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Not for a Faint of Heart: 24 Hour Movie Scarathon

Photo pleasantness of fanpop.com

Photo pleasantness of fanpop.com

In respect of Halloween tomorrow, we have gathered a list of a creepiest fear cinema around for we to indulge in for a subsequent 24 hours. From a freaky clowns of “It” to a demons of “Silent Hill,” peruse this list and benefit other-worldly impulse as we embark on a debauchery-ridden streets of Isla Vista this weekend.


24 Hours to Midnight — “It” (1990)

Do we know what coulrophobia means? Neither did we until we watched “It.” Originally a TV-miniseries, this true instrumentation of a book by Stephen King will leave we keyed adult and on corner via a three-hour run time. “It” is a thriller-mystery following 7 kids and after 7 adults as they try to come to terms with abnormal events surrounding a torpedo jester named Pennywise. Ghouls and terrifying creations abound, and a movie’s theatrics are certain to make we demeanour down each empty and adult each spout. And, if we are disturbed about a film using late, don’t worry. You’re not going to be sleeping anyway. Note: Coulrophobia refers to fear of clowns.



9 Hours to Midnight — “The Conjuring” (2013)

Released with a likes of “Carrie” (2013) and “Dark Skies” (2013), “The Conjuring” is substantially a best fear film expelled in a 4 years given “Haunting in Connecticut” (2009). In annoy of unbending foe and an atmosphere of rehashed film topics in Hollywood, this film has finished wonders during a box office. Although a tract lacks in originality, a twists and a appearance creates this film a must-see. Bone-chillingly uninformed torment keeps a gait of a film onwards. Pro Tip: Conjure yourself an additional span of pants before watching; we will need them.


16 Hours to Midnight — “The Hills Have Eyes” (2006)

It’s with happy schadenfreude that we benefaction to we “The Hills Have Eyes.” Set in a Mojave Desert, a family of 7 are wanted by a organisation of mutants looking for strength and blood. This slasher/psychological thriller shocks a mind with unusual assault and moments of adrenaline-fueled mayhem. Like any good fear movie, it strains opposite a boundary of politeness and pushes divided common goodness in a terrible arrangement of death. Note: Schadenfreude, a German term, translates to “harm joy,” or pleasure during another’s misfortune.


12 Hours to Midnight — “The Blair Witch Project” (1999)

Arguably a film that combined a ‘found films’ genre of horror, “The Blair Witch Project” is a cult film in a possess right. Its tract centers on a organisation of college students who enter a Maryland timberland with cameras to lane down a mythological Blair Witch, usually to disappear. An review ensues and a categorical justification detected is a cameras. The story and different army that haunt these students all supplement to a film’s scariness.


8 Hours to Midnight — “The Shining” (1980)

How many times have we listened someone make a anxiety to this film in a final week? One time? Two times? Five times? This film has entirely putrescent a fear genre’s consciousness. Led by mythological film director, Stanley Kubrick, this Stephen King novel-adapted film is about a integrate and their immature son holding a winter vacation adult in a Colorado towering ranges to conduct a Overlook Hotel. The story, despite really dishonest to a strange novel, but haunts audiences via a universe in a depiction of a Overlook Hotel. The characters are clever and a environment isn’t lacking in creepiness. The miss of fact and fortitude sets a puzzling vibe that is formidable to shake off.


4 Hours to Midnight — “Mama” (2013)

“The Ring” (2002) meets “The Grudge” (2004) in “Mama.” Directed by master of fear Guillermo del Toro, “Mama” is about dual girls that are detected in a cabin in a woods 4 years after their father abducted them. Their uncle and his partner take them in as adopted daughters, usually to find that something else has also been invited in as well.

“Mama” has a relocating tract and a good impression cast. Far from being elementary props that get horribly slaughtered, a characters bleed magnetism and empathize for their misfortunes. Of course, like any fear thriller, a tragedy is racked adult constantly in a unhappy setting. Note: “Game of Thrones” fans, if we ever wanted to see Jaime Lannister take on creepy ghosts, afterwards this is a film for you.


Midnight — “Silent Hill” (2006)

Based on a video diversion that sparked a birth of a Western fear genre, “Silent Hill” is obliged for mixed diversion adaptations, including one constructed by Guillermo del Toro approaching to be expelled in 2016, and another film sequel, “Silent Hill Revelations” (2012). Not to be confused with a slasher-thriller, “The Hills Have Eyes” (2006), “Silent Hill” (2006) is about a mom who takes her adopted daughter adult to a plateau of West Virginia. In her journey, she incidentally ventures into an otherworldly, surrealistic dimension, to find her daughter in Silent Hill. Full of occult-ish creatures, pyramid group and passed nurses, this film is chock full of frightening twists and turns that will leave we incompetent to stay still. The visible special effects are spot-on and a atmosphere is certain to haunt we on misty days. Take this tour down Silent Hill and you’ll never bewail it — until we can’t sleep, of course.


Through this journey, we wish we learn all a twists and turns of your deepest nightmares. No doubt, if we follow this list, we will find yourself screaming in terror. Try not to bewail a nightmares or a creepy feeling of being watched that will positively follow — be one with your dim passenger.

Jon Choi will be examination all of these cinema in a dorms of Montecito House. He suggests we hit 3 times, pause, afterwards hit again to be invited in.



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Thiếu tiền chơi game, tháo cả hàng rào hộ lan can Quốc lộ để bán

Thiếu tiền chơi game, tháo cả hàng rào hộ lan can Quốc lộ để bán
Số phụ kiện liên kết nối giữ hàng rào giữa Quốc lộ 1A và đường sát được Công an huyện Nghi Lộc thu giữ.

