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Tech Devices Changing a Game for Restaurants, Diners

From taco stands to sit-down restaurants, record is changing a approach we order, compensate and even sup while eating out.

Want to peruse a news or occupy your restive kids during a table? There’s a inscription for that. Want to call forward your sequence and compensate by your phone? There’s an app for that. Want to squeeze takeout deals during off-times from your favorite restaurant, right from your mobile phone? That’s possible, too.

Partly to boost potency and trim costs, restaurateurs have been investing in tech collection for a final decade, altering routines that differently were tiny altered for some-more than a century.

In some cases, it’s as elementary as hand-held inclination that let servers daub a customer’s sequence onto a touchscreen. At Shoki Ramen House in midtown Sacramento, California, staffers receptacle a slim, brick-shaped grouping device, that does some-more than zip orders to a kitchen.

“With it, we can tell who is giving discounts and what time (staff) clocked in, that creates it easier to manage,” pronounced Saho Ueyama, manager of Shoki’s dual internal restaurants. She pronounced a on-screen arrangement also helps staff keep lane of wait times during customers’ tables.

For diners, it’s an elaborating world, from origination online cooking reservations to profitable a check by holding adult a smartphone.

“Technology is inspiring a whole experience,” pronounced Angie Pappas, mouthpiece for a Sacramento-based California Restaurant Association. “Restaurants are experimenting in opposite ways, and it’s engaging to see what sparks a impulse behind it. For many brands, it’s saying if they can some-more good run their business. For customers, it provides some-more options.”

Tablet during a Table

Among a innovations are tabletop tablets during Chili’s Grill Bar, a Dallas-based sequence of infrequent eateries, that recently started adding a freestanding Android tablets in a restaurants. Eventually, it expects to have some-more than 45,000 Ziosk tablets in 823 company-owned stores, a association said. The tabletop tablets are designed by Ziosk, a Dallas-based association that builds and customizes inclination for restaurants nationwide.

On any tablet’s 7-inch screen, Chili’s business can peruse menu items, sequence desserts and drinks and compensate their check. There is giveaway entrance to news from USA Today and, to keep kids entertained, a tablets offer family-friendly games, that lift a 99-cent price that’s combined to a check.

The tablet’s interest was regularly demonstrated during a new weekday cooking hour during a Chili’s on Sunrise Boulevard in Fair Oaks. Streams of kids entrance in with relatives constantly snatched adult a tablets before everybody else staid into their seats, a relatives clearly quiescent to a fact that a 99-cent diversion assign was going to accompany dinner.

“I don’t even argue. we know it’s a dollar combined on, though if it keeps them still and occupied, I’m happy,” pronounced 48-year-old Sacramentan Jennifer Sanchez. “The usually problem we have is origination them put it down for a few seconds to sequence their food.”

Grown-ups also logged time on a tablets.

“It’s a good change from a menu, that we also get anyway,” pronounced Barney Jones, a retirement and Carmichael resident. “It gives we a good demeanour during a food and it saves time reordering drinks. And if we have a question, a waiters come over to answer. we consider it’s only a some-more loose approach of doing things. You don’t feel hurried.”

When it’s time to pay, a Ziosk inscription acts as a credit-card processor, permitting business to appropriate their card, request coupons or present cards, and even separate a check. Once a check is paid, a inscription spits out a paper receipt and business can leave a grill though serve consulting their server.

Carlos Jimenez, handling partner of a Chili’s grill in Fair Oaks, pronounced a tablets, that arrived in April, have been good perceived by staff and customers. Calling them an “an additional partner” in a restaurant, Jimenez pronounced a tabletop tablets have helped streamline operations on bustling days.

“Saving time has a lot to do with it,” pronounced CRA’s Pappas. “I can see where, during a some-more family-oriented place, an adult with tiny children would wish to compensate a check and make a discerning getaway though watchful for a server to come over with a check.”

E la Carte, a Redwood City, California-based association founded in 2008 by a organisation of Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers, is rolling out a identical tabletop device for a Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill Bar chain. Its origination is called a Presto tablet, an Android-based, Intel-powered wireless device that enables guest to sequence food, play games and compensate their bill. The company’s idea is to have 100,000 tablets in Applebee’s restaurants this year.

Shorter Wait Time

Locally, restaurants are adding their possess tech touches.

