we are together. It’s not particular here. It’s a South Korean team. Hopefully, we will make something good occur for everybody examination us.”

A year after Park became a initial lady in 63 years to win a initial 3 majors of a year, a South Koreans are feeling vigour to furnish some-more success. They’re conference questions behind home about what’s wrong with them this year.

Park, Choi and associate teammates So Yeon Ryu and I.K. Kim done a agreement Tuesday. “We motionless we’re not going to review any newspapers, no surfing a Internet,” Choi said. “Sometimes that affects focus, emotions. We’re unequivocally perplexing to concentration on what we can do, and after a tournament, we’ll see a results.”

It was only a small some-more than a year ago that a Americans found themselves in a South Koreans’ shoes. With Park winning during Sebonack, it noted a fourth time in 5 years a South Korean had won a U.S. Women’s Open. It also noted a 10th uninterrupted vital a Americans unsuccessful to win, a longest winless spell in a story of American women’s golf. Lewis would finish that drought by winning a Ricoh Women’s British Open, and now a Americans have won 4 of a final 5 majors.

The International Crown is being promote live in South Korea. If there’s some-more vigour on a South Koreans than on any other republic here, there’s an upside to that. They’re used to it. They’re used to showy expectations with women’s golf some-more renouned than men’s golf behind in their homeland.

“They play that approach week in and week out,” says Hall of Famer Juli Inkster, who will assistance call a movement for Golf Channel this week.

For their part, a Americans contend they don’t perspective South Koreans as rivals on debate week to week.

“The media likes to clump everybody together, formed on where they’re from,” Lewis said. “As players, we don’t consider we do that. we don’t consider we organisation Inbee and So Yeon Ryu and we contend we wish to kick a South Koreans.

“But we consider in this competition, we consider they’re a good team. we don’t caring what a numbers say. we consider they’re going to be a tough organisation to beat.”

For LPGA stars, inhabitant honour is on a line

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Yani Tseng is a five-time vital leader on a LPGA debate and a former No.1 actor in a world. So personification in a initial International

Crown Invitational shouldn’t be that large of a deal.

Or maybe it could be a biggest understanding of her career.

“For me to play on this theatre to paint your country, we don’t know how to report it,” Tseng, of Taiwan, pronounced of a contest that starts currently during Caves Valley Golf Club and includes teams from 8 countries. “I am usually so happy to be with a best of a best. we usually wish we don’t cry on a initial tee when we hear my country’s song.”

The countries and a four-women teams from any republic were dynamic by final year’s Rolex World Rankings.

The women’s diversion has a Solheim Cup, that matches a USA opposite Europe. This event, to be hold any other year, includes players and countries from all over a world.

“Growing adult personification pledge golf, youth golf, we get to paint your country,” Australia’s Katherine Kirk said. “But unless you’re American or European, your usually possibility to do that as a pro is apparently in a Solheim. So for us to be means to paint Australia and do it on this theatre is super exciting.”

The USA, Japan, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Sweden and Taiwan qualified. The match-play eventuality brought out flag-waving from them all.

“There’s no doubt we wish to wear that crown,” a USA’s Paula Creamer said. “I mean, my goodness, that’s what we are here for.”

So Yeon Ryu and Na Yeon Choi speak about how a pretension would move fun to a republic that in Apr suffered a tragedy with a falling of a packet that killed scarcely 300 people. “We wish to make this occur not for us though for country, for a people in Korea.”

Azahara Munoz says a pretension would assistance foster a women’s diversion in her country.

“It would meant so much, generally for a republic like Spain,” she said. “Obviously we have a lot of good masculine golfers, and golf is removing some-more and some-more popular. But womanlike golf, people still don’t watch it. we consider people are removing to know us some-more and some-more now, generally after a Solheim Cup. So now everybody comes to support Spain, and we consider people are going to get unequivocally involved, generally if we win a crown.”

The USA is a tip altogether seed and will play in Pool A along with Thailand, Spain and Taiwan. South Korea is a altogether No.2 seed and is in Pool B with Japan, Sweden and Australia.

Everyone plays a four-ball (best ball) compare opposite any republic in a pool. The tip dual teams from any pool, along with a wild-card team, will allege to a singles matches Sunday.

The group format gives players a change of gait from a stroke-play tournaments, that underline many of a same athletes perplexing to kick one another.

