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Scariest thing about Kim Jong-un: North Korean personality is power-hungry — not …

North Korea says U.S. will face ‘serious consequences’ unless it agrees to corner review into Sony hackers

North Korea on Saturday due a corner review with a U.S. into a hacking conflict conflicting Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning of “serious” consequences if Washington rejects a examine that it believes would infer Pyongyang had zero to do with a cyberattack.

The offer was seen by analysts as a standard ploy by a North to try to uncover that it is sincere, even nonetheless it knows a U.S. would never accept a offer for a corner investigation.

U.S. officials censure North Korea for a hacking, citing a collection used in a Sony conflict and prior hacks related to a North, and have vowed to respond.

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Last week, North Korea finished 3 years of central anguish for former tyrant Kim Jong-il with a rite attended by everybody who knows what’s good for them. Cars stopped in a streets, sirens sounded, and state radio trumpeted a over Dear Leader’s accomplishments, including branch a nation into an “economic colossus.”

Then a genuine celebrations began. Kim’s 31-year-old son, a Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, seemed to have pulled off an (almost literally) death-defying coup, branch a tables on his Western enemies. On Wednesday, Sony Pictures announced it was scrapping a recover of a $44 million comedy, The Interview, that shows Kim being assassinated.

A fortnight earlier, a studio had suffered an conflict by mechanism hackers, identified as handling on interest of North Korea, who had stolen a trove of rarely annoying corporate emails. There was a certain irony in a snub that followed. For years, a universe of showbiz has been personification North Korea, and a Kim dynasty, in particular, for laughs. “How’s life in North Korea?” “Well, we can’t complain.”

The stream Kim was finished for open expenditure as a blimp mime despot, dependant to frowzy Swiss cheeses and basketball videos, whose puzzling disappearances were explained by David Letterman as “spending some-more time executing his family.”

Now it wasn’t so funny. George Clooney led a cries of anguish: “We can't be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong-un,” he fumed.

If any good is to be found in what some pundits called “Hollywood’s darkest day,” it was a odds that North Korea and a celebrity will now be noticed rather differently.

It wouldn’t be too soon. The scariest thing about Kim is that he isn’t crazy during all. His dedicated duty, as he sees it, is to sojourn in energy during all costs, building on a impassioned celebrity cult that his family has grown over 66 years, and in this honour he has already proven to be remarkably efficient. The technique is comparatively elementary – brand enemies, genuine or imagined, and destroy them in a many open conform possible.

KNS/AFP/Getty Images

Little is famous of a Great Successor’s background. Some reports advise that a third child of Kim Jong-il was scholastic in Switzerland, where he was described as a “well-integrated and desirous student” – nonetheless ungainly with a conflicting sex.

His elder brother, Kim Jong-chul, was set to attain until he fell out of foster with his father, allegedly for attempting to enter Japan on a feign pass in sequence to revisit Tokyo Disneyland.

According to Kim Jong-il’s personal chef, Kim Jong-un smokes Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes, loves Johnnie Walker blockade and is a fan of Eric Clapton. So far, so normal – nonetheless reduction than a year after entrance to power, Kim had emissary counterclaim apportion Kim Choi arrested for “insufficient grieving” for his father’s death. The cursed male was taken to a banishment operation and shelled to genocide with mortars.

Last year, 9 womanlike members of a Unhasu Orchestra were publicly machine-gunned, presumably for swelling rumours about Kim’s wife, Ri Sol-ju. Kim’s uncle, Jang Sung-taek, one of a tip group in a regime, was indicted of “acts of treachery”, including carrying a wrong kind of dreams, and executed.

Kim was a world’s youngest conduct of state when he insincere energy in 2011. His podgy countenance, boyish grin and reported fondness for Western goodies led many to consider he would differ from his forebears. He did, too, yet not in a approach a West had hoped.

AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File

Veteran Korea-watcher Gordon Flake, before of a Mansfield Foundation in Washington, said: “By roughly each measure, a final 3 years have been some-more volatile, some-more unpredictable, potentially some-more dangerous, some-more irresponsible, than during a time of his father.”

North Korea has turn even some-more isolated, paranoid and brutal. A UN news on a tellurian rights record this year stated: “The gravity, scale and inlet of these violations exhibit a state that has no together in a contemporary world.” Even China appears to have given adult on it since everybody a Chinese used to speak to has been eliminated.

The Interview was ostensible to be a satirical romp, revelation a story of a span of TV reporters who land a world-exclusive talk with Kim, usually to be recruited by a CIA to murder him. The censure diversion over a project’s fall is now in full swing, with a stars aggressive Sony, Sony aggressive a cinemas, a cinemas blaming a lawyers, and everybody blaming Kim.

In Pyongyang, where a autocrat lives in cave-like quarters, presumably amid stacks of ripening Emmental, a feat over Hollywood can usually be good news. Not for anyone else, though. “This isn’t going to finish here,” warned Clooney, and he is certainly right. It wouldn’t even finish if Kim was invited to horde a Oscars.

La Cañada High boys’ basketball’s miss of knowledge costs group late contra …

Basketball: Spartans outscored by 10 in fourth entertain in 54-49 improved in competition third-place game.

December 20, 2014 | 9:31 p.m.

LA CAÑADA – Experience valid to be a disproportion and a rain of a La Cañada High boys’ basketball group in Saturday’s third-place diversion of a La Cañada Tournament.

Visiting Mark Keppel might have been short-handed, though a senior-laden Aztecs done all a essential plays down a widen in a 54-49 feat during a Hotchkin Family Gymnasium.

“If we demeanour during Keppel, they’re a comparison group and we’re a sophomore-junior team,” Spartans Coach Tom Hofman said. “We authorised some absurd back-door layups and they done some big-time plays.

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  • La Canada Flintridge, CA, United States

  • Alhambra, CA, United States

  • “For us, this is a training knowledge before joining and we’ll take it.”

    The Aztecs (6-3) trailed by 5 points after 3 quarters, though enjoyed their best defensive entertain of a contest, winning a fourth, 18-8.

    Up, 41-36, to start a fourth, La Cañada (5-3) authorised 10 of a quarter’s initial 14 points in descending behind, 46-45, after a straightaway three-pointer from comparison ensure Bailey Kikuchi (15 points and 3 assists) with 3:30 remaining.

    With a initial lead given early in a third quarter, Keppel combined 4 some-more points on uninterrupted baseline layups from Kikuchi off back-to-back assists from Try Shishima.

    The final of those dual baskets came with 2:01 remaining and gave a Aztecs a 50-45 advantage.

    “That’s a system, a lot of passing,” Keppel Coach Hung Duong said. “We don’t indispensably rest on one passer, though on several passers to emanate opportunities. Fortunately, we did that tonight.”

    La Cañada missed a three-point try and committed a turnover on a subsequent dual security before youth ensure Koko Kurdoghlian connected on a jumper with 34.3 seconds remaining to cut a necessity to 50-47.

    Unfortunately for a Spartans, they never embellished off any some-more points, as La Cañada’s plan of fouling Aztecs comparison core Bertram Mak failed.

    Mak strike 4 of 4 giveaway throws down a widen in capping a smashing bid in that a core led all scorers with 30 points and 8 rebounds.

    “Our invulnerability currently only wasn’t as good tonight as it’s been in other games,” pronounced Spartans sophomore core Sean Estes, who led his side with 21 points, 8 rebounds and one retard and was named to a all-tournament team. “In a fourth quarter, we let them get easy shots and that got us.”

    Prior to a fourth, it was a Spartans who enjoyed a clever third entertain as La Cañada won a period, 22-13, that flipped a 23-19 halftime necessity into a 41-36 third-quarter advantage.

