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Actor Lee Jung-jae earnings as godlike fighter

Model-turned-actor Lee Jung-jae has worked in TV and film for many years.

Lee now became a domicile name when he starred in a 1994 campus TV play “Feelings.” In 1995, his considerable ancillary purpose as a silent, clinging bodyguard in a marvellous TV play “Sandglass” incited him into a inhabitant heartthrob. Boosted by his success on a tiny screen, his 1999 film “City of a Rising Sun,” with costar Jung Woo-sung – who has turn one of Lee’s best friends – warranted him a best actor endowment and vicious acclaim.

Two decades have upheld and Lee is again during a white-hot centre of a hit, enjoying his second heyday.

His new films have been both vicious and box-office hits. “The Thieves” (2012) assimilated a desired 10 million spectator club, while “New World” (2013) and “The Face Reader” (2013) captivated 4.6 million and 9 million viewers, respectively. Actor Lee Jung-jae poses before an talk with The Korea Herald in Seoul on Monday. (Hohohobeach)

Riding nonstop success, he earnings this time as veteran churned martial humanities warrior Choi Ik-ho, who runs for his life in a new movement crack “Big Match,” destined by Choi Ho.

In an talk with The Korea Herald on Monday, a 41-year-old actor certified that his age was an critical cause when he chose a physically heated film.

“I realised we competence not get a possibility to play such a hardcore jaunty purpose in a future,” pronounced Lee.

Lee lerned each day for 6 months before a start of sharpened and continued a formidable workouts for 5 months during a filming, including training with veteran fighters. “For about a year, we would arise adult in a morning, eat, work out, eat, work out and go to bed. That would be my routine.”

He denied that he is always as fit as people assume.

“That is not true. we always have to watch what we eat and work out all a time, that can be utterly painful.”

“Especially, given my purpose was a veteran fighter, my physique had to resemble them, that compulsory heated training,” pronounced a actor. “And during this age, my physique is not a same.”

“It is a given that actors do have a shortcoming to work tough for their roles,” pronounced Lee. “But it is not always as easy as it sounds.”

During a training, Lee tore his rotator slap and could not pierce his arms for a while. Doctors told him to get medicine immediately and repel from a film.

But he motionless to continue since he didn’t wish all a training and unpleasant effort to go to waste.

The 112-minute film showcases his head-to-toe attempt from commencement to finish as he fervently rolls, jumps and smacks people along a way.

In “Big Match,” Ik-ho becomes a diversion pen inside a special diversion designed by a talent named Ace (Shin Ha-kyun), for a wealthiest high-stake gamblers to peril outrageous sums of money. Ik-ho is forced to play this heartless real-time high-tech diversion when his hermit (Lee Sung-min) disappears one day. He afterwards receives puzzling instructions from Ace.

Along with a stomach-knotting torment that runs from a commencement to a end, there are flashes of slapstick humour and Ik-ho’s array of great decisions evokes laughter, yet Lee confesses that he finds comedic behaving really difficult.

“Some people are naturally gifted during creation people laugh, though we am not one of them,” pronounced Lee. “Even when we was behaving some scenes, we questioned my ability several times.”

But Lee believes humour is an critical aspect of Korean movement films: “The Korean movement (genre is) customarily set in a informed stage, installed with intelligent tract twists and humour, and that is what creates it unique.”

Despite his nonstop success on a screen, a actor admits that he has depressed into career slumps from time to time, that have lasted for 3 to 4 years.

Around 2005, after starring in a film “Typhoon,” Lee was inspired for some-more manly roles. “But a scripts we perceived were distant from a roles we had wanted. So we didn’t take them and missed out on some good roles. And afterwards we realised time only slipped by.”

Then, a actor recognized that watchful around for good work to arrive won’t indispensably solve a problem. “I had to refrain from my enterprise and try out for each opportunity,” he said.

Among those opportunities, he grabbed “The Housemaid” in 2010, that was a marvellous hit, going on to contest for a top esteem during a Cannes Film Festival in 2010. The film helped Lee get behind on his feet again.

“Now when we select films, we trust my instinct and follow my heart.” pronounced Lee. “If we can feel something from a created script, behaving comes easier to demonstrate my feelings, and we can describe to a story and concentration better.”

“With this film, we only wish people to have fun and giggle a lot, and see a some-more accessible and loose side of me,” pronounced Lee.

