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Mozo sinks winning putt as Spain rises LPGA Crown

BALTIMORE: Belen Mozo sank an eight-foot birdie putt to win a clinching indicate Sunday as Spain won a LPGA International Crown group match-play title.

Mozo’s purchase birdie during a par-5 16th hole degraded Thailand’s Moriya Jutanugarn 3 and 2 for Spain’s third singles feat of a final session.

That left a Spaniards on 13 points with dual matches remaining though no opposition means to pass them for a title, a fact Mozo didn’t know when she done a putt and pumped her fist in celebration.

“Damn, it feels good,” Mozo said. “I only wanted to tighten my compare out. we had no idea. I’m anxious we could do it.

“We pronounced entrance into this weekend that we had an advantage being such good friends and so tighten to any other. We all stayed loyal to ourselves.

“There were a lot of good players here. We only had what other teams lacked.”

Each member of a Spanish foursome collected $100,000 and a steel climax as good as a prize mystic of leverage in a initial tellurian match-play group showdown during Caves Valley, that awarded dual points for wins and one for halves.

Japan finished four-ball play Saturday on 8 points with Thailand, Sweden and Spain any one behind and South Korea dual adrift entering singles matches.

But Spain’s Carlotta Ciganda routed South Korea’s Choi Na-Yeon 8 and 6 and teammate Beatriz Recari downed Sweden’s Mikaela Parmlid 3 and 2 to put Spain forward on 11 points.

“I was some-more focused on my diversion and only personification good,” Recari said. “I adore compare play and we adore personification for my nation and my friends,” Ciganda said. “I played most some-more aggressive. You need to make pars and a few birdies.”

Sweden pulled turn for a lead after Pernilla Lindberg kick Thailand’s Ariya Jutanugarn 6 and 5 and Anna Nordqvist took a 3-and-2 win over Japan’s Mamiko Higa, though a Swedes had no some-more matches remaining.

Korean Ryu So-Yeon edged Sakura Yokomine 1 adult to repudiate Japan a critical point, withdrawal a leaders when a day began 3 off a pace.

Thailand lurked on 9 points after Pornanong Phatlum edged I.K. Kim 1 adult to finish South Korea’s pretension hopes.

That simply set a theatre for Mozo’s triumph, that was hermetic when Jutanugarn missed her eight-foot birdie try during 16.

Spain had been seeded fifth when a week began though expectations were incited on their conduct Saturday when a top-seeded United States, braggadocio 4 of a world’s tip 12 players, was separated in a playoff with South Korea.

Munoz was a highest-rated Spaniard during 20th with Mozo a lowest during 112th.

Amateur Championships

But they will face a clever plea from several other players snapping tighten during their heels.

Sixteen of a 52 players in a margin shot standard or better, including 8 who finished within 3 strokes of a lead.

Choi used a prohibited dabble to penetrate a first-round high of 8 birdies. The former Stockdale High and soon-to-be Bakersfield College player’s usually vital hiccup was a double spook on a 227-yard, par-3, No. 6.

“I started off unequivocally good so we usually attempted to keep a movement adult and play as good as we can,” Choi said. “I played bad Monday (during U.S. Amateur qualifying). we attempted not to let that confuse me. … we usually attempted to consider positive, play certain and we played good today. I’m happy with it.”

Bautista also got off to a quick start, creation birdies on 4 of a initial 5 holes. His 4-under 32 on a front-nine was a best of a day.

The Fresno State standout, who competent for subsequent month’s U.S. Amateur Championship in Atlanta formed on his top-two finish in a contest Monday during Seven Oaks Country Club, was a indication of coherence on Saturday, creation usually one spook (No. 16) a whole round.

“I wasn’t unequivocally feeling that good entrance into this tournament,” Bautista said. “Usually I’m a many prepared actor in a margin and we have not been means to use this week. we got finished with U.S. AM subordinate and had to go true behind to Fresno to go to work. we was not attack it good a final integrate of days so I’m unequivocally happy with 67.”