“To me it’s a small bit some-more like pleasure, since we also paint a group like Thailand,” pronounced Moriya Jutanugarn, who will be assimilated by her sister, Ariya, on a team. “And we also have a teammate, so we have to caring about them, about what they like or how are we going to play a game.”

The USA will be a many wanted group as a tip seed and a home squad, though Stacy Lewis, a No. 1 actor in a world, says a some-more pressure, a better.

“I consider it’s a good thing,” she said. “I don’t consider we would rather be anyplace else. We all work hard, and we all wish to play a best. … Everybody wants to get to No. 1 in a world, so because not be a No.1-ranked team?

“I like personification underneath pressure. we like when a spotlight’s on me and pressure’s on. So we consider that’s how all a girls feel.”

VIDEO: AMC Debuts Trailer for THE WALKING DEAD Mobile Game ‘No Man’s …

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THE WALKING DEAD, AMC, previews teasers

Next Games and AMC expelled currently a initial trailer for a new The Walking Dead mobile game, formed on a impossibly renouned AMC series. The never-before-seen trailer will also be shown during AMC’s The Walking Dead counter #4237 during Comic Con International in San Diego from Jul 24 – 27.

The game, patrician The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, will concede players to knowledge a universe of a iconic uncover by gameplay exclusively grown for smartphones and inscription devices. Developed by Next Games in tighten partnership with AMC, a diversion will underline themes informed to a TV series, where characters quarrel for presence in a post-apocalyptic, walker-infested world. A repeated thesis of selecting a right presence plan and creation a many tellurian choices probable is during a heart of a first-of-its-kind game.

The diversion launch will coincide with a mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5 early subsequent year.

“Our proceed is to stay loyal to a categorical themes of a TV show: presence strategy, anticipating reserve for your people, balancing between right and wrong and, of course, movement when it comes to fighting opposite a hordes of walkers. We honour a creators of The Walking Deadimmensely and wish this diversion to execute a universe they have combined as closely as possible,” pronounced Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games.

Founded by pattern veterans from Rovio, Supercell and Disney, Next Games has fabricated a organisation with a surpassing adore for games and a blazing enterprise to rise durability tellurian entertainment. In further to a diversion formed on The Walking Dead TV show, a studio is operative on another pretension formed on a possess IP.

The Walking Dead earnings for a fifth deteriorate this October. The array is a initial wire play in radio story to kick all a tumble promote shows in adults 18-49. The Walking Dead is formed on a comic book array created by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The array tells a story of a months and years after a zombie canon and follows a organisation of survivors, led by policeman Rick Grimes, who transport in hunt of a protected and secure home. The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green. The array is executive constructed by Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, David Alpert and Tom Luse.

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VIDEO: AMC Debuts Trailer for THE WALKING DEAD Mobile Game 'No Man's Land'

Mobile Game Industry Becoming Big Market with Big Players

Competition in a Korean mobile diversion attention is apropos extreme during a second half of this year.

Initially, tiny and medium-sized diversion developers dominated a Korean mobile diversion marketplace due to comparatively low entrance barriers. It did not cost many or take prolonged to rise a good game. As a marketplace grows, however, a brief life cycle, that has been deliberate as a biggest extent of mobile games, has been improved, and large diversion developers are entering a mobile diversion marketplace accordingly. Furthermore, unfamiliar diversion developers recently started fasten a foe in a Korean mobile diversion industry, formulating an sourroundings of extreme foe for all players.

According to a attention on Jul 22, a stream tip sales games in Google Play are Taming a Monsters, Seven Knights, and Everybody’s Marble by CJ EM Netmarble; FIFA Online 3 and Legion of Heroes by Nexon; and Blade of 4:33 and Anipang 2 by SundayToz. Only final year, a mobile diversion marketplace was led by tiny and medium-sized developers, though now large diversion developers who have essentially supposing online diversion services are easy to find.

Especially during a second half of this year, a lot of mid-core mobile games will be expelled by large diversion developers.

First of all, WeMade Entertainment expelled Dragon Hunter early this month. Dragon Hunter is a infrequent purpose personification diversion (RPG) in that users can form their possess clever parties out of over 210 singular hunters and try some-more than 170 varieties of maps, that is being spotlighted for a second half of this year. Ark Sphere, a mobile massively multiplayer online purpose personification diversion (MMORPG) outward of a Kakao diversion platform, attracts many eyes as well. Ark Sphere, launched by Camp Mobile’s mobile diversion height Band Game, has been constantly and increasingly renouned given a recover final March.