    The Spartans were aided by their sharpened behind a arc in a third, as a group strike 4 threes, including dual from Estes.

    The initial half played out slower for both sides, as Keppel hold a 15-11 lead after one quarter.

    The Aztecs scarcely took a six-point advantage into a half before Spartans youth ensure Ben Choi (eight points) strike a jumper only before a buzzer to cringe his team’s necessity to 23-19 during a break.

    Kurdoghlian combined 8 points, 6 assists and dual blocks for a Spartans.

    “Right now, it’s all about removing improved as a group and that’s what this competition gives us an event to do,” Hofman said.

    In a evening’s nightcap, Bonita degraded Renaissance Academy, 72-68, to win a competition title. Bonita’s Joe Quintana was named a competition MVP.

    Tác giả Flappy Bird: ‘Chơi diversion Việt đôi khi thấy vô nghĩa’

    Trong bộ trang phục đơn giản với quần jeans và áo thun, Nguyễn Hà Đông đã góp mặt tại Diễn đàn lãnh đạo trẻ Việt Nam 2014 để giao lưu với nhiều người trẻ khởi nghiệp. Sự kiện được tổ chức khá lặng lẽ tại một trung tâm hội nghị ở quận 4, TP HCM.

    Nguyễn Hà Đông là người lên sân khấu sau cùng trong sự bảo vệ của anathema tổ chức. Bất kỳ ai, kể cả phóng viên, đều không được phép chụp ảnh, ghi hình “cha đẻ” của Flappy Bird.

    Cha đẻ Flappy Bird: Chơi diversion Việt đôi khi thấy vô nghĩa

    Nguyễn Hà Đông tại Diễn đàn lãnh đạo trẻ Việt Nam 2014.

    Dưới đây là những câu hỏi mà nhiều bạn trẻ đã đặt ra cho Nguyễn Hà Đông tại sự kiện.

    - Xin chào Nguyễn Hà Đông, cuộc sống của anh “hậu Flappy Bird” như thế nào?

    - Vẫn bình thường, không có gì quá đặc biệt.

    - Hà Đông có hút thuốc nhiều như thời Flappy Bird không?

    - Thực ra tôi không hút nhiều đến như vậy. Đó có thể là một sự hiểu lầm.

    - Dự định của anh trong tương lai gần và tương lai xa?

    - Trong năm 2015, tôi sẽ tập trung xây dựng một quy trình chuẩn cho công ty diversion của tôi. Tương lai xa thì tôi chưa nghĩ tới.

    - Trong quá trình làm game, khó khăn lớn nhất của bạn là gì?

    - Đó là tạo ra một nhân vật có cá tính và cá tính đó không diễn tả được bằng lời. Phải bằng một cách nào đó (game play, hành động…) mới có thể diễn tả hết được cá tính đó.

    - Chuẩn mực trong diversion của anh là gì?

    - Game của tôi thường có ba phần: nhân vật, bối cảnh, diversion play. Tôi chỉ cần làm tốt nhất 3 phần là xong.

    - Anh có bao giờ nghĩ mình thất bại?

    - Tôi chưa nghĩ đã thành công và chưa nghĩ mình thất bại.

    - Tôi ủng hộ anh và hiểu được lợi thế cạnh tranh của diversion Việt Nam, nhưng diversion nào cũng chung một phong cách khiến tôi phát chán. Sắp tới anh sẽ làm gì để diversion của anh đỡ chán?

    - Tương lai sẽ trả lời.

    - Anh đánh giá như thế nào về diversion Việt? Nếu có lời khuyên cho các nhà phát triển, anh sẽ nói gì?

    - Tôi không hiểu gì về thị trường Việt Nam. Đó là điều chắc chắn. Nhưng dưới góc độ là nhà phát triển với nhau, tôi thấy nhân vật trong diversion của các bạn chả có tính cách gì cả. Mọi người không cảm được tính cách của nhân vật. Chơi diversion của các bạn, đôi khi tôi cảm thấy nó hơi vô nghĩa.