Chiều 30/10, thông tin từ đại tá Trần Sỹ Phàng – Trưởng Công an huyện Nghi Lộc (Nghệ An) cho biết, đơn vị này đang mở rộng điều tra vụ trộm cắp phụ kiện liên kết nối giữ hàng rào hộ lan can giữa Quốc lộ 1A và đường sắt Bắc Nam.

Trước đó, vào lúc 14h ngày 29/10, lực lượng công an huyện phối hợp với Cung đường sắt Cầu Cấm bắt quả spice N.V.H (SN 1998) và B.V.L (SN 2000) cùng ngụ xã Nghi Yên (Nghi Lộc) đang tháo trộm các phụ kiện liên kết nối giữ hàng rào giữa đường sắt và đường bộ đoạn qua xã Nghi Yên. Mở rộng điều tra, lực lượng chức năng bắt thêm H.V.H (SN 2000, trú xã Nghi Yên).

Sau khi lấy lời khai, 3 đối tượng trên đã được giao cho gia đình quản lý. 

Vĩnh Khang

Five Things You Have to Do during a World’s First Hello Kitty Convention

Free tattoos, fair games, and tons of disdainful merchandise, this is Comic-Con for devotees of a sly figure

October 30, 2014

Michelle Yee

Art, Fashion

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Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014

Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, 2014
Photograph by Elina Shatkin

If we were propitious adequate to get a badge to Sanrio’s initial ever Hello Kitty Convention (they sole out prolonged ago) you’re in for a treat. Hello Kitty Con, that starts currently and runs via Sunday, is being hold during a Geffen Contemporary during MOCA, conveniently located subsequent to a Japanese American National Museum and a uber-adorable muster that celebrates Hello Kitty’s 40thbirthday. And she doesn’t demeanour a day over 32.

You go to a JANM exhibition, Hello! Exploring a Supercute World of Hello Kitty, to learn about Hello Kitty’s story and gawk during art desirous by a tellurian icon’s. You go to Kitty Con to shop. And to step inside a hulk cosmetic silver purse, a reproduction of a initial object to bear a Hello Kitty character. The initial tellurian entertainment of a kind, Kitty Con is a arrange of Comic-Con for devotees of a sly figure. (We don’t caring what Sanrio says; she’ll always be a cat to us.)

There’s a boatload of singular book sell (pajamas, headphones, notebook, makeup, dresses, t-shirts, figurines, watches… a list goes on), though there’s also copiousness to do: an interactive diversion room, workshops, and giveaway tattoos.

1. Hello Kitty Friendship Village
As Hello Kitty is lustful of saying, “You can never have too many friends.” On a convention’s categorical floor, fans can try her dainty universe with several illusory print opps: a vast teacup we can lay in, a outrageous reproduction of a strange 1974 Hello Kitty silver purse, and a mini-kitchen finished wholly in Sanrio housewares. You can also snap pics Hello Kitty herself; she’ll be creation daily appearances along with a rest of a Sanrio gang. Also, make certain to locate a hide look of Sanrio’s newest uncover debuting in 2015, Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival, on a Main Stage.

2. Super SuperMarket
Inspired by Japanese marketplaces this emporium carries sell that’s disdainful to Kitty Con. That includes Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and a Hello Kitty SPAM musubi set desirous by cook Roy Choi. In further to exhibitors such as JapanLA, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Sephora, Ju-Ju-Be, and Loungefly, a Sanrio Vintage Shoppe showcases retro equipment seen in a JANM exhibition. Don’t forget to stop by a Friendship Station Pop-Up emporium for central Kitty Con merchandise.

3. The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Bullseye
Target has teamed adult with Sanrio to benefaction an interactive arcade. Fans accept giveaway RFID (radio magnitude identification) diversion cards that they can use to win points during several carnival-style games; a points can afterwards be traded for lovable prizes. Need another selfie? The Floating Photobooth lets attendees select lovable backdrops including an underwater one.

4. Lovely Kitty Wonder and a Art Scene
Located on a patio nearby a categorical building and curated by Stephiee Nguyen of JapanLA Clothing, this area displays conform desirous by a sly icon. We’re prejudiced to a charmer dress with Hello Kitty sequins and a structured steel corset with Hello Kitty engraved as a core piece. Check out a Art Scene, that contains works by artists Dabs Myla and Pose and a singular book print (designed by Globe Poster) commemorating Hello Kitty Con.

5. Hello Kitty Panels Lectures
What’s a gathering though some panels? Held subsequent doorway during JANM, all a lectures and panels are giveaway for Kitty Con attendees on a day-of. Topics embody Hello Kitty fandom, Japanese cocktail culture, and a story of Hello Kitty. Highlights embody Cute Culture, that facilities Dr. Christine Yano, who curated a Hello Kitty exhibition, and For a Love of a Red Bow –Superfans Unite!, a special row for superfans.

BONUS: Free Tattoos!
Yes, we review that right. On a convention’s categorical building you’ll find a room with a few tattoo stations where we can get inked with images of Hello Kitty. Sorry, they’re usually Hello designs, though they’re genuine tattoos, not proxy ones.

Former big-league slugger Jose Canseco shoots center finger off his hand

Former ball star Jose Canseco had medicine after he incidentally shot his finger off in his Las Vegas home Tuesday night, his fiancée Leila Knight said.

The sharpened happened about 3 p.m. while Canseco was cleaning his gun during a kitchen table. There was still a turn in a chamber  since Canseco had recently visited a sharpened range, Knight said.

“I listened a gun go off and saw his center finger unresolved by a string,” she said. Canseco shot his center finger on his left hand.