Nexon will also enter a mobile diversion marketplace during a second half of this year. The association already announced that it will recover 13 mobile games during a second half of this year during a press discussion on Jul 8. The many earnest diversion is Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror. It is a plan make-believe diversion that provides genuine time actor vs. actor (PVP) action. It took one and a half years to rise this game.

Also, Netmarble launched Every Nice Shot, a mobile infrequent golf game, and Quizzle, a mobile nonplus game. Every Nice Shot enables users to strike a clever shot by a elementary control of energy and accuracy. Beginners can also suffer a game, as kind explanations for putting are provided. Quizzle is a new form of nonplus diversion in that any theatre is shaped with a ask and a nonplus total together. Users can learn and obtain believe during a same time by elucidate some-more than 40,000 problems in several fields including history, science, sports, and entertainment.

Foreign mobile diversion developers are aggressively aggressive a Korean marketplace as well. Candy Crush Saga by King and Clash of Clans by Supercell ranked 12th and fifth in sales. King’s other diversion Farm Hero Saga also available thirteenth place. An attention insider said, “As performances of unfamiliar developers are outstanding, Korean diversion developers are removing nervous.”

‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’ Mobile Game Announced from AMC and …

There’s a new mobile diversion in a works from AMC and Next Games built around a ultra-popular The Walking Dead franchise. It’s called The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, and nonetheless a accurate gameplay hasn’t been suggested yet, Next’s CEO Teemu Huuhtanen says of a arriving diversion “Our proceed is to stay loyal to a categorical themes of a TV show: presence strategy, anticipating reserve for your people, balancing between right and wrong and, of course, movement when it comes to fighting opposite a hordes of walkers. We honour a creators of The Walking Dead immensely and wish this diversion to execute a universe they have combined as closely as possible.” Here’s a brief cinematic trailer.

As mentioned, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is from AMC and “will concede players to knowledge a universe of a iconic uncover by gameplay exclusively grown for smartphones and inscription devices” reads a press release, as against to Telltale Games’ Walking Dead: The Game array that are strange storylines formed on Robert Kirkman’s comics. It’s different either No Man’s Land will follow any storylines from a TV uncover or underline a characters, or if it will be an appendage of sorts. Now that a diversion has been unveiled, design most some-more information in a weeks and months to come, and demeanour for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land to launch on mobile early subsequent year alongside a mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead TV series’ fifth season.

Teams Ready for 2014 LPGA International Crown

The routinely stoic Inbee Park buries a putt to win a essential indicate in a International Crown and throws a fist siphon with glow in her eyes.

If we don’t consider that’s probable this week, we don’t know how many a South Koreans are looking brazen to a new group event.

Na Yeon Choi can see a International Crown sketch out nationalistic passion in a women’s diversion that we customarily usually see during a Solheim Cup.

The LPGA’s new general group eventuality starts Thursday with honour and passion earnest to ferment among players fervent to win for their countries during Caves Valley Golf Club outward Baltimore, Md.

“Our personification character is utterly quiet, not unequivocally large reactions, or fist pumps,” Choi said. “But we consider we’re unequivocally vehement about a golf tournament, so we design we’re going to let a few out, and some-more assertive playing.”

The International Crown is a Solheim Cup times four. It’s 8 countries battling to lay explain as a world’s best golfing republic in a women’s game.

“This is a chronicle of a Presidents Cup,” pronounced American Stacy Lewis, a Rolex universe No. 1. “I consider we indispensable to get a rest of a universe involved, though we can’t change a Solheim Cup. It has too many traditions.

“I like this concept. we like how it brings all a countries together.”

The United States kick out a South Koreans in subordinate for a No. 1 seed in a event, that will underline four-player teams in best-ball and singles foe over 4 days. Japan, Thailand, Spain, Sweden, Australia and Chinese Taipei also qualified. The tip 4 players in a Rolex universe rankings from any subordinate republic done a teams, with a rosters announced behind in April. There are no group captains, that leaves players to work out their possess lineups.

“I’m always sceptical examination a Solheim Cup,” Australian Lindsey Wright said. “I wish it was me. It looks like so many fun.”

Ten years in a works during a LPGA, with mixed versions of a eventuality evolving, a International Crown takes advantage of one of a tour’s strengths, a truly tellurian membership.