Life Style: The 2014 Champion on Who Got Him Here

Few players have achieved so much, so immature as Lee “Life” Seung Hyun. He became StarCraft’s initial “royal roader” — a actor who wins a premier Korean pretension a initial time he qualifies to competition — during a age of fifteen. Not usually that, though he had to face four-time GSL leader Jung “Mvp” Jong Hyun in a final.

Life’s usually counterpart in a “teenage sensation” competition would substantially be Cho “Maru” Seong Ju, though Life has racked adult distant some-more premier contest victories while Maru been stymied in his efforts for a second GSL or WCS title. In terms of career accomplishments before a age of eighteen, Life stands totally alone.

Now, during age 17, Life has won a 2014 WCS title, been crowned universe champion, and is certainly partial of a “world’s greatest” conversation. He did what players like Eo “soO” Yoon Su could not by anticipating a approach to kick Yun “TaeJa” Young Seo during a time when Zerg vs. Terran presumably tilts heavily toward a Terran side of a equation.

So a small strut would be distinct from a actor who is on lane to spin a Sebastian Vettel of StarCraft. Nobody has warranted a small childish cockiness some-more than Life.

But as any of his victims could tell you, Life is unpredictable. In a arise of a biggest feat of his career, a immature champion was dynamic in his modesty.

Staying Humble

“[Last year] we had a lot of certainty in my skills, though given things didn’t work out good this year, we have gotten some-more humble,” he pronounced in a winner’s press discussion following a game. “Personally, being though that aloft certainty spin has been good for me. Because we can essay forward, work harder.”

He added, “Now we have a lot some-more certainty since of this win, though I’m going to try and pull myself down.”

It’s some-more than only an emanate of mindset. Life is also a some-more amicable animal than lone-wolves like his aged teammate Choi “Bomber” Ji Sung or Choi “Polt” Seong Hun. When he talks about a things he values in his life right now, and a people who done it probable for him to get this far, his thoughts spin to his family and his StarTale teammates.

Jason Avant: ‘The Chiefs Were Always My No. 1 Choice’

Jason Avant isn’t Donnie Avery’s replacement. He’s a container receiver.

The maestro isn’t going to dump jaws and hint roars from a throng with bomb plays.

However, given a Kansas City Chiefs’ circumstances, he creates for a ideal match.

The initial 7 seasons of Avant’s career were spent underneath a organisation of Andy Reid. This isn’t a box like that of A.J. Jenkins, where a visitor arrives as a square-one sponge. In vast part, Avant already knows a system.

Are there new wrinkles? Without a doubt. Will he need to jelly with Alex Smith? Definitely.

But around his NFL career, Avant has forged a repute for frail track using and grand catches. He’s a infallible further to a receiving corps that, outward of Dwayne Bowe, can’t be relied upon.

On a new discussion call, a wideout spoke to his laxity with a Chiefs playbook, claiming:

Yeah, there are some similarities there, though there’s a lot of new things. He has opposite crew here so he uses opposite crew in opposite ways so we have to change play job around. I’m training those things. we would contend about 65 percent to 70 percent we know or I’m refreshing, a other partial we have to learn.

Obviously, building a rapport with Smith will be one of Avant’s tip priorities. Considering they’re both students of a diversion who take honour in training defensive nuances, a dual should start clicking earlier rather than later.

Smith’s newest aim spoke on his thoughts about Kansas City’s quarterback, adding:

Alex is a man that I’ve dignified from afar, generally here with a Chiefs underneath Coach Reid. Especially a deteriorate that he had final year and even when he was in San Francisco. Just articulate with him he’s a really heady man that’s means to take in a lot of information and make a scold reads. That’s what we wish as a receiver, a man that’s going to put your group in a position to win.

Whenever Reid’s name was mentioned, Avant had no necessity of compliments, observant that a coach’s “infectious” celebrity tends to massage off on those surrounding him, as evidenced by how many staffers were prickly to follow him to Kansas City.

The ninth-year pro claimed that when it comes to X’s and O’s, Reid plays to his players’ strengths, regardless of if they’re a big-bodied wideout like Bowe or fleet-flooted speedster like DeSean Jackson.

Moreover, he pronounced that small things, such as receiving occasional (non-football-related) texts, creates players conclude a Chiefs head coach that most more.

When asked about removing a top palm on coverage, Avant pronounced that there are dual ways to benefit separation. The first? Sheer speed. But he contended that as players get older, heightening one’s fundamentals is pivotal. And what improved instance of that than a “Big Fundamental” himself, Tim Duncan?

“You see Tim Duncan still personification during a high turn since Tim Duncan was a elemental actor his whole career,” Avant said, “so when his talent or his speed or whatever he had kind of discontinued or whatever it was, he still was means to play during a high turn since he schooled to play a diversion a right way.”