Đang ngồi chơi game, bị xẻo mất tai

Trước đó, khoảng 20 giờ ngày 27-10, anh Tài đang ngồi chơi game tại tiệm internet thuộc phường Bình Hòa bị một thanh niên đến gần, cắt phăng vành tai trái.

Ra tay xong, hung thủ cầm vành tai của nạn nhân tẩu thoát cùng một số thanh niên khác. Dù vậy, anh Tài vẫn kịp nhận ra trong nhóm trên có Lê Trương Nhân (20 tuổi, quê Phú Yên) từng làm chung công ty.


Cao Xuân Quang đã vứt vành tai nạn nhân ngoài đường

Cao Xuân Quang đã vứt vành tai ngoài đường làm nạn nhân mất tai

Truy bắt được Nhân và từ lời khai của đối tượng này, công an bắt tiếp Cao Hữu Tiến (20 tuổi), Cao Xuân Quang (20 tuổi), Phan Văn Sơn (21 tuổi) và Nguyễn Cao Thuật (15 tuổi), cùng quê Phú Yên.


Đang ngồi chơi game, bị xẻo mất tai

Vành tai anh Tài được cho là vứt ở khu vực này nhưng người thân tìm không thấy

Tại cơ quan công an, nhóm trên khai giữa anh Tài với Thuật có mâu thuẫn trong lúc đùa nghịch khi làm chung tại Công ty might 3 Tháng 2 (Thuận An). Tối 27-10, lúc nhậu, Thuật kể cho nhóm bạn đồng hương nghe. Sau đó, dù Thuật về ngủ nhưng nhóm bạn tuyên bố sẽ dằn mặt Tài giúp Thuật. Khi Tiến xẻo tai xong đưa cho Quang cầm nhưng Quang đã vứt vành tai dọc đường.

Nhóm gây án hiện đang bị công an thị xã Thuận An tạm giữ về hành vi cố ý gây thương tích. Riêng Thuật do chưa đủ tuổi thành niên nên được thả.

Xây dựng máy tính chơi diversion giá 10 triệu tháng 10/2014

Bộ máy tập trung vào sức mạnh của label đồ họa nhằm mang lại hiệu năng tối đa trong game.

Xây dựng máy tính chơi diversion giá 25 triệu đồng tháng 10
Xây dựng cấu hình máy tính chơi diversion 30 triệu tháng 10/2014

Bộ máy tính không bao gồm chuột, bàn phím và thiết bị âm thanh. Các linh kiện này sẽ hoàn toàn phụ thuộc vào sở thích của người dùng.

Cấu hình Intel

CPU: Intel Pentium G2030 3GHz (1,24 triệu đồng)

Sử dụng kiến trúc Ivy Bridge, Pentium G2030 không phải bộ xử lý nhanh nhất trong phân khúc tầm thấp. Tuy nhiên, hiệu năng của G2030 vẫn đủ cho các diversion offline hiện nay, đồng thời kết hợp được với bo mạch chủ giá rẻ dùng hollow 1155 để cắt giảm giá thành.

Mainboard: MSI H61-P20G3 (1.1 triệu đồng)

Sử dụng chipset H61, bo mạch chủ này có tốc độ chậm hơn so với các sản phẩm sử dụng chipset H81. Tuy nhiên, điều này không quá ảnh hưởng tới hiệu năng tổng thể của hệ thống.

Với 1,1 triệu đồng, người dùng vẫn có 2 khe gắn RAM và 1 khe PCIe x16 để nâng cấp về sau này.

RAM: Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1333MHz (950 nghìn đồng)

Với một bộ máy tầm thấp thì mức 8GB RAM là mức không thực sự cần thiết. Do vậy, người dùng có thể lựa chọn 4GB RAM để dồn tiền cho các linh kiện khác.

Mức này là đủ để chơi diversion trên hệ điều hành Windows 7 hoặc cao hơn.

Card đồ họa: Zotac GTX750 1GB GDDR5 (2,72 triệu đồng)

GTX750 có hiệu năng vượt trội trong phân khúc tầm thấp, đủ sức vượt qua các diversion offline nặng ở độ phân giải 900p grain thậm chí là 1080p. Bộ nhớ RAM 1GB là đủ cho màn hình 19 in. với độ phân giải 1440×900.

Sản phẩm của Zotac có mức giá khá cạnh tranh, kèm với đó là chế độ bảo hành khá tốt.

Ổ cứng: Seagate Barracuda 500GB (1,16 triệu đồng)

Với một dàn máy tính 10 triệu, người dùng sẽ không thể sở hữu các ổ SSD hoặc ổ cứng có dung lượng lớn. Mức 500GB cho cả hệ điều hành và dữ liệu là đủ để chứa một số lượng tương đối lớn các diversion nặng mà không lo hết dung lượng.

Ổ cứng Seagate đã xuất hiện ở Việt Nam từ lâu và là một trong những nhãn hiệu được tin cậy.

Nguồn: FSP Saga 400W (590 nghìn đồng)

Ở phân khúc tầm thấp, không có bộ nguồn nào có thể đánh bại FSP Saga về hiệu năng/giá tiền. Với công suất 400W, bộ nguồn này có thể tải tốt các linh kiện mà không sợ tình trạng thiếu điện và kém ổn định.

Chất lượng của sản phẩm FSP đã được chứng minh qua nhiều thử nghiệm, người dùng sẽ hoàn toàn yên tâm với “trái tim” máy tính này.

Vỏ máy: Goldencom 180D (280 nghìn đồng)

Khó có thể chọn lựa một cách thoải mái chỉ với 10 triệu đồng cho cả dàn máy. Do vậy, người dùng có thể chọn bất kì dòng vỏ máy tầm thấp nào mà mình thích.