Chando’s Tacos, that has 3 outlets, has an iPhone or iPad app that lets business sequence in allege and compensate by credit card, before ever display adult during a renouned Mexican eatery. Once an sequence is placed and paid for, Chando’s sends business a summary when their sequence is ready, a outrageous time-saver during a business where wait times can be 30 mins or more.

That kind of perk binds interest for many consumers.

“It’s not like a aged days. Customers unequivocally don’t wish to wait prolonged anymore,” pronounced Julie Graham, informal manager for a Portland, Ore.-based Old Spaghetti Factory. At a chain’s midtown Sacramento location, a computerized point-of-sale complement marks countless functions, including food and splash orders, and a array of tables a server turns in an hour. The system, that has been partial of a grill attention for years, enables Old Spaghetti Factory General Manager Raina Cyphers to lane all from how many meatballs are consumed on a given day to how good food orders are being plated in a kitchen.

Cyphers also carries a tiny pager, that allows her to promulgate with staff by a coded summary complement that can prove when a phone-in patron is on reason or if there’s a problem in a kitchen.

When it comes to technology, Cyphers said, “I acquire it. It creates us some-more fit and we’re means to assistance (customers) some-more quickly. And a immature people collect adult on a record right away.”

Glitches and Resistance

The grill tech bandwagon has gifted bumps along a way, including technical glitches, costs and even some insurgency by customers.

Longtime restaurateur Randy Paragary, who has mixed Sacramento grill locations, pronounced some business are taken aback when a server approaches them with a high-tech device. “They feel some-more gentle grouping a out-of-date way,” he said.

Paragary also remarkable that cost can impact how fast or how most record restaurants are peaceful to adopt. Paragary pronounced his restaurants are not pressed with all “the latest and biggest technology,” though even hackneyed systems don’t come cheap. He pronounced equipping a singular grill with a customary point-of-sale complement with mixed terminals and printers can cost $25,000 or more. Even so, he said, “they’re smashing and they speed things up.”

The biggest regard among restaurateurs regulating computerized systems is removing hacked, pronounced Paragary. He pronounced it’s essential that systems accommodate remuneration label attention correspondence standards to strengthen a personal information of credit label users.

According to a Wall Street Journal news final week, a new array of high-profile confidence breaches during grill chains, including some P.F. Chang’s outlets, have stirred a few restaurants and retailers to rever to a old-school “knuckle buster” inclination that manually imprinted credit label numbers.

Technical problems can also arise. Shoki Ramen House switched to a NCR-developed complement in May after experiencing problems with a competitor’s system. Kathy Ueyama, Shoki’s clamp president, declined to state accurately how most they’ve spent on new technology. “It was costly, though so distant it has been value it.”

Jeonbuk motors to seven-point lead during tip – SBS

Choi Kang-hee’s personality claimed a 19th joining win of a deteriorate interjection to dual late first-half goals, Han Gyo-won opening a scoring in a 37th notation before Lee Seung-ki doubled a lead 3 mins later.

The win sees Jeonbuk go 7 points transparent pleasantness of Suwon Bluewings’ thespian 2-2 pull with struggling Seongnam.

Jong Tae-se’s 81st-minute bid seemed to have given horde Suwon all 3 points after a caller had cancelled out Kim Do-heon’s third-minute opener by Kim Dong-sub.

But there was a final turn in a story 4 mins into blocking time as Uzbekistani midfielder Server Djeparov netted to acquire a share of a booty for Seongnam.

Pohang Steelers’ pretension counterclaim looks to be all though over after a 3-0 better during fourth-placed Jeju United that leaves it 13 points adrift of Jeonbuk.

With only one turn of fixtures left before a Korean tip moody splits in two, Ulsan leapfrogged Jeonnam Dragons into a final top-six mark as a prop from assailant Yang Dong-hyun hermetic a 2-1 feat over Sangju Sangmu.

Ulsan is now on 44 points, 8 points behind Pohang in a impending final AFC Champions League mark and ahead of Jeonnam on idea disproportion after a 2-1 home retreat to Seoul.

Kim Joo-young scored in a 58th notation and Colombian midfielder Mauricio Molina converted from a chastisement mark to put a caller in command, with Stevica Ristic’s strike 10 mins from time proof too late for Jeonnam.

Elsewhere, Busan I’Park beaten bottom bar Gyeongnam 4-0.