The pass-catcher continued, “That’s what we wish to be means to do as a pro. Learn a diversion a right approach and afterwards as we get older, I’m still means to perform during a high level.”

Switching topics, Avant also offering his sympathies to Eric Berry, who was recently combined to a non-football damage list due to a mass, suspected to be caused from lymphoma, speckled on his chest.

He remarked:

I’ve played opposite Eric, and I’ve had a few brief conversations with him. But everybody that we know says that he is one of a humblest people that we will ever accommodate in your life. No matter who he is, when we find out that we might have something it’s really heart slashing for anybody that is tighten to you. Everybody around this building and their greeting to this, it lets me know that he was a genuine chairman or that everybody around here loves him.

Finally, Avant told media that Kansas City, even during a emergence of giveaway agency, was his ideal alighting spot.

While that’s always available for incoming names to echo, it’s plausible in No. 81’s case. (TWC Kansas City’s Nick Jacobs confirmed that a maestro will keep No. 81 as a member of a Chiefs.)

Avant relayed:

The Chiefs were always my series one choice. Things don’t always work out a approach that we wish them to work out. we was blissful to be means to come here on a second go around. This is where we always wanted to be, we always wanted to play for Coach (Andy) Reid and Coach (David) Culley, so it’s a dream come loyal for me.

While Week 13 expectations remain uncertain, it’s transparent that if a Chiefs wish to make a postseason run, they desperately indispensable to accelerate their receiving corps—regardless of when Avery returns. (Reid, per KCChiefs.com, stated that Avery has a “pretty good shot” during personification this Sunday.)

Avant’s signing injects a flitting diversion with a healthy sip of knowledge and consistency. Furthermore, he now totes a best hands on a roster.

Something tells me that, even with a singular timeframe, Avant will turn a informed name around Kansas City.


Quotes performed around press recover unless differently noted.


What will be Cha Du-ri’s subsequent move?


–> Cha Du-ri fights for a round during a accessible compare opposite Iran on Nov. 18. / Yonhap
By Nam Hyun-woo

In a twilight of his career, FC Seoul Cha Du-ri has been hinting retirement from football. However, it seems many still trust a 34-year-old defender should keep going. Some experts see him as a good choice for a captain of a inhabitant team.

While Cha is advantageous in determining his future, football watchers contend Cha’s appearance in a inhabitant or bar sides are significant. There are young, conceptual athletes like Son Heung-min of Bayer Leverkusen yet not many players can mix care and practice like Cha, who represented Korea in dual World Cups in 2002 and 2006.

“Cha has grown into a top-class defender who apparently has care qualities,” pronounced football publisher John Duerden. “Being one of a elder politician of Korean football is a purpose that suits him. His earthy appearance and appetite is critical for a inhabitant group yet his knowledge and care are equally so.

“He is apparently matched to being a captain too, yet a one emanate could be that during a age of 34, he competence not be around for too many longer.”

Seo Hyung-wook, a commentator for broadcaster MBC, pronounced in a mainstay that “As Cha said, veterans’ deficiency dealt a complicated blow to Korea’s gloomy debate during Brazil. To not repeat such a mistake, we wish he will sojourn a clever appearance in Korean football.”

After he finished his army in Germany and assimilated FC Seoul in Mar final year, he has hinted he competence quit football in nearby destiny and many of his communication with a media was associated to retirement.

“A good opening is delivered when earthy and psychological aspects are in balance with any other. There is no problem in physically, yet how many passion we have left also matters. If I’m not prepared to put my 100 percent for a game, we will be a weight to teammates, bar and coach,” Cha pronounced during a news discussion on Oct. 30.

Ironically, he has had one of a many shining seasons in his career this year, braggadocio his earthy strength in his 26 K-League Classic appearances for a FC Seoul and apropos a infallible choice for inhabitant group manager Uli Stielike.

Recently, he showed some luminosity during a accessible compare opposite Jordan on Nov. 14. He usually indispensable 45 mins to overcome a Jordanians both in aggressive and fortifying and tender fans with a ideal smoothness that assisted Han Kyo-won to net a game’s usually goal. On a same day before a match, FC Seoul manager Choi Yong-soo pronounced “I wish him to put off a retirement, yet we can't omit his choice.”

“He has shown improvement, generally in terms of creation discerning decisions with a ball. He is personification with a fun of a visitor to a sport,” Choi said.