    Lời khuyên của tôi là các bạn hãy làm tốt những việc nhỏ trước khi làm những việc lớn. Các bạn không làm tốt được những diversion rất nhỏ thì sẽ không bao giờ làm được những diversion lớn.

    - Anh nói rằng anh làm rất ít diversion và chỉ đưa ra những sản phẩm mà anh cảm thấy hoàn hảo. Vậy làm sao để biết sản phẩm đó là tốt nếu không nhận được phản hồi của người chơi?

    - Cũng tùy cá tính của người thiết kế thôi. Cá nhân tôi không tin người dùng nhiều lắm. Tôi tin vào bản thân mình hơn.

    - Anh có cập nhật diversion của mình sau khi phát hành?

    - Triết lý của tôi là làm xong một diversion là xong luôn. Tôi không thích hỗ trợ những sản phẩm cũ.

    - Tại sao Nguyễn Hà Đông grain tránh tiếp xúc với giới truyền thông?

    - Tôi không né tránh truyền thông, tôi chỉ tiếp xúc có chọn lọc.

    - Anh có nghĩ Swing Copter được 20 triệu lượt tải là nhờ ăn theo Flappy Bird?

    - Khi làm diversion tôi luôn đề cao tính kế thừa và phát huy. Game sau luôn thừa hưởng từ diversion trước. Tất nhiên là nhờ thành công của Flappy Bird, người chơi sẽ biết đến một thể loại diversion như vậy, và sẽ dõi theo những diversion kế tiếp của tôi.

    Western thesis gaming

    This week it’s a re-visit to one of my favourite tiny push games; Blackwater Gulch: Gangfights in a Old West.

    “Howdy Partner! You certain come to a right place if you’re looking for trouble. Blackwater Gulch is full of it. We got Clancy boys down yonder, a damn Vigilance Committee using ‘round like a duck though a head, some lousy Bandidos hidden all they can lay their paws on, and raids from a Bloodwolf Tribe” starts a quickstart rules.

    The game, that I’ve been personification with buds for a integrate of years now, has players any with a gang, in a elementary diversion that means 5 miniatures, any with a tag that outlines that characters specific skills and attributes.

    This starter set contains a pre-generated squad to get we personification faster. Using a full Gang Recruitment manners in a categorical rulebook we can truly customize your gang, carrying some-more Henchmen or maybe even an additional Professional or two.

    In terms of diversion play, Blackwater Gulch keeps things flattering true brazen and simple. A impression gets shot, they are generally out of action, that is flattering many picturesque of being shot in a aged west. That realism can during times be frustrating, as a impression goes down easy, and some of a manners streamlining takes divided plan to understanding with a emanate of surviving.

    Gulch does occupy manners that concede a ‘gang’ to benefit skills over time, for a debate setting, so that is a good thing.

    But behind to a pre-boxed gangs for a bit.

    The diversion started out with a half-dozen pre-generated gangs, though have combined a few some-more to enhance play options.

    “The Blackwater Lines Railroad employed many Chinese and Asian workers and laborers, though once a tyrannise was finished, many were simply laid off with no place to go. Some left town, others stayed though found it tough to get by on their possess in a city full of people who didn’t know their denunciation or culture. Soon after, many Asians banded together to form a Secret Fist and now run a Oriental Quarter to strengthen other adults of their kind,” minute a box of one such gang.

    “The Secret Fist is led by Mr. Foo, a large male who operates a tiny pig plantation only on a corner of town. His stock is mostly used to censor evidence, they’ll eat anything or anyone for a right price. Chang is his right palm man, an skilful gunslinger whose sixguns never skip their mark. His aged friend, Dr. Hoo, runs a tiny herbalist emporium in town, and personally reserve opiates to a some-more well-to-do in town. The outlandish beauty Jen Choi and her cousin Fu Tang turn out a Secret Fist as henchmen, using peculiar jobs around city and always prepared to behind adult their friends in a fight.”