Whole Foods rolls out furnish rankings

NEW YORK — Whole Foods skeleton to start rolling out a complement that ranks fruits and vegetables as “good,” “better” or “best” formed on a supplier’s tillage practices.

Most notably, a supermarket sequence says a “responsibly grown” labeling complement for furnish and flowers will demarcate a use of several common pesticides. The rankings will also take into comment factors such as H2O and appetite use.

The module settled appearing in a scarcely 400 Whole Foods stores in a U.S. and Canada on Wednesday, with a rankings being remarkable on signs where prices are listed. Not all furnish and flowers that Whole Foods sells will qualify.

The standards were grown by Whole Foods and are not an central supervision designation.

Whole Foods is perplexing to pull a crook eminence between itself and a competitors, in partial by creation shoppers feel some-more empowered about their purchasing decisions. The grocery sequence already has ranking systems for beef and seafood, that takes into comment animal gratification and sustainability standards, respectively.

Whole Foods, formed in Austin, Texas, has but seen a sales expansion delayed as normal supermarket bondage and big-box retailers have muscled in on a marketplace for organic and healthy products. To reason onto customers, executives have pronounced they devise to some-more clearly state what creates Whole Foods stores different.

Matt Rogers, tellurian furnish coordinator for Whole Foods, pronounced a “responsibly grown” module is vital pull toward expelling a use of certain pesticides that studies have indicated can be damaging to plantation workers and children innate to mothers unprotected to them.

Although organic standards demarcate a some-more extensive list of pesticides, he pronounced a “responsibly grown” module could inspire non-organic producers to stop regulating some pesticides.

He also remarkable it’s dictated to residence other factors people caring about, such as H2O use.

Inside a rankings

Although it shouldn’t outcome in aloft prices for shoppers, Rogers pronounced such labeling typically helps boost sales since people feel improved about what they’re buying.

Kari Hamerschlag of Friends of a Earth, an environmental advocacy group, applauded Whole Foods for prohibiting a sincerely extensive list of pesticides to validate for a rankings. Still, to grasp a “best” rating, she noted, usually 4 of a 7 vital pesticides shown to be damaging to bee populations were prohibited.

Information about what a rankings weigh will be accessible online and in brochures in stores.

To grasp a “good” rating, Whole Foods says suppliers also have to take 16 stairs to “protect a air, soil, H2O and tellurian health.” The stairs change in difficultly, however. For instance, a initial is that a retailer meets regulations per matters such as irrigation.

Michele Simon, a open health counsel and author of “Appetite for Profit: How a Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back,” pronounced private retailers can play an critical purpose in pulling suppliers toward improved practices. But she remarkable that such rankings by companies can also lead to consumer difficulty if not finished properly, generally if there isn’t clarity behind how they’re determined.

Whole Foods pronounced suppliers will contention correspondence information by an inner website. If a applications lift any red flags, a association might ask for additional support or perform on-site audits.

Doubles teams lead Ann Arbor Huron boys tennis to third-place finish during D1 …

MIDLAND, MI – During final year’s Division 1 state tennis tournament, a Ann Arbor Huron boys group indispensable a feat in a final compare to win a third-straight title.

On Saturday, a stakes were somewhat reduce though that didn’t stop a River Rats from rushing a court.

With usually a No. 3 doubles group of Alex Cardigan and Brenden Chen to play, Huron indispensable a win to indurate a third-place finish. Cardigan and Chen fell behind a set, though rallied behind to kick Birmingham Brother Rice’s twin of Dan Lunghamer and Sean Abelarde in 3 sets.

“We were down and we came behind since we believed we could,” Chen said. “It’s a lot about a mental diversion and a lot some-more about gripping yourself positive. It’s one of a biggest things we have to learn.”

The doubles feat was Huron’s second of a day, with Jason Chen and Austin Choi winning a No. 1 flight. They too rallied behind after losing a set in a semifinals. With movement behind them, a twin kick Novi’s No. 1 seeded Maxx Anderson and Daniel Yu, 6-1, 7-5. 

No. 2 doubles players Will Brenner and Orion Sang reached a finals before descending to Brother Rice. After a loss, they commended their opponents before fasten a many outspoken group of spectators during a complex.

Huron indispensable each indicate it got, restraining Troy with 20 points for third out of 23 teams.