Stielike echoed Choi’s view, underlining a significance of Cha’s appearance in Korea’s Asian Cup debate in Jan 2015.

“Cha can give certain appetite to a group on and off a pitch. we also rarely conclude his experience,” a German manager pronounced after he returned to Seoul on Nov. 20 after a Middle East trip. “I talked with Cha and reliable his will to join a inhabitant patrol for a Asian Cup.”

Though he warranted 70 caps so far, a diversion opposite Jordan was his third compare with captain’s armband. Watchers contend it is now that he should lead players on a pitch.

Girls volleyball: 2014 All-NJIC Liberty Division team

A multiple of widespread descent play by star comparison Julia McClure and lockdown invulnerability propelled a Secaucus Patriots to an considerable 33-2 record in 2014. So it was usually healthy to see Secaucus players’ names adult and down a 2014 All-NJIC Liverty Division team.

The Patriots’ usually dual waste this deteriorate came opposite powerhouse Immaculate Heart Academy, that degraded them in a semifinal turn of a Tournament of Champions final Saturday during South Brunswick High School. The Eagles were a usually group in a state to finish with some-more wins (41) than a Patriots.

The Patriots, No. 4 in a NJ.com Top 20 before to Saturday, were one of a many widespread teams in New Jersey.  They were roving a 29-game winning strain when they were eliminated.  Several seniors had superb seasons and conduct manager Sheila Rivera will have a formidable time replacing them.  Julia McClure finished a year with 511 kills, final her high propagandize volleyball career with 1400 sum kills. Kendall Caruso emerged as an chosen passer and was instrumental on defense, recording 695 assists and 278 digs. Andie Lennon was also pivotal on defense, with 268 digs.

Championship team: Secaucus
Coach of a Year: Cindy Corn (Leonia)

Julia McClure, 12 (Secaucus)
Katelyn Schlemm, 12 (Secaucus)
Ande Lennon, 12 (Secaucus)
Kendall Catuso, 12 (Secaucus)
Maxine Walsh, 12 (Leonia)
Gioia Abreu, 12 (Ridgefield)
Amber O’Donnell, 12 (Harrison)
Rachel Martin, 12 (Lyndhurst)
Mimi Jeremic, 12 (Ridgefield)
Lee Joon Choi, 12 (Leonia)

Stella Mayer, 12 (Dwight-Englewood)
Monique Laban, 12 (Queen of Peace)
Alyson Toman, 11 (Secaucus)
Jennifer Alva, 11 (Leonia)
Kristina Ulrich, 11 (Secaucus)
Shayna Southard, 11 (Lyndhurst)
Gabriella Capote, 11 (Leonia)
Ursula Castiblanco, 12 (Leonia)
Melanie Zaros, 12 (Queen of Peace)
Janice Concha, 11 (Ridgefield)

Samantha DaSilva, 12 (Lyndhurst)
Sierda Rodi, 12 (Bergen Charter)
Lorena Ruiz, 12 (Ridgefield)
Kayla Montilla, 12 (Harrison)
Ariel Frazee, 12 (New Milford)
Tianna Peluso, 12 (Queen of Peace)
Mariam Said, 10 (Secaucus)
Olivia Garcia, 11 (Dwight-Englewood)
Briana Cahill, 10 (Leonia)

China aims to streamline the mobile diversion censorship process


Mobile gaming is outrageous in China, and thousands of new games come out any year. That’s good news for a tech industry, yet it also means a lot of work for China’s government, and prolonged delays for developers given each diversion expelled has to be rigourously authorized by China’s censorship board. And until recently, a organisation that was reviewing mobile games enclosed only 10 people. (It has given been upped to twenty).

Needless to say, carrying so few people perplexing to examination each singular mobile diversion entirely wasn’t a quite effective or fit system. Recognizing that, China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT) has announced new measures directed during streamlining a censorship routine to revoke worker effort and developer wait times.

According to Sina Games, starting in late December, games that aren’t expected to hold on supportive racial, political, chronological and amicable issues will be processed regulating a different, easier system. That includes building invulnerability games, platforming games, chess games, song and dancing games, sports games, drifting shooter games, and nonplus games, among other genres.

Even if your mobile diversion doesn’t tumble into that category, though, China’s censors are still anticipating you’ll be in for shorter wait times. When a new measures are implemented in late December, authorities are anticipating they will be means to cut a time it takes to check and approve a mobile diversion from 15-30 days down to 5-15 days.