Two years forward of golf’s lapse to a Olympics, a International Crown heightens women’s expectation of Olympic competition.

“You’ll get a clarity of it when we put on a uniforms,” Spain’s Beatriz Recari said. “You don’t know how many it means until we put on that polo shirt with a dwindle on it and unequivocally see. This is an extraordinary thing, and we unequivocally wish to be a partial of it in a Olympics in dual years’ time.”

The International Crown’s 8 teams have been divided into dual pools, with round-robin pool play last who advances to Sunday’s finale.

Get ready: LPGA International Crown primer

In Pool A, there’s a United States, Thailand, Spain and Chinese Taipei. In Pool B, there’s a Republic of Korea, Japan, Sweden and Australia. Each nation will contest opposite a other countries within a pool in two-player, best-ball matches. Each feat is value dual points, with a tie value one point.

At a finish of pool play, a tip dual teams from any pool allege to Sunday. Also, a fifth group will allege after a sudden-death playoff on Saturday dusk between a third-best group from any pool.

Ultimately, that means 5 teams (20 players) will allege to Sunday singles. That sets adult 10 singles matches, with any actor from a sold nation pitted opposite a actor from another country.

For example, if a United States advances, Stacy Lewis could finish adult personification opposite a actor from South Korea, Lexi Thompson opposite a actor from Japan, Cristie Kerr opposite a actor from Thailand and Paula Creamer opposite a actor Spain.

In a end, a group with a many points over 4 days wins a International Crown.

Finally, A Line for Food Instead of Shoes on Fairfax

Outside Animal, Fairfax District. [Photo: Roy Choi/Twitter]

Here’s a hour-long line for Cubano sandwiches during a El Jefe pop-up last night during Animal, hosted by Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, Roy Choi, and Jon Favreau. While diners inside were treated to a $75 tasting menu of bites desirous by a Chef movie, outsiders were during slightest afforded a possibility to get a Cubano sandwich.

Anyone flitting by Fairfax on a weekday will know that lines form flattering frequently when Supreme issues a singular sneaker, though this time around, a foodies won a line game. According to Tien Nyugen, who was on site, there was a line around a retard during 7 p.m. Also, how about that Choi-Shook-Dotolo superteam?
· All Chef Movie Coverage [~ELA~]

Nữ crash chủ 9X quyết chơi diversion đến… hết đời

Nguyễn Quỳnh Anh (nickname: Quỳnh Anh Mango) hiện là sinh viên năm 4, Học viện Báo chí – Tuyên truyền. Tuy nhiên, nếu như những bạn gái đồng trang lứa khác thường có sở thích mua sắm, làm đẹp… thì Quỳnh Anh lại có niềm đam mê bất tận với các trò chơi điện tử, đặc biệt là diversion online.

Sasha Hostyn (nickname Scarlett) khiến nhiều người ngưỡng mộ khi sở hữu vẻ ngoài xinh xắn và từng 7 lần vô địch thế giới giải đấu diversion Starcraft II.


Quỳnh Anh cho biết, cô có một thời gian dài gắn bó cùng Võ lâm truyền kỳ II. Mặc dù còn khá trẻ strain cô gái sinh năm 1992 đã là một trong số ít nữ crash chủ của diversion nổi tiếng này. Cô được biết đến như là người thành lập crash hội Hotel – server Hàng Long từ cách đây hơn 3 năm.

Nữ crash chủ 9X quyết chơi diversion đến hết đời
Nữ crash chủ 9X xinh đẹp – Nguyễn Quỳnh Anh.

Hẹn hò tại quán net, tổ chức đám cưới ảo, vừa trông criminal vừa chơi game… là một vài câu chuyện điển hình của đôi bạn trẻ mê điện tử này.

Làm crash chủ không cần giàu có

Quỳnh Anh bắt đầu chơi điện tử từ lớp 10, đến negative đã được 7 năm. Chia sẻ về sở thích không giống criminal gái này, 9X cho hay, cô lúc trước chưa từng nghĩ bản thân mình sẽ tham gia vào crash hội trong diversion lâu đến vậy. “Tuy nhiên, do bị một người bạn thân dụ dỗ, mình đã quyết định thử một lần cho biết. Mới đầu, mình chỉ thấy khá thú vị, rồi tự nhiên mê mẩn và muốn gắn bó với nó lúc nào không hay” – cô nói.