Coach Stefan Welch wasn’t certain what his group would be means to do early in a deteriorate after losing 8 players from final year’s squad. After Saturday’s finish, he pronounced a River Rats exceeded his expectations.

“Like we was revelation a team, they came out and we suspicion they played a many like champions,” Welch said. “They worked tough all deteriorate and out-competed everybody here in my opinion … Hopefully this success helps us turn a improved group subsequent year.”

Huron loses pivotal seniors again this season, though Sang pronounced he was unapproachable of what a immature group was means to accomplish, and he has high expectations for a nearby future.

“Our singles are all underclassmen and they got tough draws, though they played so hard,” he said. “I consider subsequent year they’ll be intensely good. We get all 4 singles back, and they have a knowledge of a state tournament.”

Novi won a state pretension Saturday with 31 points, followed by Brother Rice in second place with 23.

Justin P. Hicks is a sports contributor and storyteller for MLive / The Ann Arbor News. He can be reached at jhicks3@mlive.com. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and MLive.

HS football: Pascack Valley’s using diversion too most for Old Tappan

OLD TAPPAN — After fulfilling their media obligations Friday night, Pascack Valley’s Jorge Cortes and Rocco Swatek walked side by side behind to a group buses after a Indians’ hard-fought, 35-28, win over opposition Old Tappan.

The friends, and backfield counterparts, don’t caring who gets a round — or a touchdowns; they only caring who gets a win.

Just as No. 6 Pascack Valley did in an opening week win over Montclair, Cortes did a unwashed work (21 carries for 188 yards) in between a 20s Friday night during No. 7 Old Tappan, while Swatek — a Indians’ energy idea line behind — reaped a advantages (10 carries, 42 yards, 3 touchdowns).

Together, Cortes and Swatek propelled Pascack Valley to a large midseason win, featuring The Record’s tip dual ranked open propagandize teams in what could potentially have been a North 1, Group 4 sectional final preview.

“Those dual guys only element any other so well,” Pascack Valley manager Craig Nielsen said. “Jorge has some power, though he’s some-more of a speed man and Rocco has some speed, though he’s some-more of a energy guy.

“They give us dual totally opposite measure and we can go any approach we want. we keep revelation Jorge he’s got to start removing in a finish zone. Sometimes we leave him in to get his touchdowns, though in a diversion like this, we’re going to do what we always do. we don’t consider they mind who’s removing it.”

Perhaps a game’s biggest play was one of Cortes’ non-touchdown runs. Tied during 28 mid by a fourth quarter, only one play following Old Tappan’s game-tying touchdown from Jedh Downey (20-yard reception), Cortes pennyless by a line and rumbled 66 yards, bringing a round down to a Old Tappan 1.

A third using back, Josh Belmonte, punched it in from a 4-yard line dual plays after to give Pascack Valley a 35-28 lead.

“I only pronounced to [Old Tappan coach] Brian Dunn and his whole staff that we’ll see we again [in a state playoffs],” Nielsen said. “That’s a good group over there and this was a good high propagandize football game.

“I told a kids we played like champions, and so did Old Tappan. It’s a contrition someone had to remove a diversion like this; I’m only happy it wasn’t us.”

In a much-anticipated matchup that felt like a heavyweight fight, Old Tappan’s Jordan Fuller refused to let a Golden Knights go down quietly.

The highly-touted inhabitant partisan — personification essentially during quarterback — rushed 27 times for 290 yards and dual scores, including game-tying touchdown runs of 58 and 50 yards. He was concerned in a third game-tying measure mid by a fourth when he connected with Downey for a 20-yard touchdown pass with 6:58 to go.

“We had a kids in a right positions, though he only done plays,” Nielsen said. “He’s only a good athlete. Luckily, we done some plays, too.”

Clinging to a seven-point lead late in a fourth, a Pascack Valley invulnerability forced a fail right during midfield. Will Choi forced it and Jack Madden recovered, all though sealing a win for a Indians.

“This is a opposition of ours and we knew we had to fight,” Swatek said. “They always quarrel hard, it’s always a good diversion and this is only awesome.

“They kick us early final year and we didn’t forget that. We’re only happy to come out on a winning finish this time.”

Nexus Player: set-top box cho giải trí và chơi game

Trong khi Razer là công ty đầu tiên công bố kế hoạch ra mắt thiết bị Android TV thì Google lại là công ty đầu tiên phát hành ra thị trường một set-top box dựa trên nền tảng Android TV có tên gọi Nexus Player.