    “The Blackwater River starts only north of city during a bottom of Victory Falls, and flows many apart miles southward, finale in lagoon country. Scores of riverboats lift products and people adult and down along a river, with a riverboat Tranquility being a many infamous. She is manned by a motley, though close organisation with a repute adjacent on piracy, carrying their satisfactory share of authorised and bootleg load all along a river,” sum a second squad box.

    “The captain of a vessel is Nathan Reinholdt, a former sergeant of a US Army who commands honour nonetheless is fiercely constant to his crew.

    What creates this squad so darned constrained is that a characters are all homages to a organisation of a short-lived, though much-loved sci-fi array Firefly.

    For those totally out of a sci-fi loop Wikipedia explains; “Firefly is an American radio array space western play combined by author and executive Joss Whedon, underneath his Mutant Enemy Productions label.

    Check out both gangs and a diversion during http://www.blackwatergulch.com/A

    © Copyright 2014 Yorkton This Week

    Roy Choi, Daniel Patterson Announce First Location of loco’l

    Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson aren’t only formulation to change a quick food game, as they announced their newest quick food venture together this summer during MAD. They’re looking to change a neighborhood, too.

    That would be a Tenderloin area of San Francisco, according to MAD and a San Francisco Chronicle, where a twin devise on opening a initial plcae of loco’l. The official announcement from Choi and Patterson:

    In Jan we talked on a phone and motionless to open a new kind of quick food chain. We hardly knew any other.

    In Feb we got together, ate prohibited pot, and talked about how we could change a world. We had an thought for a restaurant. We had no name, no concept, no menu.

    In Aug we showed adult during MAD with a name, a logo, a antecedent of a burger, and lots of large ideas. We still had no space, no business plan, no money.

    Now we have a business partner and a small money. And we have a initial space. It’s 57 Taylor Street during Turk in San Francisco.

    We’ve gotten so many questions in a final few months, though we still don’t have a lot of sum to share, since we’re creation this adult as we go. We can tell we one thing, though: We’ll be open by late spring/early summer. You can come by afterwards and all your questions will be answered.



    Roy Daniel

    The intersection of Taylor Street and Turk has been identified as one of 9 “action zones” by a Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP), with a hopes to reconstruct and revamp a struggling, tough neighborhood. “We looked during a lot of opposite spaces, and something about that vibe and that intersection spoke to us,” pronounced Patterson to a Chronicle.

    The Chron has some-more on new restaurants and art spaces opening in a neighborhood, though maybe a coolest appendage to loco’l is a “multi-use commissary kitchen” to horde cooking classes by Patterson and Sasha Bernstein’s non-profit, a Cooking Project. After conquering San Francisco, Choi and Patterson devise to open some-more locations of loco’l in Oakland and Los Angeles. 2015, year of affordable, healthy quick food — we puncture it.

    [MAD, San Francisco Chronicle]

    Lộ diện prohibited lady chơi diversion Ngự Long Tại Thiên

    Sinh ra và lớn lên tại Nam kỳ (Cần Thơ), Nguyễn Lê Minh Trúc có khuôn mặt khả ái nhưng đôi khi lại lạnh lùng, đam mê diversion và cosplay. Cô được cộng đồng Ngự Long Tại Thiên xem như prohibited lady có gương mặt không tuổi.

    Sở hữu chiều cao 1m65, nặng 47kg, cô nàng 9x Nguyễn Lê Minh Trúc được nhiều người biết đến với nickname Mitukat, hiện là một trong những người mẫu ảnh, diễn viên bán chuyên nghiệp trong cộng đồng mạng. Đặc biệt, Mitukat đang làm xôn xao cộng đồng diversion thủ bởi khả năng chơi diversion và thăng cấp “thần tốc” trong diversion 3D Ngự Long Tại Thiên.