Không chỉ chơi diversion đơn thuần, Quỳnh Anh còn thể hiện rõ niềm đam mê khi không ngừng phấn đấu, nỗ lực trong từng trận chiến. Tham gia được một thời gian, cô nuôi ý định thành lập một crash hội cho riêng mình và Hotel ra đời từ đó. Hiện crash Hotel là một trong những crash chính, liên kết nhiều server nhất diversion Võ lâm truyền kỳ II, với khoảng 200 thành viên, trải dài từ Bắc đến Nam.

Quỳnh Anh và mọi người trong crash đã từng tham dự 4 mùa giải Bang hội tinh anh do VNG tổ chức. Sau năm đầu tiên bỡ ngỡ với hạng 4, nhờ vào kinh nghiệm qua các trận đấu lớn, crash Hotel Hàng Long đã đạt được 2 giải vô địch Cao cấp liên tiếp – đó có thể coi như một bước đệm vững chắc giúp crash vượt qua hơn 30 đối thủ khác, giành hạng 2 Siêu cấp vào năm nay.

Nữ crash chủ 9X quyết chơi diversion đến hết đời
Đến nay, crash của Quỳnh Anh đã giành được không ít giải lớn nhỏ.

Nữ crash chủ cho biết, để có được vị trí như hiện tại, cô cùng những người bạn có chung sở thích đã phải bỏ ra không ít thời gian và công sức. Trong hơn 3 năm, tất cả các thành viên đều trở nên thân thiết, đoàn kết với nhau, có ý thức trách nhiệm nhằm đưa crash Hotel ngày càng lớn mạnh. “Game giống như ngoài xã hội thật, rất cần được mọi người gây dựng. May mắn là ai trong crash mình cũng ý thức được điều này” – Quỳnh Anh tâm sự.

Bên cạnh đó, nhắc đến quá trình trở thành “cô gái đứng đầu”, 9X tự thấy bản thân không phải người chơi quá xuất sắc và nhận mình chỉ là crash chủ trên danh nghĩa. Bởi theo Quỳnh Anh, hầu hết các thành viên trong crash đều có đóng góp, quyền lợi như nhau và hàng năm không có ai tranh đấu để giành ngôi vị này. Trong mọi hoạt động của bang, đặc biệt là những lần gặp gỡ, bàn chiến thuật thi đấu, cô luôn để các anh lớn đứng ra tổ chức – “do họ có suy nghĩ và cách làm việc chắc chắn; còn mình là criminal gái, thường thiên về cảm xúc, lại bận học ở trường nên cũng hơi lười biếng”.

Là crash chủ đồng nghĩa với việc phải có nguồn tài chính vững mạnh để có thể nuôi bang, chi trả những lần họp bang, vui chơi… strain thực tế lại hoàn toàn ngược lại. Quỳnh Anh cho hay: “Người ngoài nhìn vào, chắc chắn sẽ nghĩ làm crash chủ tốn kém lắm nhưng crash mình chơi rất đoàn kết, mỗi cá nhân đều có trách nhiệm và nghĩa vụ trong crash hội. Vậy nên để tinh thần được thoải mái nhất, những cuộc vui đều do mọi người cùng nhau đóng góp”. Ngoài ra, cô gái sinh năm 1992 cũng cho biết thêm, cô cũng như các thành viên khác chơi diversion mục đích chính là để giải trí, chứ không “nghiện”, do đó không có chuyện đầu tư tiền bạc vào diversion quá nhiều.

Chưa từng “tẩu hoả nhập ma”

Chơi diversion trong suốt 7 năm, tuy nhiên Quỳnh Anh lại không có thần tượng trong lĩnh vực này. Mặc dù vậy, cô khá nể phục một người có tên Hoàng Anh – chơi nhân vật Thiếu Lâm Thiền Tông (Thiếu Lâm Trượng) AdiKhoKho. Nói về lý do “rung rinh”, cô cho hay: “Anh ấy rất giỏi và hài hước cả trong diversion lẫn ngoài cuộc sống. Theo mình biết, hiện anh đã lên chức giám đốc, strain khoảng cách giữa anh với diversion thủ vẫn gần gũi như trước. Xuất phát từ diversion thủ nên anh hiểu và rất tâm lý, luôn giúp người chơi cảm thấy thoải mái nhất”.