Android TV là nền tảng được Google công bố tại Google I/O vào tháng 6 để thay thế cho nền tảng Google TV không mang lại thành công. Mục tiêu của Android TV là tấn công vào thị trường màn hình lớn sử dụng trong các gia đình.

Được tiết lộ cùng Nexus 6 và Nexus 9, set-top box này chạy phiên bản Android 5.0 Lollipop mới nhất, dựa trên sự hợp tác giữa Google và Asus. Ngoài chức năng truyền phim ảnh, chương trình truyền hình grain âm nhạc đến TV, thiết bị của Google còn có thêm tính năng chơi diversion Android.

Google cho biết, với Nexus Player, khách hàng có thể chơi diversion Android trên HDTV thông qua một gamepad, sau đó tiếp tục tiến trình chơi diversion trên điện thoại khi đi ra ngoài. Gamepad dành cho Nexus Player có giá 39 USD, cũng được sản xuất bởi Asus.


Ngoài ra, Nexus Player còn hỗ trợ Google Chromecast, cho phép người dùng truyền tải nội dung từ Chromebook, điện thoại Android và cả iPhone.

Khách hàng có thể đặt trước Nexus Player vào ngày 17/10 với giá 99 USD, bao gồm bộ điều khiển từ xa kết hợp với microphone cho hoạt động tương tác với thiết bị bằng giọng nói. Thiết bị chính thức lên kệ vào ngày 3/11, tương tự Nexus 9.

Nguồn Neowin.

Foothill tennis roundup: West Ranch shows strength in doubles

Quickly apropos one of a strongest units in a Foothill League, West Ranch’s doubles were on indicate again in Thursday’s compare opposite Canyon.

It wasn’t usually a No. 1 twin of Julia Lynch and Brittany Waugh either, as all 3 teams were plain in a 12-6 feat during West Ranch High School.

Both a No. 2 tandem of Yasmine Chinda and Hannah Yuster and a No. 3 of Julia outpost der Colff and Cori Raffish swept their matches, while Lynch and Waugh won both of theirs 6-0, before removing subbed-out late.

“We brushed a final compare off (Tuesday’s detriment to Hart) and usually attempted to continue to play and have fun,” Lynch said.

Chinda and Yuster won by scores of 6-0, 6-0, 6-2 and outpost der Colff and Raffish went 6-0, 6-2, 6-1 for a Wildcats (10-5, 4-4).

Katrina DeGuzman combined 3 some-more wins to her considerable record, as Canyon’s tip singles actor won 6-0, 6-1 and 6-0.

“I’m still operative on my serve,” pronounced a medium DeGuzman after another clever outing. “We’ve done a few lineup changes and usually keep operative hard.”

West Ranch is behind in movement on Tuesday during Saugus, while Canyon (5-7, 1-7) travels to take on undefeated Valencia.

Valencia 17, Golden Valley 1
Valencia’s doubles teams swept all 9 sets while usually dropping dual sum games during Golden Valley High School.

The finish product was a 17-1 victory, as a Vikings softened to 16-0 altogether and 8-0 in joining play.

The No. 2 group of Katelyn Choi and Kate Zeile swept all 3 of their sets but dropping a singular diversion to lead a approach for a Vikings.

The tip tandem of Remy Balmain and Tina Inchalik won 6-0, 6-0, 6-1 and a No. 3 of Lauren Wolf and Gianna Benitez went 6-1, 6-0, 6-0.

Each of Valencia’s tip 3 singles players won dual sets, with Jennifer Shin and Sabrina Wueste both going 6-0, 6-0 before being replaced late in a compare and No. 3 Christina Fletcher winning dual of three.

“They know they have to continue to urge and benefit confidence,” pronounced Vikings conduct manager Annie Kellogg. “They worked on opposite shots currently and kept their focus.”

The Vikings horde Canyon on Tuesday and Golden Valley plays during Hart.

Hart 15, Saugus 3
The Indians were means to give a integrate of their tip players some time off late in Tuesday’s match, as Hart got out to a large lead and hold on to kick Saugus 15-3 during Saugus High School.

Both Proyfon Lohaphaisan and Natalia Munoz won their initial dual sets of a day by scores of 6-0 before being replaced with a compare good in-hand. Indians’ No. 3 singles Nicole Alvarez won 6-0, 6-3, 6-1.