Perhaps unnecessary to say, a manners about what’s indeed authorised in Chinese games haven’t changed, and any games found to be violating them will still be criminialized from recover in China. As we learned progressing this year, China bans games that embody any of a following:

  • Gambling-related calm or diversion features
  • Anything that violates China’s constitution
  • Anything that threatens China’s inhabitant unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity.
  • Anything that harms a nation’s reputation, security, or interests.
  • Anything that instigates racial/ethnic hatred, or harms racial traditions and cultures.
  • Anything that violates China’s process on sacrament by compelling cults or superstitions.
  • Anything that promotes or incites obscenity, drug use, violence, or gambling.
  • Anything that harms open ethics or China’s enlightenment and traditions.
  • Anything that insults, slanders, or violates a rights of others.
  • Other calm that violates a law

See: China blocks thousands of non-sensitive sites in ardent pierce to bury a few bad eggs

(Source: Sina Tech)

UFC Fight Night 57 Grades

Let’s only lay a cards out on a list here: Frankie Edgar is substantially not a UFC featherweight pretension contender.

It’s OK. we consider he knows it. After winning Cub Swanson during UFC Fight Night in Austin, Edgar (18-4-1) pronounced a lot of a right things (“This is only a beginning,” he told “doubters”). But during a postfight news discussion during Frank Erwin Center, he didn’t demeanour like a male who had only claimed a No. 1 contendership in his division.

He looked as if he knew all too good about a featherweight named Conor McGregor (16-2), who, if all goes good in a Jan quarrel opposite Dennis Siver, will strive for a pretension next.

[+] EnlargeJose Aldo and Frankie Edgar

Personally, I’m all right with that. Even yet we arrange Edgar (No. 3) brazen of McGregor (No. 6) during 145 pounds, we do consider that Edgar’s detriment to Jose Aldo in Feb 2013 comes into play here. This is a competition that caters to rankings and wins and losses, absolutely, yet also to matchups — and Aldo (25-1) vs. McGregor is a legitimate matchup some-more people wish to see.

And after an injury-plagued 2014 (particularly a fourth quarter), we don’t design a UFC to pass too many on marquee matchups right now. Booking Aldo-McGregor is defensible.

So, what subsequent for Edgar then? I’d like to chuck a idea into a hat: Chad Mendes 16-2).

Immediately after he mislaid to Aldo final month, we pegged a crook of Swanson contra Edgar as a intensity subsequent quarrel for Mendes. Looking during a stream landscape of a division, however, we consider it indeed creates clarity for Mendes to quarrel a leader instead.

Here’s my meditative on this:

A. It’s a good fight. Simple as that. We like good fights, right? That’s since we’re here.

B. It creates sense. A warrior entrance off a win opposite one entrance off a detriment is a monument in a UFC, yet Mendes was so considerable in his detriment to Aldo that he’s confirmed his No. 2 ranking, in my mind. Edgar is No. 3. Doesn’t make many some-more clarity than that.

C. I can’t consider of any utterly good reasons opposite this fight. It’s a potentially tough pull for Edgar, forcing him to navigate another tough jump while McGregor could punch his pretension sheet opposite a nonranked Siver. There would be some law to that, yet that’s not a good adequate reason not to do it. Edgar is a large boy. He can hoop a tough schedule.

The other doubt would be: Does it make clarity to book Mendes to a quarrel like that, entrance off a pretension loss? we consider it does. Mendes has never looked better. He gave Aldo his toughest fight. We’ve seen Mendes blow by easy fights in first-round finishes on his proceed behind to a title. Why go behind there? I’d rather see him in a quarrel opposite a former lightweight champ.

Basically, I’m in preference of not overthinking this one. Mendes contra Edgar is a home run. We don’t know what’s going to occur with a title. Maybe Aldo loses a belt to McGregor, jolt adult a whole division. Maybe Aldo beats McGregor and finally jumps to 155. Maybe injuries cancel fights and backup skeleton come into play. Who knows?

In any and all of these scenarios, we don’t see many obstacle in carrying a Nos. 2 and 3 featherweights in a universe quarrel one another in early 2015.

Without serve ado, here are a grades from a flattering plain UFC Fight Night 57 in Texas.

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UFC Fight Night 57 Grades


Frankie Edgar

This was a evidence (one of them) for Frankie Edgar to pierce from 155 to 145. Can we suppose Edgar winning a Ben Henderson or Gray Maynard-sized competition like this? Those guys were only too formidable to keep down. Whole opposite ballgame when Edgar takes down an competition his size. The man doesn’t get behind up.