Được trang bị quạt tản nhiệt có đèn LED cùng vẻ ngoài khá hầm hố, Goldencom 180D chắc chắn sẽ mang lại một vẻ chuyên nghiệp cho dàn máy cấp thấp này.

Màn hình: AOC E2060SWND 19,5 in. (1,99 triệu đồng)

Ở độ phân giải 1600×900, diversion thủ vẫn có thể tận hưởng diversion một cách thoải mái mà không có cảm giác bị gò bó. Với mức giá chưa tới 2 triệu đồng thì khó có lựa chọn nào khác dành cho người dùng ở phân khúc màn hình 19 in. hiện nay.

Tổng: 10 triệu đồng

Cấu hình AMD

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 740X 3,2GHz (1,7 triệu đồng)

Với bốn lõi vật lý, Athlon X4 740X sẽ vượt qua mọi diversion hiện negative một cách dễ dàng. Đồng thời, các ứng dụng đa luồng như describe grain encode phim cũng sẽ được hưởng lợi từ kiến trúc đa lõi của bộ xử lý này so với các bộ xử lý lõi kép khác.

Mainboard: MSI A55M-E33 (1,59 triệu đồng)

Chipset A55 hỗ trợ đầy đủ các tính năng của bộ xử lý Athlon X4 740X, đồng thời có giá rẻ nhất trong các chipset hỗ trợ hollow FM2 của AMD.

Với giá 1,6 triệu đồng, MSI A55M-E33 cung cấp cho người dùng 2 khe RAM và 1 khe PCIe x16 để tiện đường nâng cấp RAM và label đồ họa sau này.

RAM: Gksill NS 4GB DDR3 1600MHz (890 nghìn đồng)

Dù có giá rẻ hơn một số sản phẩm cùng loại, Gskill NS vẫn bảo đảm sự ổn định trong quá trình hoạt động. Điều duy nhất thanh RAM này thiếu là một miếng tản nhiệt, dù nó không ảnh hưởng quá nhiều đến nhiệt độ hoạt động của sản phẩm.

Card đồ họa: Gigabyte GV-R725XOC-1GD (2,49 triệu đồng)

Là sản phẩm Radeon HD7770 đổi tên, R7 250X vẫn bảo đảm hiệu năng trong các diversion hiện negative ở độ phân giải 720p và 900p.

Được trang bị 1GB bộ nhớ, GV-R725XOC-1GD phù hợp nhất với các màn hình có độ phân giải từ 1600×900 trở xuống. Sản phẩm đã được nhà sản xuất ép xung sẵn, giúp tăng hiệu năng mà không tốn công sức cho người dùng.

Ổ cứng: Toshiba 500GB SATA3 (1,15 triệu đồng)

Với 500GB cho cả hệ điều hành và dữ liệu, người dùng có thể chứa khoảng 15 diversion nặng (dung lượng trung bình 30GB/game) mà không lo hết dung lượng.

Ổ cứng Toshiba có độ bền và tin cậy khá cao trong các dòng ổ cứng hiện negative trên thị trường. Ngoài ra, ổ còn hỗ trợ chuẩn SATA3 với tốc độ vượt trội so với các ổ SATA2.

Nguồn: FSP Saga 400W (590 nghìn đồng)

Ở phân khúc tầm thấp, không có bộ nguồn nào có thể đánh bại FSP Saga về hiệu năng/giá tiền. Với công suất 400W, bộ nguồn này có thể tải tốt các linh kiện mà không sợ tình trạng thiếu điện và kém ổn định.

Chất lượng của sản phẩm FSP đã được chứng minh qua nhiều thử nghiệm, người dùng sẽ hoàn toàn yên tâm với “trái tim” máy tính này.

Vỏ máy: Goldencom 180F (280 nghìn đồng)

Khó có thể chọn lựa một cách thoải mái chỉ với 10 triệu đồng cho cả dàn máy. Do vậy, người dùng có thể chọn bất kì dòng vỏ máy tầm thấp nào mà mình thích.

Mang vẻ ngoài tương tự với mẫu 180D nhưng vỏ máy Goldencom 180F vẫn có những nét cá tính của riêng mình và bảo đảm không đụng hàng.

Màn hình: AOC E960SN 19,5 in. (1,99 triệu đồng)

Tuy chỉ đạt độ phân giải 1440×900, màn hình E960SN vẫn sẽ mang lại những hình ảnh đẹp và sắc nét, bảo đảm trải nghiệm tốt nhất cho diversion thủ.

Tổng: 10,6 triệu đồng

Hiện nay, với 10 triệu đồng, các diversion thủ có thể chọn cho mình các bộ máy với khả năng chơi diversion rất tốt ở độ phân giải 1600×900. Tùy vào diversion mà người dùng có thể chọn mức thiết lập đồ họa tối đa hoặc cắt giảm một số hiệu ứng để bảo đảm tốc độ khung hình trong mức cho phép.

Vũ Anh

Japanese star a male to beat

Ben Coley previews a CIMB Classic and selects 4 outsiders to element a win-only gamble on Hideki Matsuyama.

CIMB Classic. Click here to bet.

Hideki Matsuyama: Ready to win again
Hideki Matsuyama: Ready to win again

3pts win Hideki Matsuyama during 16/1

1pt e.w. K.J. Choi during 80/1

1pt e.w. Retief Goosen during 125/1

1pt e.w. Robert Allenby during 175/1

1pt e.w. Nicholas Thompson during 250/1

The CIMB Classic earnings to Kuala Lumpur Golf County Club for a second year using as a PGA Tour seeks to offer strengthen a code in Asia.