Wells parlayed a prohibited finish into his cut of a first-round lead. The 33-year aged former East High and BC golfer done a birdie on a 17th hole and afterwards chipped in from 20 feet for an eagle on No. 18.

“I unequivocally wasn’t perplexing to go out there and do anything spectacular,” Wells said. “I was usually perplexing to play my diversion and stay in a moment. One shot during a time.”

The 3 leaders will be assimilated in today’s final organisation by Travis Millwee, who shot a 4-under 68.

Millwee’s Cal State Bakersfield teammate Tristan Stone, along with Nate Jessup and Steve Landerdahl, finished a day usually dual shots off a lead.

“I started off flattering steady,” Millwee said. “I wasn’t attack a turn that good though my short-game was unequivocally saving me. And afterwards once back-nine came around we got going and done some putts, assisting me get a good, low score.”

Former Kern County Amateur champion Ron Killmer heads into a final turn in eighth place after sharpened a 2-under 70.

Killmer, isn’t a usually tip contender that knows a vigour of perplexing to win a large event.

Choi finished third in a contest final year.

Wells took fifth place in 2011 after sharpened an opening-round 66.

Meanwhile, Bautista has notched a integrate of city pledge top-10s though never severely contended to win a annual tournament.

“My goals for this contest were to try and get in that final group,” Bautista said. “If we can get in a final organisation and be with a leaders and see what they’re doing and get off to a quick start, that’s a key. The initial 5 holes of this golf march are intensely score-able. That’s where you’re going to make your birdies. I’m looking brazen to (the final round).”

Choi is holding an methodical approach, saying: “Tonight I’m going to consider what we can urge on and what we did good currently and what we can to tomorrow to make it even improved and try to get a win.”

Wells followed his opening-round 66 with a 1-over 73 in 2011. He’s intensely vehement to have another shot during winning a event. “It feels good to be behind in contention,” he said. “For me to have an event to win a contest is great.”

Spain takes initial International Crown

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – Mike Whan called Saturday during a International Crown one of a biggest Saturdays in LPGA history. It had all a play and vigour of a vital championship Sunday. And it delivered what fans have wanted for years: a U.S. vs. South Korea showdown.

On Sunday, those who tuned in for a singles culmination competence have schooled what many have famous for years: These Spanish girls are a blast.

It’s something Whan had envisioned from a start. The Crown introduces fans to players they competence not differently know such as a energetic Mozo, who’s lustful of trash-talking and purchase shotmaking.

After Spain forsaken from initial to final in their pool Friday, a dynamic Mozo told one LPGA official, “Keep resplendent my crown.”

Carlota Ciganda, Azahara Munoz, Beatriz Recari and Mozo have been personification together given they were immature girls, winning European Team Championships prolonged before they could drive. All though Recari played college golf in a U.S. The International Crown format in many respects came some-more naturally to Spain than Solheim Cups.

“It’s a team, it’s so special,” pronounced Mozo, who clinched a winning indicate on a 16th hole with a 10-foot birdie. “You put another 4 girls and maybe not so much. But we have always played together. We have always won together.”

Mozo, who got her glossy argent climax after all, pronounced that notwithstanding being underdogs in a seedings, she knew Spain had an advantage over so many other teams since of their longstanding friendships.

Photo Gallery

For Her 2011: Spanish Spice

gallery photo

Golfweek For Her: Spanish piquancy with Beatriz Recari, Belen Mozo, Azahara Munoz and Maria Hernandez

“I knew that tip players, they don’t have camaraderie,” Mozo said. “They will finish adult murdering any other in compare play and that’s not a approach to play.”

Spain’s 15-point sum put it 4 forward of Sweden. South Korea and Japan were tied for third with 10 points.

The International Crown once again valid that in compare play, anything can happen.