Joseph Benavidez

Joseph Benavidez flog Dustin Ortiz post to post on this one. Several highlights to supplement to Joe B’s reel. He says it doesn’t make clarity to call anyone out since he’s already ranked brazen of all yet one guy. It’s a good point. And we wouldn’t be astounded if there aren’t a whole lot of flyweights lifting their hands to quarrel him right now.

Akbarh Arreola

Akbarh Arreola

High outlines for holding a scold approach. Akbarh Arreola came out throwing, guns blazing, pedal to a metal, all that — and Yves Edwards valid to be what we had hoped he wasn’t yet suspected he competence be: a tiny fragile. Time seems to be operative opposite Edwards during this point, and Arreola was intelligent to vigour him early.

Doo Ho Choi

Doo Ho Choi

Long moody for a brief fight. What stood out here was how ease 23-year-old Doo Ho Choi was — in his UFC debut, and in his initial quarrel in 17 months! Steel nerves for a South Korean, not to discuss that right hand.

Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant had a time of her life, and it was tough to be unblushing by her enthusiasm. She found a hole in Kailin Curran‘s diversion and exploited it. Bottom line is, VanZant was noted — and that’s not an easy thing to be on a UFC prelim.


Edson Barboza

Calculated, trained quarrel for Edson Barboza. Is he a pretension contender in 2015? Don’t know. Could see it, yet wouldn’t bank on it. Have to call him out for lifting his hands, while stalling, during a finish of a fight. Big win, and Bobby Green had been taunting, yet that wasn’t a taunt. It was, like, a demeanour of relief. Like, “Whew, fight’s over. we did it.” Kind of a uncanny proceed to finish it.


Chico Camus

Looked flattering good during 125 pounds. The emanate of weight slicing is a low one, yet with a proceed things are now, it’s fundamentally necessary, and it looks as if Chico Camus is in a right multiplication now. Played it right. Cut a weight, won a fight, suffer Thanksgiving dinner.


Ruslan Magomedov

The Dagestani was by distant a higher martial artist, yet Josh Copeland brought that crazy, not to be taken lightly, “I-ain’t-going-down-no-matter-what-you-hit-me-with” demeanour in his eyes. That can be a wily thing to understanding with sometimes. Ruslan Magomedov kept his conduct on his shoulders, though, didn’t gas and got a W. That’ll do, Mags.

Alexey Oleinik

Alexey Oleinik

Whaaaaaat? Crazy things occur with large guys and tiny gloves. It’s tough to design this run of first-round finishes for Alexey Oleinik to continue, yet when you’re hot, you’re hot. Ride this sight until a wheels tumble off, by all means.


James Vick

Not caring during all when a throng boos we is a good peculiarity to have. James Vick found out early he had dual options. Come brazen and take risks, or chill on a outward and be kind of tedious yet get a guaranteed win … since Nick Hein only had no tricks to get inside. Vick chose a latter and got booed a lot for it. Fine choice in my book.


Matt Wiman

I suspicion it was a good pointer he pennyless divided late. Coming off a nearby two-year layoff, we have to consider Matt Wiman was happy his cardio valid to be an advantage in a third round. He dressed like some hard-to-peg lumberjack, hipster, folk-singer hybrid all week, that we suspicion was fantastic. Stay weird, Wiman.


Dustin Ortiz

This was a misfortune Dustin Ortiz has ever been beaten in his career and utterly presumably a many tender I’ve ever been with him. He has a lot of belligerent to cover to be in Benavidez’s league, yet his toughness showed. Ortiz took a biased quarrel and indeed gave himself a few opportunities formed roughly wholly on willpower. Loved a effort.

Roger Narvaez

Roger Narvaez

I had Roger Narvaez losing this quarrel to Luke Barnatt 29-28. But don’t design many outrage. At a finish of a day, this was a bad fight, and Narvaez substantially deserved to win some-more than Barnatt anyway, interjection to a large flog and nearby finish in a third. Don’t get miserly though, Narvaez. Take a separate decision. Asking for a Fight of a Night bonus, too? No, Roger. Just no.


Bobby Green

Tough read. He’s got all a intensity in a world. Champion-caliber potential, in my mind. He came into a week articulate of retirement, though, and fought a rather one-dimensional fight. Not a finish we approaching to Bobby Green’s 2014 campaign. We’ll have to see what happens from here.


Cub Swanson

Man. Not that Cub Swanson can’t (or won’t) come behind from this, yet it is devastating. You could disagree it would have been improved for Swanson had he tapped to something early and saved himself from a full 25-minute beatdown. He’s still a world-class talent, yet after this, expectations of him as a pretension challenger are only shot. Tough, after a run he’d been on.