    Hot lady diversion thủ Mitukat chơi Ngự Long Tại Thiên.

    Game thủ này cho biết, nickname Mitukat được viết tắt từ tên của Minh Trúc. Kat được bắt nguồn từ tình yêu với loài mèo. Mitukat hiện đang là sinh viên năm cuối ngành kinh tế. Ngoài việc học, Minh Trúc còn tham gia các hoạt động nghệ thuật khác như người mẫu không chuyên, xuất hiện trong các shave giải trí trên mạng xã hội trong hơn 2 năm qua.

    Minh Trúc chia sẻ: “Mình là một người rất nhí nhố, vui vẻ, hòa đồng nhưng cũng lại rất lạnh lùng khi chụp hình. Vì khuôn mặt không cười khi lên ảnh sẽ đẹp và có hồn hơn. Mình nghe các anh chụp hình nói thế. Với lại, khi không cười mình thể hiện cung bậc cảm xúc lạnh và buồn rất tốt”.

    Mitukat ngoài đời thật.

    Ngoài thời gian cho học hành, công việc, cô gái còn dành tình cảm cho cosplay và game. Cô cho biết hiện đang chơi Ngự Long Tại Thiên thích các tính năng, hình ảnh đồ họa trong game, chuỗi nhiệm vụ và hệ thống chiến trường. Nhân vật TiểuLinhLung của cô gái này giờ đã gần cấp 60.

    Với cộng đồng Ngự Long Tại Thiên, cô nàng Minh Trúc hiện được xem là mỹ nữ, nhiều anh hùng hào kiệt đang dõi theo và mong muốn kề vai trên những chiến trường. Vì bản thân cũng là một diversion thủ nên Minh Trúc cho biết, cô rất khâm phục những diversion thủ chơi hay, hy vọng được kết bạn, cùng chơi và chia sẻ kinh nghiệm chinh phục game.

    Mitukat tham gia trộm heo trong Ngự Long Tại Thiên.

    Cùng chiêm ngưỡng và tìm hiểu một số thông tin về nữ diversion thủ xinh đẹp Mitukat:

    Một số thông tin “mật” để tìm Mitukat

    Bước 1: Đến http://nltt.com.vn/, tải diversion về và chơi.

    Bước 2: Tìm đến U Châu quốc.

    Bước 3: Tìm gặp người tên là TiểuLinhLung

    Thu Ngân

    UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dollaway – Idiot’s Guide and Preview to FS1/Fight …

    The Line Up

    Light Heavyweight Marcos Rogério de Lima vs. Igor Pokrajac
    Featherweight Tom Niinimäki vs. Renato Carneiro
    Featherweight Darren Elkins vs. Hacran Dias
    Bantamweight Leandro Issa vs. Yuta Sasaki
    Welterweight Márcio Alexandre vs. Tim Means
    Middleweight Vitor Miranda vs. Jake Collier

    The Odds

    Lima -355 / Pokrajac +245

    Niinimaki -130 / Carneiro +110

    Elkins +150 / Dias -190

    Issa +300 / Sasaki -420

    Alexandre +180 / Means -260

    Miranda +115 / Collier -155

    3 Things You Should Know

    1. We frequency get engaging live prospects on these undercards, so no matter how bad a label surrounding them is, it’s good to have dual in Sasaki and Carneiro.

    Sasaki showed opposite Roland Delorme given we need to absolved ourselves of a idea that Asian fighters can’t penetrate it in a UFC. They paint a sincerely tiny apportionment of a UFC, and nonetheless off a tip of my conduct I’ve got Doo Ho Choi, Stun Gun, Horiguchi, KZ, Mizugaki, Hioki (performed next expectations, yet still a buttress in a division), Ho Kang, Gyu Lim, Seo Hee Ham, and we could even embody Rin Nakai if we were so prone (I’m not, yet usually with honour to her destiny in her stream division).