This limited-field, no-cut eventuality offers a outrageous eventuality for someone to step adult and land a mark in subsequent year’s Masters and final year it was Ryan Moore who bested compatriot Gary Woodland in a Monday play-off, following what were typically pleasant conditions via a march of a initial 4 days.

Chances are, Sunday’s champion will again be a PGA Tour regular. Before Moore, when a eventuality was played during The Mines, Nick Watney, Ben Crane and Bo Van Pelt all won an eventuality that has so distant valid over a Asian players who assistance make adult a field. Perhaps for them a cache on offer are too good to overcome.

As time goes on, design a opening to narrow, and there are of march a handful of Asian players in this margin who’ve already burst a tip level. Hideki Matsuyama, for instance, deserves his place towards a conduct of a betting while only 3 weeks ago Sang-moon Bae supposing a timely sign of a augmenting strength of golfers from a Far East.

Back Hideki Matsuyama for a CIMB Classic!

Ultimately, though, it’s a likes of Matsuyama and Bae who should yield those seeking a non-American leader with something to hearten on as a contest develops. Kiradech Aphibarnrat threatened to move down a residence 12 months ago though he’s not in a margin and we have to go down to 66/1 possibility Anirban Lahiri – a leader in Macau final week – for a Asian Tour’s heading light.

As for a march itself, it’s one informed not only to those who watched final year’s renewal, though also tighten supporters of a European Tour as it has hosted a Malaysian Open for several years. Indeed, behind in Apr it was here that Lee Westwood romped to a seven-shot feat and he now has a singular eventuality to win dual opposite titles during a same venue in a same season, carrying inaugurated to tee it adult on a PGA Tour and not in a BMW Masters.

Matsuyama and Westwood are glorious drivers of a round and a same can be pronounced of 10/1 favourite Sergio Garcia, as good as many who finish a conduct of a betting – Billy Horschel, Charl Schwartzel, Woodland, Moore, Graham DeLaet and Jason Dufner all specialise with a large stick.

And therein lies a problem, for only about each talk you’ll find refers to pushing as a pivotal charge during this tee-lined course, whose severe is gnarly and whose greens can organisation up. With H2O also in play on some-more than half a holes, attack proceed shots from as distant down a fairway as probable is a large advantage.

There are several pros and cons for those mentioned. Garcia hasn’t played given a Ryder Cup, Schwartzel unsuccessful to contend in obtuse association final week, Horschel has to infer that he’s prepared to get after it again, and so on. The one who has fewest questions to answer is Matsuyama, who wasn’t fit when he played utterly good here final year though this time around arrives during a tip of his game, utterly from tee to green.

Westwood’s record in Asia contingency be juxtaposed with his strike-rate in PGA Tour fields, Woodland and Moore demeanour brief enough, Dufner needs a bit some-more compare use following his enforced deficiency and DeLaet has nonetheless to win, so all things indicate to Matsuyama being a male to beat.

Given that this margin lacks critical abyss and that his PGA Tour win came on a identical standard 72 – scoring-wise during slightest – 16/1 looks satisfactory and he goes in as a win-only bet.

One Asian actor with a PGA Tour label I’ve nonetheless to discuss is Seung-yul Noh, who won here as a teen on a European Tour and, while it took a while, is now a leader in a States, too.

A plain run in a play-offs sum with a fact he acclimatised with a runner-up finish on home dirt in Korea final week suggests he can go good though we missed a 50s yesterday, I’ve missed a 40s today, and during 33/1 I’ll have to let him go.

Instead, it’s certainly value chancing his coach K.J. Choi during 80/1.

The father of Korean golf was Noh’s plant in that play-off for a Malaysian Open though indeed seemed happy to remove for once. It was tighten to a rite flitting of a flame as he looked on a actor whose career might not have started were it not for his possess exploits over a past dual decades and more.

Back KJ Choi for a CIMB Classic!

But let’s not write K.J. off only yet. After all, progressing this year a maestro finished second in both a Farmers Insurance Open during Torrey Pines and a Travelers during TPC River Highlands, so while his coherence has forsaken it’s transparent this is a actor who is unequivocally most still means of contending when on-song.

Like Noh, he’s been out in Asia for a few weeks carrying finished fourth in a KJ Invitational a integrate of weeks ago and while that’s a step down from a back-to-back victories he landed in 2011 and 2012, it’s in spin a step adult from a lifeless 21st that preceded his entrance in this eventuality final year.

Interestingly, Choi still went on to finish only outward a tip 10 here and that’s notwithstanding carrying felt indisposed for most of a week. In doing so he arguable that he loves a march as it gives him a eventuality to gain on his strengths from inside 150 yards and that explain was reflected in a fact he strike ranked fourth for greens hit.

Choi’s record in Malaysia is unequivocally clever – he’s nonetheless to finish outward a tip 20 in 9 starts and has a win along with that second-placed finish – and we can’t have him being a same cost as a likes of David Lingmerth, Will MacKenzie and Morgan Hoffmann notwithstanding their particular abilities.

Retief Goosen is another who is rather during home in Malaysia and he’s value chancing during a three-figure price.

The South African is fit again following behind medicine and says he’s never felt better, that is because he’d done 15 cuts in 16 events (the other was a withdrawal) until blank out on a weekend in Las Vegas a fortnight ago.

Back Retief Goosen for a CIMB Classic!

Still, pardon him that one off-week during a march that he’d never played before and a box becomes utterly constrained during a price, utterly as it was preceded with a share of third in a Frys.com Open where he led a margin in strokes-gained putting.

Goosen’s record in Malaysia review 3-5-2-1-3-14-21 adult until final year’s disaster to moment a tip 40, though he wasn’t fit during a time and hadn’t played good in months. I’d rather take that perspective than assume his solid downturn in finishing position reflects a fact that he’s on a decline as, while clearly his best days are gone, I’ve no doubt he retains a qualities compulsory to win.