Brett Okamoto

MPU U15, Tan Holdings U18 advance

Tan Holdings Football Club U18 and MP United Football Club U15 teams are a usually dual squads left station on a eastern joint of a 2014 FA Youth Challenge Cup and will conflict for a final finals chair in a annual foe tonight during a Oleai Sports Complex Field.

Tan Holdings U18 modernized to a semifinals following a 5-0 trashing of a women’s group final Saturday also during a Oleai pitch, while MP United U15 requisitioned a semis sheet progressing after nosing out Paire FC U18 in a chastisement shootout, 5-4, final Thursday.

MP United U15 goalkeeper Clayton Izuka, seen here job out a actor during an progressing diversion in a 2014 NMIFA Fall League, done a diving save in their 5-4 win over Paire FC U18 in a FA Challenge Cup final Thursday during a Oleai Sports Complex Field. (Roselyn B. Monroyo)

MP United U15 goalkeeper Clayton Izuka, seen here job out a actor during an progressing diversion in a 2014 NMIFA Fall League, done a diving save in their 5-4 win over Paire FC U18 in a FA Challenge Cup final Thursday during a Oleai Sports Complex Field. (Roselyn B. Monroyo)

MP United U15 changed a win divided from barging into a finals and arranging a pretension duel with a U18 patrol after removing a large defensive stop from goalkeeper Clayton Izuka. The MP United goalie pacifist for a save during a left corner, denying Paire’s Dai Podziewski a game-tying goal.

MP United was a initial to try in a chastisement shootout with Edwin Kim joining one opposite Paire goalkeeper Ethan Dickinson. Paire’s Won Jun Kim retaliated to even adult a compare anew, while Cody Leon done it dual in a quarrel for MP United to recover a lead.

Next adult during a chastisement area was Paire’s Joel Fruit and he too finished a try to force a fourth deadlock of a match. Alex Park afterwards put MP United on tip again before Paire’s Ivan Seo answered behind for Paire. Keeanu Diaz done it 4-for-4 for MP United, however a group unsuccessful to keep a lead with Dickinson scoring opposite his associate goalkeeper.

With a diversion still tied and any group left with one actor to strike a winning shot, Bada Lee stepped into a chastisement area and kept MP United’s strain to put some-more vigour on Podziewski. The Paire actor afterwards had a good shot, though Izuka reacted fast for a game-saving dive.

Earlier in regulation, Lee scored in a 78th notation for a second standoff. Paire forced a initial deadlock, 1-1, as Fruit got into a house in a 36th minute, 14 mins after Michael Lee scored MP United’s initial goal. Paire went on to finish a initial half unresolved on to a slim 2-1 lead as Dickinson strike his aim in a 41st minute.

Meanwhile, in a other playoff pairing final Saturday, it was an all-Tan Holdings U18 uncover with Inkyu Choi heading a squad.

Choi had a brace, knocking in his initial idea right into a fourth notation of a unilateral match. Tan Holdings U18 group purebred a subsequent dual goals in a camber of 5 mins with Yoshi Mafnas creation it to a house in a sixth notation and Choi gaining his second in a 11th. Tan Holdings wrapped adult a initial half with one some-more goal, pleasantness of Se Young Kim, who found a behind of a net one notation before a initial support concluded. Tan Holdings’ sole idea in a second half came from Ryan Relucio, who illuminated adult a house in a 61st minute.

Meanwhile, a leader of a Tan Holdings U18-MP United U15 quarrel during 6pm tonight will plea MP United U18 in a winner-take-all culmination this Saturday during 1pm during a Oleai pitch. The crook will play Matansa FC U18 in a conflict for third place also this Saturday during 10am during a Hopwood Junior High School Field.

MP United U18, that won a final 3 editions of a Challenge Cup, cumulative a initial finals berth in this season’s foe after abrasive Matansa FC U18, 8-0, final Saturday.

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Stevenson’s Weisman in a using for Burlsworth Trophy

Mark Weisman walked on to a University of Iowa’s football team.

Once there, he never stopped running.

The comparison using behind is now partial of an chosen group.

A Stevenson High School product from Buffalo Grove, Weisman is one of 10 semifinalists for a 2014 Burlsworth Trophy.

The endowment is presented annually to a many superb football actor in America who began his career as a walk-on.

Three finalists are approaching to be announced Tuesday and a endowment will be presented Monday, Dec. 8.