“You demeanour during Taiwan swept us, we swept Spain, though afterwards Spain swept Taiwan,” pronounced Stacy Lewis after Saturday’s loss. “So we mean, what does that tell you? Nothing, basically.”

The U.S. swept Spain though afterwards missed subordinate for Sunday by one stroke. Then a feisty Spain incited around and won it all, unconditional all 4 singles matches.

“I adore compare play,” pronounced Carlota Ciganda who, along with teammate Azahara Munoz, helped Arizona State win a 2009 NCAA Championship during Caves Valley. Ciganda drummed Na Yeon Choi, 8 and 6, on a strength of 7 birdies in 12 holes to set a tinge for her team.

While Spanish players have a eventuality to contest on a Solheim Cup group each other year, a International climax gives them a surprising possibility to play for Spain alone.

“Our blood boils when we have a anthem and see a flag,” Recari said.

For a actor like Pernilla Lindberg of Sweden, who has nonetheless to play in a Solheim, a Crown could symbol a pivotal time in her career.

“It usually feels like we have gotten to uncover myself on a biggest theatre so distant that I’ve been on,” pronounced Lindberg. “It feels like I’ve unequivocally taken advantage of that.”

The same could be pronounced for Thailand’s Pornanong Phatlum, who played a pivotal purpose in ousting a Americans and afterwards posted a 1-up feat opposite I.K. Kim in singles. The Crown could be a rising pad for Phatlum, formerly famous for wearing tights no matter a weather.

World No. 1 Lewis came behind to a march Sunday to seem on Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” and lay in a counter during a telecast. She offering some discernment into what a 4 Americans have schooled about group foe in their third uninterrupted detriment (counting dual Solheim Cups).

Lewis pronounced they put too most concentration on personality. The success of a Cristie Kerr/Lexi Thompson pairing, she said, came as a surprise.

“Let’s usually put dual people together and go play golf,” pronounced Lewis.

The 2016 International Crown will be hold during Rich Harvest Farms, site of a 2009 Solheim Cup. Course owners Jerry Rich was during Caves Valley progressing in a week though had a observation jubilee behind home in Illinois on Saturday. Whan pronounced Rich is already formulation routes from all over a Chicago area to pierce in as many nationalities as possible.

The eventuality could pierce to Asia as early as 2018, where it’s expected to dwarf a Solheim in terms of media courtesy and fan support.

Whan’s idea from a start was to emanate something different. From captain-less teams to walk-up song on a initial tee to a third-round cut, he wanted all about this eventuality to be singular and not a knock-off of something in a men’s diversion or a powdering off of a contest that once was.

This was to be a jubilee of a tellurian inlet of a women’s game, and a reason for fans and media to spin their courtesy toward a LPGA for something other than a major.

To that end, a International Crown was extravagantly successful. And it’s usually going to get bigger from here.

Requirements to emanate game

To figure out what we need, demeanour during what a devise is.

Top Eleven is a form of anticipation sports game. Most of it is graphical forms, grids, and text. It also communicates with a server were a whole lot of estimate goes on. You also wish to rise such a diversion on iOS and Android.

You contend we wish to have that same kind of functionality, and more.

Top Eleven also started with a 3-person group and their web page describes roughly 2 work-years to complete. In a 4 years that followed they saw extraordinary success and a whole lot of money. They contend they have over 5 million daily users on amicable networks and are frequently a top-25 app for a many of those 4 years on Facebook. They expected have a group of 50+ people and a bill of $20M-$50M to work with. You will have a formidable time perplexing to emanate a diversion that does all their things and some-more unless we have a identical multi-million dollar bill and a approach to lift in millions of fans. It is probable (but intensely unlikely) that we could contest on possibly initial peculiarity or depth.

They have 5 years and substantially a entertain billion dollars conduct start. If we wish something that competes opposite them we will need to come adult with a business devise that can overcome that lead.

I’d not try to be improved than them, I’d collect something opposite from them and make your possess product.