Hart’s tip dual doubles teams also swept, as Madison Ladanyi and Sheridan Mott won 6-1, 6-1, 6-2 and a No. 2 group of Alex Laforteza and Zobia Quraishi won 6-1, 6-3, 6-1.

“Our doubles teams are starting to play most better,” pronounced Hart conduct manager Chris Mansfield. “It was good to be means to get a tip dual singles players some rest, too.”

South Eugene boys lift a prize – The Register

The Emerald Derby incited into an Emerald dispersion Thursday night.

South Eugene scored 4 goals in a initial half and cruised to an easy 4-1 boys soccer feat over opposition Sheldon in a second annual Emerald Derby. The Irish didn’t come divided empty-handed, though, with a Sheldon girls soccer group scoring 3 second-half goals to flog a Axemen, 3-0.

In a boys nightcap, a No. 2-ranked Axemen pushed their winning strain to 9 games and their undefeated widen to 11, flashing a tight, assertive descent diversion and a smothering defense.

“They connected. They played fast,” South Eugene manager Jurgen Ruckaberle pronounced of his players, who also helped a Axemen urge to 8-0 in a Southwest Conference and bind a discussion championship. “I consider if we play that way, we can go unequivocally low in a playoffs.”

South Eugene is used to personification low into a postseason. It has won during slightest one diversion in a state contest a past 3 years and had modernized to a quarterfinals a past two. Senior Kirk Bassett, one of South’s captains who scored dual goals Thursday, wasn’t bashful when articulate about a goals for this year’s team.

“All of a seniors suspicion this was a year,” he said. “We’re going to win state. Last year, we substantially should have got past a quarterfinals and that was unfortunate, though this year we’re perplexing to win it all.”

The Axemen valid Thursday during a unequivocally slightest they’re a category of a Southwest Conference. They invariably put vigour on Sheldon’s invulnerability and new goalkeeper Scott Choi, who was personification in usually his second varsity diversion in place of starter Deavin Brownson. South Eugene had 3 true dilemma kicks 12 mins into a game, and in a 13th minute, Juan Salgado’s flog in found Bassett free, and Bassett headed it past Choi for a 1-0 lead.

A notation later, Bassett missed on another dilemma header when a round caromed off a crossbar, though in a 15th minute, Daniel Krueger sent a cranky to Collin ChubbFertal, who finished with a rocket into a left dilemma of a net.

“(Scott) was unequivocally underneath a lot of pressure,” Sheldon manager Zach Lazar said. “For his miss of varsity experience, we was unequivocally unapproachable of how he did. He had a good game.”

In a 25th minute, Bassett brought a vast South Eugene throng to a feet after he finished off a good pass from Aidan Johnson with a discerning pierce around a Sheldon defender and a tough right-footed shot over a conduct of Choi.

“It was flattering spectacular, that goal,” Ruckaberle said. “At a tip level, you’d have to hunt tough for some players who can measure that goal.”

“When he goes top 90, what are we going to do?” Lazar said. “That’s a good shot.”

The Axemen weren’t utterly finished with their first-half attack. George Dickerson threaded a pass by Sheldon’s behind line to a tarnishing Krueger, giving him an easy one-on-one with Choi. Krueger got a shot off usually before he and Choi collided and a round rolled into a net for South’s fourth idea of a half.

“A unequivocally good finish half,” Ruckaberle said. “Everything was in, good goals, good combos … we didn’t concede anything.”

Sheldon finally pennyless a shutout in a 60th minute. Mason Dallegge found an opening in a differently vigourous Axemen invulnerability and let lax with a 17-yard flog that went usually over a conduct of screw Rori Sullivan.

“Fantastic,” Lazar said. “He’s doing unequivocally good for us. Has warranted his time solemnly via a season. … Having a idea like that in a large diversion like this will usually boost those mins going forward.”

South’s first-half assault was identical to what Sheldon’s girls group did in a second half in a initial diversion of a night. The Irish (6-3-3, 6-2 SWC) and a Axemen (2-9-1, 0-7-1) were tied 0-0 during halftime, though Sheldon came out in a second half with a renewed aggressiveness. Less than a notation into a duration Emma Eddy took a shot on idea that Isabella Pomponi had to make a diving stop to save.

Four mins later, Eddy was tripped in a box on another good shot attempt, earning a chastisement kick, that she put in a upper-left dilemma of a net for a initial idea of a game.