Bên cạnh đó, những kỷ niệm trong quãng thời gian chơi diversion từ năm lớp 10 với nữ sinh báo chí cũng không ít. Quỳnh Anh chia sẻ, cô vui nhiều hơn buồn do cô chơi điện tử để giải trí là chính nên không bị chi phối nhiều bởi cảm xúc trong diversion – “mặc dù vậy lúc đấu thắng, mình rất hồ hởi, sung sướng nhưng khi thua, vẫn không tránh khỏi cảm giác ức chế, tiếc nuối”.

Nữ crash chủ cho biết thêm, cô chỉ tìm đến điện tử những lúc rảnh rỗi, rồi “chém gió” cho vui cùng các thành viên khác. Đối với Quỳnh Anh, chơi diversion giống như chơi búp bê, cô cũng thích mua sắm và trang bị cho nhân vật của mình thật xinh đẹp. Tuy vậy nhưng cô chưa từng quên ăn quên ngủ vì diversion grain chơi diversion đến mức “tẩu hoả nhập ma”, ra đường cư xử và xưng hô như trong thế giới ảo.

Nữ crash chủ 9X quyết chơi diversion đến hết đời
Mặc dù chơi diversion trong suốt 7 năm nhưng nữ crash chủ trẻ tuổi chưa từng quá sa đà grain bị “tẩu hoả nhập ma” vì game.

Do là criminal gái và khá trẻ tuổi trong crash nên 9X grain giả vờ dỗi với mong muốn được các anh lớn chiều. Cô cũng thường xuyên tổ chức các cuộc gặp gỡ, vui chơi để thêm phần gắn bó, thân thiết với mọi người. “Mình không thể quên những lần họp bang, các thành viên đều quậy hết mình, cùng nhau hát hò, chia sẻ cách chơi, đôi khi là nhiều điều thú vị trong cuộc sống. Ngoài ra, chúng mình còn grain dùng các từ “chỉ diversion thủ mới hiểu” để nói chuyện khiến ai cũng phải bật cười”.

Tuy nhiên, kỷ niệm bi hài nhất khi chơi Võ lâm truyền kỳ II của Quỳnh Anh có lẽ là những lần thành viên mới tham gia crash gọi cô bằng “anh”. “Nhiều người chưa gặp mặt cứ mặc định crash chủ phải là criminal trai, rồi cho rằng mình lấy ảnh ảo lên mạng để… “lừa tình”. Mỗi lúc như thế, mình chỉ biết phì cười và hẹn sẽ “phanh phui” sự thật khi họp bang” – cô nói.

Nữ crash chủ 9X quyết chơi diversion đến hết đời
Mỗi lần họp crash luôn để lại cho Quỳnh Anh những kỷ niệm khó quên. Trong ảnh là lần các diversion thủ đi du lịch nhân Đại hội Việt Trung ở Bình Châu – Hồ Cốc.

Mặc dù chơi diversion trong suốt một thời gian dài, strain cuộc sống của nữ crash chủ 9X không có quá nhiều thay đổi. Cô tự thấy mình được “lợi nhiều hơn hại”. Bên cạnh việc “game thủ đương nhiên từng bỏ ăn ngủ, trốn học một lần trong đời”, bù lại cô có thêm nhiều bạn bè, anh em thân thiết, luôn sẵn sàng giúp đỡ nhau trong cuộc sống.

Cô cho hay: “Chơi diversion là sống trong một thế giới ảo, giống như một cộng đồng khác ở ngoài đời. Nó giúp mình học thêm nhiều điều, cư xử đúng mực đối với các mối quan hệ xã hội. Mặt khác, mình cũng có thể tự do thể hiện bản thân mà không sợ ai nhòm ngó, đánh giá. Đó như một cách hữu hiệu để giải bỏ căng thẳng và mệt mỏi sau mỗi ngày đi học về”.

“Người chơi diversion thường nói diversion thủ của Võ lâm truyền kỳ II là những người chung thủy nhất” – do đó, Quỳnh Anh cho biết, cô sẽ tiếp tục tham gia cho đến khi “khô máu” mới thôi bởi điện tử giờ là món ăn tinh thần không thể thiếu, là cách giải trí hữu hiệu đối với cô. Song nói về những dự định trong tương lai, Quỳnh Anh lại chưa từng nghĩ sẽ trở thành nữ diversion thủ chuyên nghiệp và kiếm tiền từ đây. Thay vào đó, cô chỉ mong crash Hotel ngày càng phát triển, có thể “dụ dỗ” thêm nhiều người cùng chí hướng và sớm tổ chức được buổi họp crash cả hai miền nam – bắc.