At his peak, Goosen was a shining motorist of a round who putted well, utterly on a grainy surfaces we’ll see this week, and given that he was shorter to win a Shriners we have to pardon him one bad week and behind him in a margin lacking in a abyss of that event.

Robert Allenby is engaging on a strength of his adore for this form of march and shining pushing of a ball, utterly in new weeks, and during a cost he’s value a tiny each-way punt.

We all know that a Australian isn’t utterly arguable in row though I’d contend a same about his compatriot John Senden, who has a identical skillset – despite he’s personification with most larger coherence – though is 40/1 or thereabouts.

Back Robert Allenby for a CIMB Classic!

At 175/1, fears over Allenby’s ability to see it by can be brushed aside and instead we can concentration on a fact that his rankings of seventh for greens and 10th for pushing correctness so distant this deteriorate should offer him utterly good in Kuala Lumpur.

Allenby mislaid a enlarged play-off for a Mayakoba Classic a integrate of years ago in pleasant Mexican conditions and on a identical aria of weed that’s found here, while he was fifth and 13th in his dual prior trips to Malaysia.

With associate journeyman Scott Hend enjoying a rebirth of late and Australians in ubiquitous carrying had a glorious 18 months, Allenby might nonetheless lapse to a arrange of form that saw him a tack underline in a world’s tip 50.

Finally, save a few pence for an even some-more suppositional punt on Nicholas Thompson.

With sister Lexi now a vital champion and younger hermit Curtis a youngster with potential, bad aged Nicholas is increasingly forced to take a back-seat both in terms of a limelight and, presumably, a annual Thompson family medal.

But final week’s share of 22nd on informed belligerent in Georgia held my eye as it sets him adult ideally for a outing to Kuala Lumpur Golf County Club, a formidable during that his sister won only over a year ago.

Ultimately, Nicholas wasn’t means to take impulse from that when he lined adult a fortnight after in this event, though he did arrange second for greens in law that suggests that there’s something about it he likes.

With his best performances final deteriorate entrance during a Crowne Plaza and a RBC Heritage, Thompson is maybe during his best on out-of-date layouts that put vigour on a actor from a tee and given that his solitary Web.com Tour win came in New Zealand, removing out of a US could infer a blessing.

It’s all illusory though in a singular margin like this and following some unequivocally good golf final weekend, he’s got a improved possibility than a cost suggests, generally given that he’s inside a tip 10 on debate for sum pushing over a final 12 weeks.


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Busan Film Review: ‘Tazza: The Hidden Card’

South Korean gambling play “Tazza: The Hidden Card” is prolonged on adorned visuals and brief on storytelling discipline. Centered on a gifted immature hustler operative his approach into a big-time, this follow-up to 2006’s renouned “Tazza: The High Rollers” strike a kitty during a internal recover in early Sep with some-more than 4 million admissions, though has purebred reduction considerable averages in singular North American and Hong Kong recover given Sept. 26. Aside from gripping lane of an overstuffed plot, a biggest plea for offshore audiences will be bargain hwatu, a Korean label diversion around that a life of each impression revolves. While there are some crafty scams and stings as sideline attractions, many viewers are expected to be scratching their heads during vital setpieces. “Tazza” rolls into Japanese cinemas on Jan. 23.

Pic has a extraordinary twin personality. In many respects it resembles a sharp “Ocean’s Eleven”-style chronicle about crafty crooks formulation an elaborate heist; using together to this is a many some-more heartless gambling-related play in a mold of “Casino.” Abrasive slicing between a escapist-like elements and a scenes of heavy-duty assault make it play like a videogame.

Without any summation of events in “Tazza: The High Rollers,” this second film formed on striking novels created by Kim Se-yeong and illustrated by Huh Young-man plunges uncontrolled into a story of immature cardsharp Han Dae-gil (Choi Seung-hyun, aka swat artist TOP from K-pop outfit Big Bang). First seen as a child with gambling smarts approach over his years, Dae-gil eventually leaves his parochial home and sweetheart, Mina (Shin Sae-kyeong), for an bootleg gambling basement in Seoul run by Chief Seo (Oh Jung-se).

With best crony Jjari (Lee Dong-hwi) by his side, it’s not prolonged before Dae-gil becomes a star during Seo’s residence and temporarily forgets about Mina when voluptuous label actor Ms. Woo (Honey Lee) starts creation affectionate moves he can’t resist. It turns out Ms. Woo has been noted all along by Seo as a aim for a large hit, with Dae-gil entrusted to safeguard she loses heavily. So starts a raging array of double- and triple-crosses, as Seo’s crew sells Dae-gil out, withdrawal him overdue a tiny happening to cruel squad trainer Jang Dong-shik (Gwak Do-won). Complicating matters serve is a reappearance of Mina, who’s been solitary into harlotry by Jang as partial of debt allotment arrangements.

In a film’s many gratifying segments, Dae-gil becomes a dependent of Go Gwang-ryeol (Yoo Hai-jin), a family crony and gambling guru (also a solitary impression with a tie to a initial film) who sets a younger male loyal and helps him lift a income to giveaway Mina. Following some good scenes in that Dae-gil reconnects with his loyal love, a pic ramps adult again with a contingent environment adult a difficult devise to move down Jang.