    The categorical thing with Sasaki is that he’s indeed removing time with people like Alpha Male. This is a vast ascent from a packed shoebox gyms in Japan, for example. With an ADCC Asian trials win, and a ton of experience, design him to make brief work of Issa, who simply won’t be means to opposite Sasaki’s vast support pressuring him all night. The genuine doubt is what Sasaki’s roof is. Is what we suspicion Hioki could be? Hioki had distance too for his division, like Sasaki, yet Hioki’s problem was always a mental one: it wasn’t for a miss of trying, yet he has a story of not always fighting to his strengths. Sasaki takes a most some-more streamlined proceed to MMA, so design a 25 year to benefit.

    The other one is Carneiro: a 26 year aged whose got knowledge training with Rani Yahya, and is 8-0-1 with 4 wins by submission. His distinguished is flattering standard, yet that is not to contend he isn’t fluid. He strings offense together comfortably, vouchsafing lax with his left leg from his normal position where ever he can, and unloading flattering complicated punches with his right hand. Still, his diversion is tip control, and his foe is a warrior who done his UFC entrance opposite Carneiro’s stablemate in Yahya. It was a vast ascent in competition, and Niinimaki excelled, usually to remove twice by acquiescence to reduction gifted grapplers.

    This will be a tough quarrel to empty given notwithstanding Niinimaki’s pile-up landing, he’s still a plain fighter. However, Carnerio has been in with plain foe notwithstanding his youth, so we design him to vigour Tom with his kicks, stalking him for a preference win.

    2. A integrate of UFC veterans find themselves in drastically opposite spots. Pokrajac could potentially get his pinkish trip even in feat (I know we know: not really, yet still) while Elkins gonna Elkins.

    Darren Elkins is like a Zuffa butterfly trapped in amber, charity observers a glance of time immemorial. we have a tough time desiring he’ll ever be cut. He’s a clarification of a stalwart, and we don’t design to go anywhere. Unlike Fitch, who he easily compares to, Elkins creates an bid to unequivocally finish, and we contend this as someone who had always reputable Fitch’s game.

    His opponent, Hacran Dias isn’t accurately a gimmie, yet he’s not a warrior we should design to have a Elkins shelf life. His process of choice when it comes to assault is submissions, and zero about his story tells me he can kick Elkins during his possess game. On tip of that, Elkins has grown some rote, yet effective distinguished over his career. He didn’t even demeanour all that outclassed opposite Jeremy Stephens.

    As for bad Igor, he had a good run in 2011. But he hasn’t strictly won given 2012. His physique is worn, and he was never a premier contestant to start with. On tip of that he’s fighting a furious soldier from TUF in Marcos Pezao. If you’re feeling frisky, we can see where we competence consider this could be good, contingency wise. After all, Igor is a veteran, and Pezao is still furious in a classical sense: this is a man that couldn’t make it past a semifinals of TUF Brazil 3. His diversion is still flattering unrefined. Nonetheless, he doesn’t need to land many to land a right one.

    3. The rest of a loser bets are not bad, yet you’ll usually remember a fights if they make we money.

    Marcio Alexandre is not a bad fighter. He’s cunning from his southpaw position and flexes a plain diversion altogether nonetheless his specialty is in a face punching game. However, he draws a tough one opposite a vast Tim ‘Dirty Bird” Means. This quarrel should be rival early on. Means’ bind work will infer to be a factor, that is given I’m adhering with this specific pick. Though not with a terrible volume of confidence.

    Even yet Collier is a favorite, Miranda has a some-more discriminating game, generally on a feet. Collier can get it on a belligerent where he’s some-more gentle yet we still consider Collier’s diversion will locate adult to him opposite fighters who specialize in certain areas, that usually marginally describes Miranda.


    Lima by TKO, turn 2.

    Carneiro by RNC, turn 3.

    Elkins by Decision.

    Sasaki by RNC, turn 2.

    Means by Decision.

    Miranda by Decision.