That non-stop a floodgates. Taylor Carman followed with a idea in a 46th minute, and Kalea Nyby put an fatiguing hold to a feat with a clever shot from 30 yards out that zipped by a diving Pomponi.

The win warranted a Emerald Derby prize for a Irish, who flog South Eugene for a second true year. It also keeps a Irish with an outward possibility of throwing South Medford (10-1, 8-0) for a discussion title. With dual games to go, Sheldon is dual games back.

For a Irish boys (5-5-1, 4-4), a detriment pushed them serve down a standings and kept them a indicate behind Grants Pass and North Medford for third place.

Also Thursday

Midwestern League

Eagle Point 3, Churchill 2, OT: Giovanni Brigola scored dual unassisted goals and Cameron Henderson done 5 saves for a Lancers (5-5-1, 2-1) in their highway detriment to a Eagles.

Sky-Em League

Cottage Grove 3, Sweet Home 1: Richie Villalobos scored dual goals, Kaiden Ramsey had a idea and an support and a Lions degraded a Huskies. Lucas Ward had dual assists for Cottage Grove (6-4-2, 5-2-1).

Elmira 1, Sutherlin 1, 2OT: Ben Douthit scored a equalizer for a Falcons (5-4-3, 2-4-2) in a 94th notation of Elmira’s pull with a visiting Bulldogs. Jakob Saucier scored for Sutherlin (4-6-1, 1-6-1) in a 92nd minute.

Special District 3

Pleasant Hill 2, Glide 0: T.J. and Kinser Fleming any scored first-half goals and Mateo Blas available 6 saves to assistance a Billies (7-3, 6-2) win their fourth true match.

Girls soccer

Midwestern League

Churchill 4, Eagle Point 0: Abbie Taylor had a idea and an support in a Lancers’ subjection of a Eagles. Lara Nuttall, Emily Barnett and Risa Rettig also scored for Churchill (7-2-2, 3-0).

Sky-Em League

Cottage Grove 6, Sweet Home 3: Melissa McCasline available a shawl pretence for a visiting Lions (7-5, 5-3), and Kiana Hemenway combined dual goals in a victory. Jasmin Lopez scored Cottage Grove’s other goal, and Delia Ferguson had 3 saves.

Sisters 4, Junction City 1: Kaylyn Hansen scored late in a second half off a dilemma flog from Sierra Graton to assistance a visiting Tigers (10-2, 6-2) equivocate a shutout. Cassandra Arruda scored dual goals for a top-ranked Outlaws (9-2, 8-0), who won their eighth true game.

Special District 4

Pleasant Hill 2, Santiam Christian 2, tie: Maddie Fisher and Dakota Hanson any scored for a Billies (6-5-1, 3-3-1) in their pull with a horde Eagles.

Lauded Thai Eatery Pok Pok Coming to Chinatown

Lauded Thai Eatery Pok Pok Coming to Chinatown

Lauded Thai Eatery Pok Pok Coming to Chinatown

Posted: Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 9:35 am

Lauded Thai Eatery Pok Pok Coming to Chinatown


Chef Andy Ricker is a advocate of northern Thai flavors, and he’s built an acclaimed network of restaurants in Portland and New York City.

In box we missed a news, outposts of his Pok Pok and infrequent pad Thai corner Pok Pok Phat Thai are slated to open in Mandarin Plaza during 970 N. Broadway and Far East Plaza during 727 N. Broadway, respectively.


Pok Pok will fill a two-level space and offer dishes such as kai yaang, or charcoal-roasted diversion hen pressed with lemongrass, garlic and spices, and a shredded immature papaya salad with crunchy pickled black crabs. Phat Thai, meanwhile, will offer a namesake noodle plate and some other snacks. 

The deal, initial reported by a Los Angeles Times, came together with a assistance of cook Roy Choi (Chego!), a crony of Ricker’s, and Chinatown Business Improvement District conduct George Yu.

“Andy is a smashing guy, and he did his due industry to unequivocally get to know Chinatown,” Yu said. “This is outrageous news to have a cook of Andy’s size entrance here.”

Pok Pok Phat Thai could open as shortly as November, while Pok Pok could arrive in Apr if needing goes smoothly, Yu said.

Coming to 970 Broadway and 727 Broadway.

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Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 9:35 am.

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