You asked about Xcode, it is an Apple-only sourroundings as distant as we know. You can use a Xcode IDE for your Android code’s content editor, though that’s about it.

You would substantially do best to start off with an existent engine that lets we do 2D work on both devices. There are many good engines like that GameMaker:Studio is rarely regarded, as is GameSalad. Google will find we many more. Some are free, some are paid.

If we wish to rise for iOS we will need a Mac to build a software, we will also need a (paid) Apple developer account. The Android ecosystem has giveaway build collection for many handling systems and is no charge. Since we asked about Xcode initial we competence already have one or both.

You will need all your information for your customer side. That means players and their names and their stats. In spin that means broadside and IP laws, and substantially payments for licensing.

You will also need your server side. That means some ability and knowledge in building networked programs. It also means profitable for a publicly accessible 24/7 server.

There is an outrageous list of ways to exercise it. It might be easiest to rise server backends that follow a REST-style doing in a denunciation of your choice. Options are all from an Apache mod, PHP pages, Ruby, or even essay your whole servers from scratch. For a client, you’ll wish something that works with your growth experience, whatever that is. The customer side will need to hoop a outrageous volume of UI, and it will need to run a diversion make-believe to figure out a formula formed on a stats. You will need sufficient programming skills and knowledge to exercise that. You will need knowledge in whatever languages we are using.

That brings us to another requirement: This will substantially take we mixed years of dedicated work.

Kabam Announces Marvel Contest Of Champions Mobile Game

Obviously, there’s one unequivocally large doubt that needs to be asked: is this diversion formed on a Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions singular array from a early 80s? Because that was a fun story, with a Grandmaster and Death battling it out for a life of a Collector regulating a heroes as pawns, and it indeed had durability consequences given a Elders of a Universe became effectively imperishable (as against to only really, unequivocally long-lived) for a while.

Even if it isn’t, a newly announced Marvel Contest of Champions looks a bit some-more energetic than you’d design for a mobile game, it has a story created by Sam Humphries, and a entrance trailer shows off some cold face-offs: Hulk vs. Juggernaut, Storm vs. Black Panther (in a conflict of exes!) and Spider-Man vs. Captain America, only to name a few. No central word on handling systems, though a deceptive diction of “smartphones and tablets” suggests both iOS and Android.

I’d also design that this “immersive, high-action, high-fidelity super favourite fight game” will be free-to-play, given that’s how Kabam customarily rolls. It’s entrance this fall, and it already has an official Facebook page so we can keep lane of serve info as it is released.

2014: a year of mobile games

VietNamNet Bridge – More than 70 percent of games are grown privately for smartphones, while thousands of new games are downloaded each day. With such growth, a destiny is splendid for a mobile diversion industry.

mobile games

The good success of Flappy Bird, a Vietnamese mobile game, in a universe marketplace in early 2014 gave Vietnamese diversion firms a push.

Flappy Bird showed that a mobile diversion marketplace has high potential, in that programmers have equal opportunities to emanate games asNguyen Ha Dong did with Flappy Bird.

Le Hong Son, executive of a diversion expansion studio in Hanoi, pronounced he began focusing on building apps and games on mobile inclination instead of websites in 2013.

However, he could see a good intensity of a mobile diversion marketplace some years before, when smartphones became some-more renouned in a world.

Vietnam is believed to be one of a biggest diversion markets in South East Asia. With a clever record expansion and a popularization of smartphones, mobile games have auspicious conditions to develop, according to Son.

Pham Cong Hoang, Deputy CEO of FPT Online, remarkable that a success of Flappy Bird has “awakened a Vietnamese diversion expansion community”. Many programmers, who specialize in building PC games, speedy by Flappy Bird, have assimilated a mobile diversion market.

Developing mobile diversion proves to be a good choice for immature programmers and start-ups, since it does not need overly high invested capital.