Mặc dù không có nhiều lợi thế như nam giới, nhưng nhờ tài năng, trí thông minh, các nữ diversion thủ trẻ tuổi này vẫn khiến mọi người ngưỡng mộ với khả năng kiếm tiền khủng của mình.

Mobile messaging height Tango hires diversion edition personality and creates …

Tango wants everybody to know it is critical about edition mobile games on a platform. Today, this mobile messaging network (with 200 million users and growing) announced that it has hired mobile diversion maestro Jim Ying as clamp boss of games edition and that it’s environment adult a $25 million account to deposit in diversion developers around a world.

The moves uncover that Tango is critical about posterior games as a plan to compute itself from incomparable mobile messaging networks like Facebook’s WhatsApp, and it is following in a footsteps of fast-growing Asian mobile messaging networks like Kakao Talk, Line, and WeChat.

Jim Ying, conduct of diversion edition during Tango

Above: Jim Ying, a conduct of diversion edition during Tango.

To contest on a tellurian stage, Tango recently raised $280 million in appropriation in a turn led by Chinese internet hulk Alibaba. Now it is putting that income to work with a $25 million tellurian games fund, that will seed developers with earnest games for Tango’s network. Ying, before a edition executive during Gree International (the U.S. multiplication of Japan’s Gree), will join Tango as clamp boss of games edition to launch a whole effort.

“No other messaging app has done a financial joining of this magnitude,” Ying said. “The Tango Global Games Fund is singular in that it gives developers an extraordinary eventuality to precedence a heading messaging platform, as good as take advantage of a selling efforts to launch top-tier games.”

Ying will start an in-house diversion expansion group and assistance Tango turn a actor in a tellurian games market. Tango needs to remonstrate diversion developers to tell good games on a platform, that can assistance them spread in a some-more viral fashion. Mobile messaging networks, that are replacing content messages and discuss on smartphones, are quite effective during swelling games in Asia since active users can simply share accomplishments or offer gifts on a networks with their friends.

Mobile messaging networks take a cube of a income that comes in as partial of a income pity agreement, with maybe 20 percent or 30 percent of a take. That’s in further to a 30 percent that mobile height owners like Google or Apple take on app store purchases. So to clear edition a diversion on a mobile messaging network, there has to be a large boon for a third-party diversion developer.

In fact, if Tango can yield a lot some-more users to diversion developers, afterwards those diversion companies don’t have to spend so most income on marketing. Kent Wakeford, arch handling officer during Kabam, done this point during a MobileBeat 2014 conference. He pronounced that messaging networks can be appealing since Kabam can reduce a possess selling bill for a game.

“Because it is on a income share basis, if we are not means to expostulate users for a partner, afterwards we will not reap a advantages either,” Ying said.

Ying pronounced that Tango is putting together an “attractive package” for income sharing. The accurate commission Tango takes depends on either a diversion has been proven elsewhere before. Rather than extent placement efforts to premier genuine estate within Tango, top-performing games will accept graduation by additional, off-platform selling channels, a association said.

Investments and acquisitions of diversion teams will also be considered, Ying said.

Game developers who tell their games with Tango could strech a network’s 200 million members by local ads, discuss notifications, Tango Channels, as good as being listed as a featured game.


Above: Tango games

“We consider developers can advantage from Tango’s one-of-a-kind diversion placement model,” pronounced Tango CEO and owner Uri Raz. “First, we give developers entrance to a rarely intent member base: 70 percent of whom play mobile games. Secondly, we give them entrance to height collection that concede them to boost vitality and influence on their games. On tip of that, we will be putting a selling flesh behind off-platform user acquisition.”

“This plan is a winning multiple for a developer community, and carrying Jim Ying join a executive group is positively a win for Tango,” Raz said.

Eric Setton, a arch record officer and owner of Mountain View, Calif.-based Tango, pronounced in an talk that a network’s expansion has doubled compared to a year ago.

“When a network outcome kicks it, it’s really formidable to delayed down,” Setton said. “As distant as games go, a good news is we have some-more and some-more organic firepower. That’s good for developers. The engaging thing about this account is it is a initial of a kind for a mobile messaging service. We wish to turn a some-more complicated diversion publisher. A standard publisher doesn’t have a executive plcae that serves a colourful community. A standard publisher has a brand, though we have a community.”