While there are some superb visuals and few snazzy scenes in that Dae-gil and association enroll museum actors to assistance ambuscade Jang, “Tazza: The Hidden Card” spends too many time on tangential story sum that don’t minister many to a plot. As one hwatu stage melds into another, it becomes clear, to a probable regard of audiences wanting to base wholeheartedly for Dae-gil, Mina and Go, that winning and losing are dynamic reduction by card-playing ability and some-more by who is a many crafty and deceit cheat. In a life-and-death grand culmination that brings mythological gambler Agwi (Kim Yoon-suk) into play, weird conditions are imposed to forestall all probable intrigue opportunities. Even still, underhanded strategy prevail, and many viewers will feel demure to join in a feat celebrations as a result.

Handsome star Choi is excellent in a pivotal role, and has an appealing chemistry with co-star Shin in a comparatively few moments of intrigue afforded a couple. Elsewhere, Yoo adds hint as Dae-gil’s correct coach (“Read a player, not a cards”), Kim swaggers around enjoyably as a fearsome master gambler, and Park Hyo-ju is fun to watch as Miss Little, a observant stewardess during Seo’s corner in Seoul. The prolongation is expensively mounted and crisply filmed in splendid colors by lenser Kim Tae-kyung.

Patrick Reed Grouped with Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood in Malaysia

Patrick Reed will have copiousness of time to share his favorite Gleneagles memories this week in Malaysia, as Reed will play a initial dual rounds of a CIMB Classic alongside a span of European Ryder Cup stars: Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood.

Reed is creation his initial PGA Tour start of a new season, carrying played in a Volvo World Match Play Championship progressing this month, and will be personification in a stroke-play eventuality for a initial time given a Tour Championship. Joining him will be Garcia, who tied for 11th during this eventuality a year ago, and Westwood, who won during a Maybank Malaysian Open on this same venue progressing this year. The contingent will start play during 8:05 a.m. internal time, that is 8:05 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Here is a demeanour during other important early-round groupings this week in a Tour’s fourth eventuality of a 2014-15 deteriorate (all times ET, with tee times commencement Wednesday night):

7:55 p.m. (No. 10 tee): Ryan Moore, Gary Woodland, David Lipsky: Moore and Woodland were a final dual organisation station final year in Kuala Lumpur, with Moore ousting Woodland on a initial hole of a sudden-death playoff. They’ll be interconnected together for a initial dual rounds alongside Lipsky, an American who now tops a Asian Tour’s Order of Merit.

8:15 p.m. (No. 10 tee): Chesson Hadley, Jonas Blixt, K.J. Choi: Hadley, a reigning PGA Tour Rookie of a Year, will make his initial start in Malaysia subsequent to a span of players who both burst a tip 10 a year ago. Blixt finished T-25 final year though is still in hunt of his initial top-25 finish given a runner-up during a Masters in April, while Choi was T-11 a year ago and will be teeing it adult for a initial time given a BMW Championship.

9:05 p.m. (No. 1 tee): Hideki Matsuyama, Jason Dufner, Anirban Lahiri: Matsuyama is creation his third start of a deteriorate after top-10 finishes during both a Frys.com Open and Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. He’ll be assimilated by Dufner, who is creation his initial PGA Tour start given a PGA Championship after traffic with prominent discs in his neck, and Lahiri, who won a Asian Tour’s Venetian Macau Open final week by one shot.

9:15 p.m. (No. 1 tee): Billy Horschel, Guan Tianlang, Charl Schwartzel: The fortifying FedEx Cup champ will be assimilated for a initial dual rounds by one of a game’s many famous amateurs, as Horschel will be interconnected with Guan, who finished as low pledge during a 2013 Masters during age 14. Horschel is creation a lapse outing to Malaysia, after a T-11 finish final year, and a organisation will be dull out by Schwartzel who will make his initial PGA Tour start given a BMW Championship – that was won by Horschel.


Mobile Games Need Their Artists

Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a games attention consultant, freelance engineer and a creator of heading pattern blog What Games Are. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Across 2013 and into 2014 a stories around games went in many directions, to Steam and Steam Machines, to consoles, to VR and microconsoles. It could be pronounced that a substantial grade of a anima behind those stories was driven by hunts for a successive large mangle in video diversion platforms. Where, people asked, would another Facebook or iPhone character blast come from? Where would gaunt product and abundant players be found anew?

Steam got full quickly, microconsoles struggled to find an assembly and console feels like a repeat opening of a prior generations to a same throng as always. My posited ultra-handheld device category is still in a puzzling destiny and inscription sales have slowed. There are positively engaging developments – intelligent watches, practical and protracted realities and whatnot – nonetheless zero seems to have a range to unequivocally strike like mobile did. We competence be observant a assembly customarily settling in with what they have.

Familiar Shapes

In 2014, notwithstanding all else, it’s still all about a smartphone. PC sales competence be adult and Sony competence have sole a satisfactory few PlayStation 4s, nonetheless Apple sole 10m iPhone 6’s in a weekend. And when we consider about it that creates a lot of sense. Potential platforms are some-more dilettante than a smartphone. You’ll use VR in certain resources and your inscription in others, nonetheless you’ll expected have your phone with by all of those situations. Phones hoop all of your discerning computing, your easy entrance apps and a accumulation of other media functions too (photos, music, etc). Of march phones would remain a core around that all else we do would work.

Those of us in tech and games are conditioned to design sum rider each dual or 3 years now, roughly to design it. But it’s not unequivocally happening. Though they competence have bigger and smaller sizes and new features, a smartphone looks to be as durable a indication as a PC has been. 20 years from now we’ll mostly still use them in most a same proceed as we do today. They’re not going anywhere. There will be an iPhone 7, 8, 9, 29, and 209. Well maybe not that last one, nonetheless still. Perhaps it’s fine to assume that we’re relocating into a proviso of relations height stability.