“You need to compensate for bureau losses and workers’ salaries, though this is not too much. The many formidable thing we need to do is to find a group of competent diversion developers,” Son said.

Le Hoang Duong, a 28-year aged freelance programmer, who grown a mobile diversion 3 months ago with his possess money, reliable that one does not need to spend too many income to rise games.

“The many critical thing we need to do is to have good idea,” Duong said, adding that “rescue your pet” was a categorical thought of his game.

According to Son, one of a reasons that prompt immature programmers concentration on building games is that they can make large income quickly.

The vital income of diversion mobile developers is believed to come from ads.

After finishing building a game, a author can post a diversion into large app markets such as Google Play or Apple Store.

On average, developers can acquire $0.02 from each diversion download. As such, a diversion developer can acquire $1,000 if his diversion has 50,000 downloads.

Son pronounced a income can also come from other sources, including download fees and In-app Purchases.

According to Mwork, Vietnam’s mobile diversion market’s scale in 2014 is approaching to be scarcely equal to a PC diversion marketplace with a value of $210 million, or 3.5 times aloft than in 2012.

The PC diversion marketplace has seen expansion negligence down with a income of $220 million in 2012 to $291 million in 2014.

Meanwhile, a news of Newzoo, a marketplace research firm, showed that there are 1.747 billion gamers worldwide, including 1.2 billion people personification games on their mobile devices.


LPGA International Crown: Sunday Showdown

Teams representing a 8 strongest golfing countries in a universe golf rankings began a compare play conflict during a LPGA’s entrance International Crown on Thursday during Caves Valley Golf Club in Owens Mill, Maryland.  Through 3 days of four-ball matches I’ve watched some simply unusual golf that has also during times been heartbreaking.  Divided into dual “pools,” a four-player teams from United States, Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Sweden, Australia, and Chinese Taipei played four-ball matches inside their pools, meaningful that usually 5 of a 8 countries would tarry a initial proviso of a foe and play in a Sunday singles matches showdown.

Australia Chinese Taipei

Karrie Webb.

Seventh-seeded Team Australia, led by Hall of Famer Karrie Webb and Chinese Taipei, who came into a foe during a bottom of a rankings and was led by former universe ranked series one Yani Tseng, were separated in a third and final turn of four-ball matches.

The Australians finished a four-ball matches with usually 3 points, carrying scored dual points when Webb and Minjee Lee degraded Republic of Koreans Na Yeon Choi and IK Kim on Thursday, and picked adult their third when Lindsey Wright and Katherine Kirk played Japan’s Ai Miyakato and Sakura Yokomine to an all-square tie on Friday.  Spain totally tighten out Australia on Saturday.

Yani Tseng played a diversion we’ve all famous was in her bag on Thursday, and fans held their common exhale when a Chinese Taipei teams scored their usually four-ball points when they tighten out a top-seeded Americans during a initial turn of play.

For Team USA it was a better that foreshadowed Saturday’s sudden-death elimination from a Sunday singles matches.

United States vs Republic of Korea

I don’t cruise anyone would have likely on Thursday that a dual top-seeded countries, United States and Republic of Korea, would be sealed in a sudden-death onslaught on Saturday afternoon to benefit a furious label entrance to a Sunday Showdown, though that’s what happened.

Paula Creamer (left) and Stacy Lewis (right). Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Representing a United States, Cristie Kerr and Lexi Thompson faced off opposite Inbee Park and So Yeon Ryu, representing Republic of Korea, on a 16th hole.  Kerr and Thompson had both twice birdied a hole during a four-ball matches and Park and Ryu had twice parred it.  But in a end, Park and Ryu both birdied it, as did Kerr.  Thompson, with a par, finished Team USA’s hopes of prevalent in a Sunday competition, and a Americans assimilated a Australians and Taiwanese on a sidelines.