The 6-foot, 240-pound Weisman has led a Hawkeyes in rushing in any of a past dual seasons and is Iowa’s heading rusher by 11 games this year.

In a Hawkeyes’ initial 11 games, he has rushed for 720 yards on 182 attempts, scoring 14 touchdowns.

The 14 touchdowns arrange fifth best in a single-season during Iowa.

In 3 seasons, he has turn only a third actor in Iowa story to record 30 rushing touchdowns.

He ranks fourth in career rushing attempts, eighth in rushing yards, and 12th in career scoring (186 points). Weisman is one of 8 Hawkeye using backs to rush for over 2,200 yards and measure some-more than 20 touchdowns.

Weisman also excels in a classroom, as he was formerly named to a 2014 Capital One District 6 Academic All-America initial team.

He binds a 3.32 grade-point normal and is majoring in health and tellurian physiology.

Weisman warranted educational All-Big Ten approval in 2012 and 2013 and is a three-time honoree on a UI dean’s list.

The Burlsworth Award is named in respect of former Arkansas actor Brandon Burlsworth. After earning All-America honors in 1998, Burlsworth was a 63rd preference in a 1999 NFL Draft before being tragically killed in a automobile collision 11 days after a draft.


• North Central College youth Richard Zirngibl (Buffalo Grove) played in all 10 games during clever reserve and led a organisation in pass breakups, recording seven. He was also ranked fourth on a organisation in tackles, creation 44.

Men’s basketball

Loras College youth Mirko Grcic (Lake Zurich) finished with 34 points and 26 rebounds in Loras’ 89-84 overtime feat over Edgewood.

Grcic was 11-of-17 from a building and sunk 12-of-17 from a free-throw line. He finished with 21 defensive rebounds and 5 descent rebounds.

His opening tied a Loras record dating behind to a 1955-56 season, when Al Carew hauled in 26 rebounds opposite St. Norbert College.

• Augustana youth Griffin Pils (Libertyville) led a Vikings (2-0) with a team-high 12 points in a 51-47 win over Albion.

Pils is averaging 6.8 points and has 12 assists. He is sharpened .500 from a floor, .429 from three-point operation and .889 from a giveaway chuck line.

The Vikings are 4-0 and averaging 76.0 points per game.

Women’s volleyball

Carthage youth setter Karen Chin (Mundelein), who averaged 10.60 assists and 2.82 digs per set) was named to a 2014 American Volleyball Coaches Association second-team All-America.

• University St. Francis youth setter Megan Mowery (Carmel Catholic) was named to a All-Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference second team.

Mowery warranted her third all-conference endowment in as many years. After averaging only underneath dual kills per set as an outward hitter during a initial half of a season, she switched to a setter position as a outcome of a season-ending damage to starting setter sophomore Danielle Conrad.

In 17 matches as a Saints’ setter, Mowery averaged 8.57 assists per set as St. Francis (26-15, 14-4) went 12-5 to tighten out a season.

• Lewis comparison libero Amy Choi (Vernon Hills) was named to a All-Great Lake Valley Conference honest discuss team.

Choi had 30 digs in Lewis’ final detriment to Ferris State in a opening turn of a NCAA Tournament.

It was her fifth compare this deteriorate of 30 or some-more digs. She finished with 550 digs on a season, tied for a third many in a singular deteriorate in Lewis history. Her 2,108 career digs are a many in propagandize history.

Men’s swimming

Lewis sophomore Bryan Wiener (Mundelein) was partial of a Flyers’ 200 miscellany send that total for a school-record time of 1:29.61 during IUPUI’s House of Champions meet. They pennyless a prior record by scarcely 4 seconds.

Wiener also won a 200 behind in 1:48.01. However, it was his float of 1:46.63 in a preliminaries that set a propagandize record in a event. His opening pennyless his possess propagandize record.

Lewis finished forward of 4 Division we squads during a meet, finishing third with 1292.5 points in a nine-team eventuality won by Indianapolis (1545.5).

Women’s cranky country

Lewis redshirt youth Kristen Bonsor of Antioch had a personal record symbol of 21:32 to place 17th during a 6K NCAA Midwest Regional Championships, hosted by Southern Indiana. No. 24-ranked Lewis placed eighth out of 30 teams.

Women’s basketball

Augustana sophomore Olivia Mayer (Libertyville) leads a Vikings (1-2) this deteriorate with 13 assists and she is averaging 7.7 points per game. The third-leading scorer on a organisation is comparison Valerie VanRoeyen (Libertyville) during 8.7 ppg.

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