So what does that meant for games? Sometimes a games attention settles into a routine, a proceed of being where new innovations are engrossed and exploited. At those times it’s reduction about what’s new and sparkling in record or business and some-more about simply putting what’s out there to good use. A pivotal canary in this sold spark cave is a proceed that developers deposit behind to looking for edition money. Another is a proceed that brands start to reassert themselves, and how protected calm starts to seem like an appealing business model. A third is how games stop attack a headlines outward a common channels.

Primarily nonetheless it’s examination how, with a aged sequence carrying been formerly unseated, new orders start to morph into successive year’s aged orders. In mobile gaming this started to occur about 18-24 months ago. As a iPhone got all full adult things like a cost of user merger started to arise and a superiority of obligatory games sitting during tops of charts became all too apparent. We solemnly started to see a tail off of dermatitis games (with Flappy Bird acting as a good exception) and an boost in speak of bigger budgets, some-more foe on visuals, a need for diversion companies to get good during PR, conjecture over a energy of YouTubers to overcome find woes and successive conjecture about a ethics of sponsored coverage in that medium.

All of this is radically a pierce toward stability.

Two Roads

When height are in their inconstant phase, nobody knows anything a manners for success are anarchic. Games that “should” attain totally destroy since games that shouldn’t float a waves to grievous success. However when fortitude does start to emerge it tends to meant that dual avenues for success form, and a grade to that they are success depends on a sold platform.

The initial highway is to sell games shaped on distribution-led strategies. Thats’ where all that speak of user acquisition, retention, advertising, profitable for clicks and views and plays and installs and so on comes in. That arrange of meditative customarily surfaces early and settles on a accumulation of strategy for success, and it customarily drives some notables in a space. The clarity of required knowledge moves fast nonetheless adopts comparatively gentle shapes, and both startups and investors buy into that knowledge (regardless of how loyal it is: a good instance is that gaming startups and investors mostly still trust that mobile diversion companies should essay for a catalog of releases – even nonetheless all a information says otherwise). For those that get in on a belligerent early this is a time when we see large exits from companies that customarily shaped 3/4 previously.

However this proceed tends to daub out. While a process-oriented side of a business tends to figure out a early figure of what works in any height it also tends to red-ocean itself into stasis flattering quickly. Companies that work that proceed never unequivocally know how to value creativity and their enlightenment eventually winks it out, withdrawal zero nonetheless stat-head thinkers who get trapped in you-can-only-improve-what-you-can-measure thinking. Ultimately they stall, infrequently even descending behind customarily as fast as they initial arose. It turns out that for all their structure and routine a product that they’ve built engenders small loyal loyalty. It’s customarily a game, same as any other.

This is where a second highway starts to matter. it’s a diversion developer who treats their diversion as a square of media, of art. They concentration on offering a prophesy of a game, of building a pre-selected assembly and a offering story. Rather than make a review all about business, they make it about a journey, about a sorcery of a game, a thauma, a novella and a guarantee of what it will be. This trail is as totally opposite from a business-led trail as HBO and other wire radio channels are to frequently promote TV. Broadcast is a universe of low-rent product that sells shaped on reach. HBO is a universe of offering on quality, on prophesy and voice. And customarily it comes after a business wave, after a initial roaders have finished their thing.

Is that function in mobile? we unequivocally wish so. One enlivening instance of this is Robin Hunicke’s studio Funomena, operative on a new diversion Luna (pictured above). At a Mobile Games Forum in Seattle this week, she stood adult on theatre and talked about a artistic influences, a kind of knowledge she was perplexing to emanate and a significance of games-as-art and anticipating not customarily patron nonetheless a fan, of building a relationship. Another is a smashing journey that is Monument Valley. Speaking about what it’s like to rise that kind of game, lead engineer Ken Wong is penetrating to highlight how a studio confirmed an wholly quality-first approach. A third is Camouflaj’s episodic diversion Republique, that continues to try to make storytelling/adventure work in this new space.

Beyond a certain indicate each height needs a artists to keep it growing. It takes quadratic meditative by people who aren’t professional to provoke a wider and some-more durability conversation, to find a new genres, new ideas of what competence work and so on. The reason we contend “I wish so” that these kinds of games are function in mobile is bigger than simply observant we like cold games though. we do, nonetheless we also meant “It’s not certain”.

But Where’s Our HBO Equivalent?

Artists need organizations structured to support their efforts. They need patrons. In console gaming that clientele covering exists with some publishers and height holders like Sony, people who can offer an powerful in that gift can be authorised to perceptible and infrequently come good. On PC Steam sort-of offering an sourroundings that available that to happen, nonetheless Valve didn’t actively account many of a games on there.

In mobile, however, congregation are lacking. There are publishers, some of them ambitious, some of whom speak in terms of assisting developers and giving them satisfactory deals, nonetheless zero of them unequivocally consecrate congregation yet. They’re too meat-and-potatoes still, customarily handling with singular remits and seeking for large business cases to be proven around intensity games before they’ll invest. And so it’s left to particular developers to secure financing in an capricious landscape. That kind of bid is frequency scalable.

HBO character TV indispensable HBO to make it happen. Without that organization TV would have stayed in a hands of routine thinkers and never left most over diversion shows and soaps. Gaming is most a same. Mobile games could do with a some-more ambitious kind of publisher, nonetheless we’re not unequivocally observant that yet. Aside from conference Robin Hunicke, a immeasurable infancy of a day’s review during MGF was still really meat-and-potatoes. It was talks about a psychology of winning and monetization techniques, app find strategies and what packages to embody in your diversion to improve performance. Still really first-road in other words, still customarily about process. And it’s been like that for a while, radically customarily repeating and repeating.

Will anyone step adult and rethink mobile edition and move onward a successive call of mobile games? That is a question.