Sunday Lineup

Japan, with 8 points from a four-ball matches, will go into a singles matches as a tip seed, with Thailand, Spain, and Sweden, all with 7 points on a board, as really tighten contenders.  Republic of Korea, with 6 points, will start Sunday as a lowest ranked team.

Beginning only before noon internal time, twenty players representing these 5 tip countries will block off opposite any other in a super compare play foe that we expect will furnish some unusual golf.

11:30 a.m. – Sweden’s Caroline Hedwall vs. Korea’s Inbee Park.

11:40 a.m. – Thailand’s Pornanong Phatlum vs. South Korea’s I.K. Kim.

11:50 a.m. – Thailand’s Ariya Jutanugarn vs. Sweden’s Pernilla Lindberg.

Noon – Spain’s Carlota Ciganda vs. South Korea’s Na Yeon Choi.

12:10 p.m. – Japan’s Sakura Yokomine vs. South Korea’s So Yeon Ryu.

12:20 p.m. – Spain’s Beatriz Recari vs. Sweden’s Mikaela Parmlid.

12:30 p.m. – Japan’s Mamiko Higa vs. Sweden’s Anna Nordqvist.

12:40 p.m. – Spain’s Belen Mozo vs. Thailand’s Moriya Jutanugarn.

12:50 p.m. – Japan’s Mika Miyazato vs. Thailand’s Onnarin Sattayabanphot.

1 p.m. – Japan’s Ai Miyazato vs. Spain’s Azahara Munoz.

I’ve been examination these women play golf for 3 days now, and there’s not a diseased actor among them.  I’ve been vacant during some of a shots they’ve executed, and I’ve been constantly in astonishment of a demonstrations they’ve supposing of both tender jaunty ability and intelligent march management.  Frankly, we wouldn’t cruise attempting to allege any predictions during this point.  Every one of them has a ability to win!  What a Sunday this will be!

Golf Channel will start coverage of a Sunday Showdown commencement during 2:30PM ET and I’ll yield news and updates as good here during ProGolfNow and on Twitter @bethbethel.

Theater stay helps keep a Spanish in Latino-heritage families

Elena Versage has something to say, though a difference usually won’t come out.

Dime,” her clergyman urges. “Tell me.”

The 7-year-old looks to a building and wrings her hands. “I can’t,” she whispers. “I don’t know Spanish.”

It was a second day of a summer stay combined by a Los Angeles Theatre Academy to assistance children with Latino roots reason on to their Spanish.

But even in a city where everybody seems to pronounce un poquito de español, a thought is some-more simply set than accomplished. In a singular Latino family with 10 grandchildren, Spanish inclination might be all over a map. Some might be fluent. Others might know small some-more than adios and muchas gracias.

Some go to good lengths to keep a denunciation alive — soak schools, vacations in Latin America, Spanish-speaking nannies, peculiarity time with abuelita.

She hoped enrolling her daughters in a stay would tempt them to work on their Spanish — quite Elena, who seems some-more resistant.

On a new afternoon, a second-grader assimilated 13 other students on an outside stage, holding cues in Spanish from Alejandra Flores, a academy director.

Eso!” Flores yelled in a clever theatre director’s voice. “That’s it!”

“From a tip now, voices transparent and loud. Vamos!”

Flores, who has worked with children in museum for 20 years, began a academy 5 years ago out of a Los Angeles Parks and Recreation building during Elysian Park.

The module is modest, saved roughly wholly by fees from parents. Children perform Spanish classics, scenes from plays and musicals, in a brew of Spanish and English.

Flores, who wears a fanny container and carries a small coronet bell that she rings to get her restive actors’ attention, uses any opening to learn wording words, phrases, songs and, many all, confidence.

Surf Report: 5 overwhelming (and free) summer mobile games

Whether you’re stranded watchful in an airport, in line during a supermarket or simply lounging divided on a idle Sunday afternoon, there’s no necessity of unusual games to daub by on your favorite smartphone or tablet.