Ying formerly managed a $10 million games account for Gree as it stretched to a West from Japan. He also was a comparison clamp boss of edition during 6waves (a social-mobile games publisher), where he managed a product, marketing, and business expansion teams while overseeing a U.S. office.

Back in Jul 2013, Tango laid a substructure for a games plan by rising a third-party program expansion kit, that includes applications programming interfaces (APIs) and amicable facilities such as leaderboards, Tango crony lists, gifting, and diversion invites. Stats uncover a APIs vastly urge engagement. Among a games Tango published was Zynga’s Words With Friends. It has more than 40 diversion partners already.

Games played by Tango members have adult to dual or 3 times a lifetime value (LTV) compared to a same games played by non-Tango members, Ying said. Ying will pronounce during 2 p.m. Wednesday during a Casual Connect San Francisco discussion on a row entitled “Messaging Apps: A New Frontier for Gaming Developers to Acquire and Engage Gamers.”

Setton started Tango in 2009, and it has had bomb expansion in 224 countries. Its expansion is about 325,000 per day, and it has 70 million monthly active users. About 40 percent of a users are on iOS and 60 percent are on Android. The association has lifted $367 million to date, and it has 160 employees. Investors embody MXB Holdings, WR Hambrecht, Long Sea Ltd., Draper Fisher Jurvetson, SPA special Investment Fund, AI SMS, Qualcomm Ventures, and Alibaba Group.

Uri Raz and Eric Setton of Tango

Above: Uri Raz and Eric Setton of Tango

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App Review: My Favourite Mobile Game, Ruined By Free-To-Play

My Favourite Mobile Game, Ruined By Free-To-Play

Brilliant in judgment and scarcely flawless in execution, Sword Poker and Sword Poker 2 were dual of a best reasons to possess an iPhone. With a recover of a free-to-play Sword Poker Adventures, a whole thing has left to shit.

The initial Sword Poker game, accessible still for $3.79 on iPhone, total good-old five-card Poker with role-playing elements. Players conflict anticipation creatures by completing poker hands, earning coins to squeeze extended weapons and equipment, lifting a repairs finished by opposite label combinations. It unequivocally is a shining game, and still value a purchase.

The $4.99 sequel combined new dungeons, creatures and weapons, while not deviate distant from a winning formula.

I had no thought Konami was releasing a third diversion in a array — when we saw Sword Poker Adventures in the app store final week we was astounded and delighted. Having played a diversion for several days now, I’m usually sad. It’s a most prettier diversion than a predecessors, though a free-to-play jive usually kills it.

First off, we’ve got my aged nemesis, a appetite meter.

My Favourite Mobile Game, Ruined By Free-To-Play

Ten appetite units, refilling during a rate of one per 10 minutes. By a fifth area of a game, any conflict costs dual energy, so that’s 5 battles before waiting. Energy can be refilled around in-game banking (purchased with genuine money), by bugging Facebook friends (ugh), or by spending $5 on “Infinite Energy!”

Considering how most delight we got from a prior games in a series, $5 is not a lot to compensate to ascent to reward — though it’s not a reward upgrade, as many of a game’s early iTunes reviewers indicate out.

My Favourite Mobile Game, Ruined By Free-To-Play
My Favourite Mobile Game, Ruined By Free-To-Play

With a appetite scale out of a way, players are giveaway to assign headfirst into a realization that a best apparatus in a diversion can usually be purchased with gems bought with real-world money. Powerful spells, warranted in prior releases, now duty as one-time power-ups, purchased with a same gems. Coins warranted in conflict usually get players so far, and with 10,000 indispensable in sequence to pass a Candy Crush-like turn gates (a $2.49 in-app squeeze gets we by as well), players will need to scrimp and save usually to keep on playing.

On a and side, Sword Poker Adventures is most prettier than prior games. Unfortunately it’s also a lot slower, so even a good looks come during a high price.

Please capacitate JavaScript to watch this video.

Over a past year there’s been a lot of annoy over dear normal diversion franchises being remade into bad free-to-play mobile games. Sword Poker Adventures is explanation that mobile array aren’t defence to free-to-play ruination.

Sword Power Adventures

  • Genre: RPG Hybrid
  • Developer: Konami
  • Price: Free-ish
  • Platforms: iOS

Don’t Download Sword Poker Adventures from iTunes Here