In fact, therein lies a problem: With an estimated 1.2 million apps during a App Store and about 1.5 million on Google Play — and a good array of them interactive games — it can be formidable to know that ones are estimable of your time and money.

We can help.

Not usually have we selected 5 tasty digital diversions for we to play with, though they’re all giveaway or “freemium,” a latter of that refers to a fact there are discretionary in-app purchases that clear additional calm and/or mislay ads.

STORY: Why so many apps are free

Timberman (iOS, Android)

Because of a elementary arcade judgment and retro-art style, cruise Timberman a new Flappy Bird. Digital Melody’s addictive diversion for phones and tablets is easy to collect up, nonetheless unfit to put down. Your idea is to clout down a tree with an mattock — though equivocate removing strike by branches as a case descends. Simply pierce your lumberjack to a left or right of a tree as we expect a coming branches — by simply dire your ride on any side of a shade — though we need to act fast or else you’ll run out of time. Gamers can clear additional lumberjacks, too, including a Viking, TimberGirl, a diaper-wearing baby, Jason from a Friday a 13th films and more.

Cascade (iOS)

If we like a “Match-3″ character of nonplus games — like King’s Candy Crush Saga or PopCap’s Bejeweled — afterwards we competence suffer a turn Big Fish has combined to a identical puzzler, Cascade. Employing a slot-machine mechanic, you’re presented with incidentally generated gems during a bottom of a shade and contingency glow them onto a house to emanate during slightest 3 adjacent gems of a same color. Doing so removes them from a board, permitting for others to cascade down. Featuring 140 levels, this severe and colorful diversion has we acquire power-ups, stars, furious gems (match any color), detonate gems and other goodies to keep a gameplay fresh. Note: Cascade is totally free, therefore we won’t be nagged with any in-app squeeze requests.

Family Guy: The Quest for Free Stuff (iOS, Android)

Taking a page from a successful The Simpsons: Tapped Out, TinyCo, Inc. has combined a city-building make-believe formed on another charcterised FOX show: Family Guy. In a ungodly The Quest for Stuff, you’re tasked with rebuilding a illusory Rhode Island city of Quahog after a fight between Peter Griffin and a hulk duck incidentally destroys it. By completing several missions, you’ll clear informed characters from a strike TV array (Stewie, Lois, Brian, Quagmire, Cleveland and others), as good as erect new buildings around a town’s many neighborhoods. You can revisit friend’s games around Facebook for reward cash, that can be used to buy equipment in your game, and there’s discretionary in-app purchases, as well.

Guess a Emoji (iOS, Android)

One of a some-more renouned downloads this summer, Random Logic Games/Conversion LLC’s Guess a Emoji, hurdles we to interpret a word or word formed on a emoji (emoticons) on a tip of a screen. For example, if we see an eyeball and someone articulate on a tiny device, a answer competence be “iPhone,” while a U.S. dwindle and rocket boat are hints for “NASA.” If we get stuck, we have a choice of posting a emojis to Facebook for your friends to assistance out, or we can use warranted coins to display a pointless minute in a word, mislay letters from a house (that are not compulsory for a scold answer) or skip a doubt altogether. Coins are warranted by personification or we can squeeze additional coins for genuine income around an in-app purchase.

Swords Poker Adventures (iOS)

Built on a strange Swords Poker mobile game, Konami’s remix of this turn-based journey fuses 5-card poker with role-playing game-like combat. Using a common cards on a house and your dealt cards, we contingency emanate a best poker palm probable in sequence to improved several enemies personification opposite you. As we pierce by a outrageous universe to take on increasingly worse opponents and end-of-level trainer fighters — any of whom need a opposite plan formed on their strengths — you’ll acquire improved weapons, shields and magic. While giveaway to download and play, there are several “time gates” to lay by unless we wish to compensate for no waiting. An Android chronicle is now underneath development.

Follow Marc on Twitter: @marc_saltzman. E-mail him during techcomments@usatoday.com.